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It's like Mustard Malk but in some ways better, Some ways worse.
It's good.


Just a quick and simple fruit loops mix. Cap Fruit Circles SL is the dream. Originally when I bought this flavor I expected to do more with it. Instead I went through the 10ml in less than a week with just this. A 4oz later this is still the current ADV.


D O Y O U R S E L F A S O L I D A N D M I X T H I S I N T E R E S T I N G N O N M E M E R E C I P I E T H A T I D I D N O T S T E A L F R O M S H Y N D O.

An interesting, fun, and fresh take at a wonderful vanilla milkshake. Once you suckle the supple vanillas, with an interesting twist, you will never want to mix anything that's a quality mix ever again.

Yeah don't actually try this before 3 days.


Shyndo asked me to make a brown butter ice cream. After a couple of attempts, I ended up really happy with this. Had to keep it simple.

FW Butterscotch Ripple/FLV Milk & Honey/TPA Bavarian Cream - This formed perfectly the "brown" side of the brown butter, while helping out the creamy ice cream angle. FLV M&H really plays the star of this group, besides giving Matthew Kocanda the "O face", really bringing out some of those carm and butterscotch sweet notes, as well as the three of them making a nice amount of sweetness.

Cap VBIC/HS Ice Cream - The ice cream base, where these two work perfectly to help boost the butter notes depth, while adding a solid cream background with out too much vanilla. Along with the ripple, and the butter cream, and bav cream, we get into that nice ice cream city (it's better than flavor-town, aight).

Cap Golden Butter/Cap Buttercream - The best way I could think of adding a heavy butter note, that isn't utterly offensive. They combine, along with the HS, to get it nice and buttery.

All in all, I'm really happy with how this came out. It's not spot on brown butter ice cream, but god is it good. A solid, slightly dense, carm butterscotch buttery cream.


Lets be real. We've talked about it on BLND and Beginner Blending. I'll stop being lazy.
It's Sweet Tarts. True to the name.
It's easily the most authentic profile I have ever made, down to the chalkiness.
It's just an amazing candy vape, and is spot on Sweet Tarts.

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After the last round of DOD worlds, I was really shocked that no one made a Strawberry Milkshake. Well, I felt like one so here we go.

A fucking simple banging Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake.
There's nothing crazy going on here, just a simple combo that works amazingly.
Just the INW Shisha Strawberry providing a great strawberry note and the balancing act of vanillas and creams from TPA VBIC and CAP Van Cust. The HS IC and FW Hazelnut really fill out the depths, providing a very straightforward and simple to grasp recipe.
It's the fucking simple strawberry vanilla milkshake.

The Mocha candy I made on an episode of beginner blending. It works pretty well as a heavily coffee bon bon type candy. The chocolate blends in with the coffee bon bon, and leaving a nice mocha flavor.
It ended up being a pretty solid coffee mocha bon bon like the type in the picture.


This is the OG Tang recipe, that I've gone over and over on Beginner Blending.
From the start of the shake and vape, it's just straight powdered Tang thanks to the FE Mandarin. After three days the strawberry ripe and dragonfruit pull through to give it a bit of balance, resulting in a nicely balanced tangy ADV. The VBIC just rounds it off with the Marshmallow/meringue combo, giving a nice cream base, sweetness, and density.
Overall, it's one of my favorite, and first recipe I ever thought was banging.
I'll release it on this account on the off chance anyone still has FE Mandarin.
Due to the discontinuing of FE Mandarin, however, I am in the process of making a V2, so the Tang may never die.

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4/4/1 is the god of Colt's Milk.
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The NYC can be a little much for me after 3 days, but I still think this is Skids best.
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Minty Down Under V2 Was better. Trash Mixer. <3
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