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Mixing this live on my show and will add an actual description after I actually taste it. Might be updating some of the percentages when I actually mix it later today. Should be like the aroma of the whole bouquet together.


Layered buttery layers of dough create the puffed pastry style flaky outside shell for a rich creamy vanilla pastry cream that has just a touch of a rich tang to it. Off the shake this recipe is not pleasant to vape. It's not going to be a shake and vape at all. This is a shelf sitter recipe in order for the DAAPy notes to blend down into the vanillas and creams and allow the fried element to emerge from behind the rich butter notes. The texture of the flaky crust will be come more apparent as the batch steeps. This is a 4 to 6 week steep, possibly up to 8 weeks. So if you are looking for a fall recipe, you could toss a bit of pumpkin spice or cinnamon in it, or maybe pull the cream back a little and add in some Apple Filling type flavor.

The Blondie base is the cookie and the cupcake, adding in the FA Torrone to add the darker creamier nutty notes that represent the walnut (which is the level of nuttiness that it adds but also brings a creamy note that adds into the blondie base.) FA Vanilla Gelato for the ice cream topping, with white chocolate chips sprinkled on top with a drizzle of butterscotch and maple. Straight forward. This is pretty sweet on it's own, but you can easily add a touch of sweetener to taste so that the level of sweetness reflects what you like. I'm on an anti sugar diet kick right now so I can't do sweet juice for very long, and this is super sweet to me without sweetener.

Hoping this turns out to be strawberry daiquiri type of drink. The story to this potion - This week in The Year Of Mixing we are in Hogwarts potions class whipping up some tasty potions. This potion creates confusion in the vapers - and when two people in close contact vape it, will develop uncontrollable lust and obsession towards one another. Warning: May cause a bromance to turn into real romance. hahahaha If you want to find out who I've slipped this potion to and what remedies they came up with (their own recipes) check out the Flavor-Pro facebook group and join in the fun.

This week in The Year of Mixing we were transported to a potions class at Hogwarts. I decided to mix up a Babbling Beverage potion to cast a spell on someone. I wanted to make something that was a bit like taking a hand full of gummy candies and put them into a syrupy drink. The idea was to make a potion that tastes great and would allow the caster to successfully deliver the potion to their target in vapor form.

If you like sweet commercial candy type vapes, this recipe is one that will be an all day vape in a tank kind of flavor.

FA White Peach and CAP Peach make the peachy layer, with the FLV Apricot there to help out with that texture, and the candy wizard to bring in the syrupy glaze type pie filling. The slight hint of blueberry brings it in as less of a full on fruit but more like adding a bit of blueberry syrup into the peach pie filling. THe crumble part and the OOO pie crust plus the pastry zest turn create the crust flavor with just a touch of that cinnamon from the CAP blue crumble flavor. A little bit of whipped coconut cream on top finishes off this recipe and a touch of sweetness just makes the pie filling part stand out more.

Mixlife - Mixoff Jarvis v Jerry - Caramel corn cake pop with vanilla sugar orchid frosting. After this steeped for about 4 weeks and even as it steeps further the sugar orchid turns into this lovely frosting note, the popcorn note is a bit lost in here, it's more like just a caramel cake, but that wasn't a bad thing, just wasn't what I was going for. If you like light flavors with a creamy cake taste this is a lovely recipe for just that purpose.


Each flavor has a purpose, Pie crust and pastry zest create the crust of the pastry. The two apples blend together to make an apple filling with a touch of cinnamon. Combining strawberry and rhubarb is something I personally prefer, because I like the taste combo. I see red in that pastry so my red bits are the strawberry and rhubarb. The Rhubarb Cuddle from DV has a nice creamy note to it that brings a softness to the crust...if you really like your deserts with custard drizzled over them add a touch more of your favorite custard to this to create that effect. I didn't add sweetener because it didn't need it for me, but if I were going to sweeten this for folks who are used to more commercial style, I'd add 0.5% FW Sweetener or a touch of stevia.

Having a bit of lemon in the lime for a vape adds to a nice refreshing taste of this smooth creamy vape. Using Lemon Meringue from CAP as the daapy base to this treat, I didn't go super heavy as a base flavor, (if you are a less sensitive taster or use less flavorful equipment - don't be afraid to turn it up to 5%) but wanted it to be there enough to give the base layer of this flavor.

Layering on top of the pie flavor, comes the limes. I wanted this to have an actual no back lime jello kind of taste, so it was completely intention use of FLV Lime, as to me it is straight up lime jello. But I wanted it to have a bit of realistic lime in there too, like you added some lime juice from one of those little plastic FA Florida key lime for that.

I didn't want to use whipped cream flavors, so I opted for a toasted marshmallow, sweet coconut, kinako soy blend, to make it a little more interesting. The Kinako soy also adds a soft smoothness to the pie innerds giving it more of that no-bake pie feel. I didn't want straight up toasted coconut, so sweet coconut is a lighter version of a coconut, if you want more pronounced coconut, add in 0.5% of FA Coconut to beef up the coconut flavors to more of a shredded coconut topping. This is more like a whipped coconut soy cream topping.

I felt the crust was a little soggy so I added in some extra FA Graham Crust mostly to just test it out in a far it's standing up as a good graham crust in this recipe off the shake. I tossed in a little extra meringue more of the crust flavor to support it but also it just ties in the pie and the crust together as a bridging note. If you don't have FA Graham Crust on hand and want to try this recipe, sub TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust at 1% instead. It won't be the exact same and may tone down the lime a bit more, to which you can always add more lime as needed.

The ws-23 is there less to be a "wow this is a cold vape" kind of feeling and more like, this is a chilled pie kind of refreshing effect. At 14 days steep this amount of cooling agent is mellow and barely noticeable so if you want a colder vape, add a little extra to the recipe.

Optional-- add your own sweetener. I didn't feel like it needed it and neither did my testers, but if you like sweeter juice, just the average amount for a bakery will work here fine.

I do believe at full steep - 14 to 30 days - the lime may die off some as it steeps. But it is less of a total loss and more of a serious mellowing. So if you wanted punch you in the face lime, try doubling the amount used and adjust the other flavors to bring balance back to the recipe (but leave them at less than double increase to enhance the lime.) It can be vaped off the shake fresh, but some people may experience the lime as some what harsh and overpowering for the first few days until the lime starts to tone down and the creams start to come out.

6/17/18 - Mixin Vixens Show - Our inspiration was a milkshake with what looked like toasted shaved coconut and toasted thinly sliced toasted almond. I went for a butter pecan milkshake with a strong vanilla base, sprinkled with a topping of a caramel note that is brought in with the toasted marshmallow and butter pecan flavors, and a drizzle of chocolate that comes in at the end of the exhale and lingers a bit much like chocolate syrup does.

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