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We all now how well passion fruit and orange go together.

Now add some apple to make it a bit more crisp and a touch of carrot and you got yourself a wonderful fruity, exotic and healthy smoothie.

Enjoy this after a 2 day steep

A “Classic” vanilla custard recipe with a touch of peanut. Not peanut butter, peanut chunks crushed over a bed of velvety smooth vanilla custard.

VANILLA CUSYARD V2 & SWEET CREAM forms the vanilla custard. The sweet cream adds to the mouthfeel and adds a hint of butter, which Is mmmmh!😋

BISCUIT & BROWN SUGAR. I wanted a vanilla custard with a bit more complexity than just vanilla and cream, and with I bit of biscuits and Brown sugar I achieve that. The brown sugar also helps bring the peanut a bit more forward without adding more FLV PEANUT.

FLV PEANUT. It’s not the ⭐️ But kinda is. The peanut is present on the exhale, and without it I would just be a plain vanilla custard like the rest. 0.75 where the sweet spot for me. Higher than that it got dry and to nutty.

SUPER SWEET: Again. The peanut tends to get a bit dry, so super sweets also adds to both mouthfeel and sugary goodness, which I like in a custard. Not overly sweet, but sweetness in any kind, definitely needs to be there, so feel free to sub with your preferred sweetener.

This baby needs 21 days to fully develop, so be patient. She will get there. I PROMISE 🙂👊


1 drop of cactus pr. 10 ml!

I have a really hard time explain this,l. All the flavors blend really nice together, creating a very unique taste, which to me is really tasty and really addicting.

So what is a Amethyst?

•It’s up to you to decide•

Tested on a Hadaly, Ni80 flattened wire, 3.5 mm, cotton bacon, 35-45 watts.


A simple and cheap All Tpa custard.

The Banana Cream is there to add mouthfeel and authenticity to the profile.

How does music taste? To me. This track taste like this. I came up with this profile by listening to the song and picturing how it would taste, and to ME this is pretty freaking accurate.

Pegboard Nerds is a Danish-Norwegian electronic music group and is one of my all time favorite bands.

This is a tribute to them and to the track Luigi’s Mansion which is my favorite piece of music of all time.

There is no description, only sound.

This is the THE TASTE OF SOUND part 1

Full-bodied wheat-driven, malty taste with a soft fruity sweetness from the blood orange, balanced by a slightly yeasty taste.

Yellow ‘clear’ liquid.

Fresh, slightly acidic and thick mouthfeel

Citrus and orange, fruity with an undertone of yeast

- This is my beer base. I pushed the wheat as far as I could to get the whole wheat experience and paired with fried dough, which to me is pure beer and Yakima hops I get a full bodied wheat beer with the very notable yeasty flavor.

- This is my blood orange top note. 1.25% Blood orange was just the right amount to let you taste the blood orange on the inhale but still makes room for the beer to come out. The Pink guava gives some body and depth to the orange.

- This is kinda a addictive in this mix. It works as the “sour”. It helps sale the blood orange as a actual blood orange infused into the beer and if gives the kinda feeling of carbonation.

On a fresh drip you get a lot of blood orange and while vaping it, it becomes more beer than orange. So if you like the orange flavor more, drip less but often 🙂

I am very pleased with how this turned out, and it really showcases how much I love to work with Flavorah flavorings. I hope to see some more beer building flavorings from them soon 🤞😊😉

Tested on a Hadaly, fused Clapton 0.95 and 35-40 watts.

So This my take on a all Flavorah tobacco mix.

Butterscotch, Tatanka, Cavendish and smoked Butterscotch: This is my ry4 Tobacco base. Tatanka has a nice Dark and nutty Tobacco note, butterscotch has a Dark buttery caramel and the smoked butterscotch gives it a touch of smoke which i wanted in this mix.

Rainer Cherry, Cavendish: This i my kinda top note of my Tobacco. Rainer cherry is a very candy cherry flavor, and not a cherry i would recommend, but in Tobaccos it just shines through he whole mix. It’s comes through as a soft and Bright cherry which blends lovelely with the ry4 base. The Cavendish Creates the bridge between the the ry4 and adds a touch of floral cherry to the Tobacco.

Smooth Vanilla: 0,5% is HIGH. Dont go there, but in this mix, it is perfect. I wanted the floral note from the smooth vanilla and the vanilla and i get both at this %.

