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Week 45 (The year of mixing) - Sweet and mellow coffee flavor with rich tones of buttery caramel drizzle, flavored with smooth hazelnut and light coconut notes, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. There's a bit of sweetness used here, you don't have to - it's optional - or you could replace it with whatever sweetener you prefer if you like your coffee's really sweet like I do. If you're more of a black coffee drinker, you may need to add in something like FA Cappuccino at 0.25% or Tiramisu to bump the dark coffee notes up some, but this is far more a light and sweet coffee flavor.

The Year of Mixing Week 43 - Spooky Halloween Eye Ball Cupcakes.

I decided the cake was going to be a fruity chocolate cake with a blending of CAP Cupcake, FLV Red Velvet, and TFA Ruby Chocolate. The ruby chocolate has that hint of fruitiness to it so that it ties in the red velvet into the strawberry flavored frosting and the light coconut red colored drizzle on top. A touch of marzipan let's you know you're eating those little marzipan candy props ( the eyeball and knife in the cupcake) and the FW bavarian cream just acts as a rich blender to bring all the flavors to a smooth creamy exhale.

A touch of sweetness is listed, but you can feel free to use whatever sweetener you prefer or non at all. IF you forgo any sweetener, I suggest putting in 0.5% FA Juicy Strawberry to sweeten it up a bit more beyond what the Marzipan is doing in this recipe. You want it to be sweet, it's a cupcake after all.

It's okay off the shake, at least it's vapeable, but it is a tad dry to start out with. As it steeps the dryness of the chocolate lessens as the creams and cakes start to develop more. I suggest a 2 week minimum steep, but 3 to 4 weeks works better.

If you'd like to participate in The Year of Mixing, search for the Flavor-Pro group on Facebook.

This recipe is for The Year of Mixing week -42 inspiration.

This is a blend of berry notes with a touch of citrus intertwined, softened by a gentle cream and sweet coconut flavors. The Candy Wizard is used to sweeten and add a jammy richness, while balanced with the sour notes of Sour Wizard, and everything is softly smoothed with a bit of TFA Smooth.

This works well as a shake and vape recipe, but if you find it a touch harsh shake and vape, add up to 1% TFA Smooth to calm down the harsh notes as long as you don't plan to steep it. If you are going to steep for the 2 weeks it needs to be fully steeped leave the smooth levels as is in the recipe. I do also suggest adding (if you enjoy it) 0.75% FA Arctic Winter (Menthol) and 0.2% WS-23 to this mix. It adds a lovely element to it that I quite enjoy. If you do not like menthol or Cooling you can leave one or both out if you dislike them.

Week 38 of The Year of Mixing -- This week was French Macarons and I went soft and light in terms of flavors. The honey blends into the base cookie flavors, and the lavender cream layers in right between it. It works okay shake and vape, but it really all comes together after at least a 3 day steep, and really blends fully out after about 10 days. Once the creams smooth out into the lavender that is when it feels like it's steeped out.

This week's recipe is based on the picture of Biscoff cookies. Unfortunately this recipe is going to need a few weeks steep for all the buttery richness to fully come to fruition, so it's not a shake and vape, and I may be adjusting or adding to it later after I see how it steeps out. But so far the molasses and spice notes are at almost the right balance, so long as the DAAP components of several of these flavors steep out. It doesn't currently have a lot of Baked flavor, if those notes don't come out I may add some FA cookie or some VTA Biscuit base...but I was trying to use the least amount of flavorings I could to achieve the recipe taste I am looking for. Right now it's more like the biscoff cookie butter to me, which was also a recipe I wanted to do too. If the baked part doesn't come out enough after the steep I am going to consider this recipe to be the cookie butter version of these cookies, and will not down here in the description if I do anything to change it to make it more of a baked cookie.


Blue Raspberry mixed with wild berries and a cotton candy twist in some ice cream-- if you like it cool add in 0.5% of WS-23. I prefer it cold so I go 0.75% WS-23.

Fall spiced tobacco with bold apple when vaped fresh, or mellow apple if allowed to steep for a few weeks. The spice notes calm down after a couple weeks and mellow into a warm underglow to the maplely leafy tobacco notes and the woody fire notes. The Creme Bavarian brings in the caramel notes, boosts the maple notes, and smooths the flavors with a cream note. The Honeycomb acts as a backbone to the tobacco adding a bakery note that isn't quite a cookie and isn't quite honey.

Episode 28 - Soup -- A mix of spiced eggnog with a dash of pumpkin spice thrown in. See the episode on you tube for more details on it's creation.

Mixing this live on my show and will add an actual description after I actually taste it. Might be updating some of the percentages when I actually mix it later today. Should be like the aroma of the whole bouquet together.

Layered buttery layers of dough create the puffed pastry style flaky outside shell for a rich creamy vanilla pastry cream that has just a touch of a rich tang to it. Off the shake this recipe is not pleasant to vape. It's not going to be a shake and vape at all. This is a shelf sitter recipe in order for the DAAPy notes to blend down into the vanillas and creams and allow the fried element to emerge from behind the rich butter notes. The texture of the flaky crust will be come more apparent as the batch steeps. This is a 4 to 6 week steep, possibly up to 8 weeks. So if you are looking for a fall recipe, you could toss a bit of pumpkin spice or cinnamon in it, or maybe pull the cream back a little and add in some Apple Filling type flavor.

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