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A delicious fresh creamy vape. Enjoy

In progress til its done steeping, but as a shake n vape is done!😉

Banana Biscuit sprinkled with cinnamon Sugar

I almost always have some sort of idea, of a road I want to go when making a new recipe, but in this case I was so afraid that the ingredients I used wasn’t something that Sydney vapours had, since my last recipe had FA “up” which they didn’t have, that i went through they’re site looking for inspiration.

I hadn’t used tpa banana cream in a long time, and I actually didn’t enjoy banana vapes since Wayne had that whole week about bananas, which where when i purchased the banana cream.

But... when I saw that on SV site, i knew I wanted to make some kinda cookie.

I went with the inw biscuit because it is so damn delicious. It’s almost like a cookie custard to me, and with that and the cream from the banana cream, it was the perfect match to make a "raw" cookie dough with mashed banana in it.

The cinnamon Sugar is doing 2 things. It is the sprinkle on top, but it also makes the raw cookie dough into a nice crispy baked cookie...

Let it sit for a good 2-3 days and enjoy yourself a easy cheap Vape. It doesn’t have to be so damn complex everytime, and I really love that with this challenge 👍

Thanks to Cathy wood for making me do these notes. I know I means a lot to me when I’m looking at others recipes, so of course I should do em my self. Not sometimes, but always!

Rhubarb, orange, basil gin

I wanted too make something with flavor
monks gin, and I went with gin orange.

This was pretty much a firstly timer, and I might change it a bit, but as it is, it’s quite what I wanted.

I know there probably aren’t many people who got the flavor monks gin, but if you do, give it a try😁🍸

A sweet almond cream with hibiscus.

Almond, Hazel grove, marzipan:
Is the almond. Almond is almond, Hazel grove gives the almond some more Nuttyness and marzipan gives the almond flavor a little boost.

Is hibiscus. Nice and bright. Startet at 0.75% but needed a bit more, so 1.5 is perfect in this mix.

Cream :

Creamy milky undertone and Vienna cream for the milky creamy base, and vanilla swirl for at bit of vanilla. It also kinda coats the almond, so it dosent get to dry.

Super sweet:
Is necessary. The whole mix would be super dry and bitter without it...

Give this 7 days, and it is pure pleasure. Not like a strawberry and cream pleasure, but like its own pleasure. Hard to describe. Try it pls

The vanilla ice cream base, i use when i need something Quick. Just add what ever fruit you like. Vape it right away or let it sit for a good 2-3 days 😊

Vanilla bean ice cream: This is the main ingrediense. My go to ice cream flavoring. You all know it.

Vanilla custard: gives the ice its egginess, adds a bit more vanilla and also provide a nice mouthfeel.

Merinque: adds dairy and sweetens the ice a bit.

Brie cheese: this i where the magic happens. For me it adds that Soft outer layer of the ice cream, when it have just melted a bit.

Add what ever sweetener you prefer. I add 0.25% super sweet.

Add ws23 if you like your ice cream vape cold
I like to add 0.25% in a 20% solution.


The sun was out.
I only had heavy vapes on my shelf.
Had a craving for something light and fresh.
Orange i said... Mmmh
Lemon lime i said... Mmmh
Some berries i said... Mmmh.

5 minutets later i said... Mmmh.

I added 0.75 20% solution of ws23. Add to likening.


Inw pineapple & lemon sicily = Pineapple
Caramel candy, bavarian cream & super sweet = caramel
Vanilla custard = Custard

= Pineapple Caramel Custard

This is attempt nr. Eight


My squonk bottle was empty
Had a craving for Rosemilk
Rosemilk was empty
Had to make something Quick.
Bavarian cream. Oh yeah!
Cream cheese. Hell yeah!
Liquid barn strawberry. Og god yes!
Super sweet. Absolutly hell fucking yeah!
Do i want some sort of texture. A crust of some sort. Oh yeah i do.
Is it done?! YEAH
Is it GOOD?! YEAH!

Did it take over 5 minutes to develope and mix? NO!😊


Inspired by my hand soap ...

Simple, smooth and very tasty! :)

Thanks, and may you enjoy my recipe

User: JoeRoots Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
One of the first mix i did on ATF, and wow. It is so rich and sooo freaking yummy. Thanks for this.
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