Mocha, Sweetness: Adds a Deep Rich chocolate note and a slight sweetness which keeps the mix for being TOO dry.


This is my take on a Australian dessert that I never had in my mouth. I have no idea if this taste closely to the real “thingy “ on the picture, but as a vape it sure I DELICIOUS!

My notes are short, but they are here.

  • Sugar cookie: is the bottom of the slice.

  • Custards premium + Bavarian cream is the middle layer

  • Strawberry ripe + shisha strawberry: strawberry ripe is the ripe strawberry and shisha strawberry and sweet Strawberry is the jelly.

That’s it. That is how to make a delicious recipe without the recipe and without going crazy with all sorts of things. Just keeping it simple and use the ingredients that you see on the picture. That’s it.

If you enjoy pls comment or something.

  • Joe Roots

A sweet, tart and floral green tea.

SWEET TEA AND GREEN: brings a wonderful authentic green tea flavor.

HONEY BEE 🐝: for a touch of honey and sweetness

HONEYSUCKLE: adds some body and a floral fruity flavor.

RHUBARB: is rhubarb.

CHERRY BLOSSOM 🌸: adds to the floral part of the honeysuckle

No need for sweetener here. Honey and sweet tea does it perfectly fine.

A refreshing sparkling champagne with Blood orange and rose petals.

MOSCATO: This one is one of my all time favorit flavorings. It’s so damn delicious, and the perfect base for a champagne type vape. At 0.5% it sits just right, with bright white grape flavor.

BLOOD ORANGE AND PEACH. Blood orange was the obvious choice. It’s a bold, crisp and realistic blood orange and pairs excellent with moscato... and the rest of the ingredients of course. Peach is here to add some more body to the orange.

PINK GUAVA. Is another perfect pair. A perfect pair with Blood orange, and it also adds that characteristic pink guava taste.

CITRUS SODA AND WS23 I added citrus soda to bright up the whole mix and it also helps with a bit of FIZZ in hand with the ws23.

And the final touch is a touch of rose petals which in this case is Rose essens. It adds a nice florallike flavor to the whole mix.

SWEETENES is imo not optional. For this to be a tasty all day Vape, it needs some sweetness.

I really, really enjoy this one. It has been my all day vape for a couple of days now, and i never have a all day vape!😊

User: JOE_ROOTS Score: 4 Entered: 10 months ago
What a wonderful mix. Lovely combo of re burley and Kentucky blend. The rose really adds some unique´ness to this. Vanilla custard does a great job making it into a dessert Tobacco, but i Will defenetly try to make this without the custard and only the vanilla. Vaping atm in my citadel 0.19 and 40 watt, and it is so delicious! Thank you for this one :)
User: JOE_ROOTS Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
A Wonderful mango vape for the summer days. So refreshing and full of flavour. I get a very forward mango taste, with a light juicyness of the strawberry. And I does actual taste like when you lick a popsicle from the bottom to the top 🤤 I don’t get any seperation of the mango and the strawberry. The mix mint does a perfect job both making it cool but also giving it a refresher minty vibe, like if there where a tiny bit of Crushed mint leaves in here. I don’t get much cream, but I get a lot of mouthfeel. This is a great Vape if you are into mango Vape’s and need something refreshing in the hot days. Definitely gonna mix a bigger batch of this!👏🌞👍
User: JOE_ROOTS Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
This is actually a really nice vape. For a guy like me who really enjoy something different, this is perfect for Me. Got this one steeping for 13 days and it is a perfect blend of sweet green tea and Guanabana and mango with a hint of floral rose in end. I really cant say anything bad about this. Great job on this one!👌 Vaping this on my Citadel single coil 0.19 and 35 watts 👍
User: JOE_ROOTS Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Oh, this is nice! And that raspberry combo is delicious. Everything about this is actually delicious. You have for a long time been my favorite mixer. I love the way you mix. Simple but always picking the right ingredients for the job, and that is also the case here. I get everything. On the Nose is I quite heavy on the gin, but when you Vape it is just very balanced. Light gin with a spot on raspberry syrup but yet authentic flavor. The lemon lime does a excellent job providing some citrus to really pop the Overall flavor and on the finish I get that little bit of ginger. I could definitely Vape this all day and it will definitely be in my rotation for a while. That’s for sure! Great recipe man!💪
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