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All I can say here is this is my 1st all Flavorah recipe and it's very delicious!! I absolutely love the custard and biscotti together!! Add a touch of cream and cinnamon crunch n milk & honey and oooh la la it's fabulous!!!
It's a snv and is great right away if u like and up front biscotti and calms down more on day 2-7 as the custard starts to blend with the biscotti

A very creamy vanilla pudding! Sugar lips tasty. I built the flv van pudding as the base because I love the flavor! I put more densness into it with the creamy milk OoO and marshmallow OoO. Added the flv vanilla bean to give it more vanilla flavor and the DIY holy grail for the wonderful silky layer. Then tipped off with a big dallop of Cap vanilla whipped cream.

Its so yummy and velvety creamy that I can't stop vaping it!! Its a snv and only gets more amazin with time!! For best results give it 5-7 days for the creams to come together. Its a must try if you like pudding!! I didn't add sweetener because I don't feel that it needs any, its perfectly sweet on its own.

All I can say here if you love butterscotch and HS ry4 then u must try this out! I made this for my son because he asked for this profile. He normally buys commercial but he loves this one so much hes been vaping it like crazy!! He can't get enough!!!

Theres no need for sweetener in this one at all. Please remember to rate it.

Simple yet flavorful! The Flv green tea goes well with many flavors such as citrus, fruits and creams. The teas are a great addition to any flavor stash!

tastes like a wonderful tea with some cream and a very tasty honey, back note. it all marries and blends together at about 3 weeks.
The green tea really is great with the milk and honey! It gives the green tea a warm flavor and the flv cream which is one of my favorite creams really helps blend the flavors realm well.. This is wonderful trio and has alot of flavor considering the % is so low. I can't stop vapng it its so delicious!!

Give it a mix if you have the flavors. Its a simple recipe with Low percents but it sure does taste fantastic!! It has to steep about 3 full weeks to come together. I dont add sweetener to many of my recipes. They seem to taste sweet enough for me but if u feel u like it sweeter then add 0.25 to 1% of your favorite sweetener.

This is something different than the normal creamy mix that I do. I took the blue note of the sour blue raspberry and added my fav. Blueberry duo with a dash of lavender to add some depth. I use a slash of lemon to make the bluberry pop. It's excellent as a snv!! It has a hint of flavor like those lavander candies. This one is so delicious I can't put it down!!! Just give it a mix and you'll see why

I wanted to try something along the lines of a raspberry citrus sherbert ice cream. This was pleasantly different!! It's a soft light citrus with a full mouth feel of wonderful flavor! It's great as shake n vape! My Son who is very picky and normally buys vape shop juice loved it!! He had to have a bottle and actually filled his tank n vaped it over his new store bought bottle.

I will be steeping a bottle just to see how it develops, and get back here to update.

Have a happy vape day today!! May all your juice be amazing!!!
Day 2-this is really fantastic! Very bright with a creamy light lemon tartness. Not tart like a sweet tart, tart. If light lemon cream ice cream could be sherbet. This would be the flavor. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Challenge Winner
The honeycomb and butter base really bring this recipe together for a delicious carmalized pear and ice cream flavor, where the pears are the star. I steeped it for a couple weeks and its fantastic! Its sweet enough for my liking but if you like it sweeter you can add a touch of your favorite sweetener.

I have been searching for the best tasting blueberry vape for the past year! This one knocks it out of the park!! I was planning on steeping it for a month but I cant stop vaping it! This is def a home run!!! I suggest giving it a try and you will see what I mean!! The blueberry with lemon is phenomenal!!

I forgot where I found this lemon base but I sure am glad i tried it with blueberry!!

If you like RY4 and bakery flavors then you'll love this sweet creamy ice cream dessert. The ry4 HS is my favorite tobacco flavor especially with the sweet creamy and lush flavors and a touch of caramel toffee. If you like a little strong tobacco it can be a snv but the flavors blend best at about a week steep.

This recipe is inspired by the drink. Its ingredients are made just like the beverage and need approx. 1-2 wk steep. Its been so cold and snowy here lately and this bring a little summer back in the middle of the cold WI winter!!

User: Jazzy_girl Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I'm fairly new to tobaccos and tried this because it was recommended. I'm so glad I tried it!! I vaped it after resting it for a day and love it!! You did a great job on this recipe! Its very well made and delicious! 5 stars on this
User: Jazzy_girl Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
This turns out fabulous! This is the first cherry that actually doesn't taste like cough syrup! Well done!
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