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give min 14 days before trying this one is a definite keeper in my tobaccos

This is only 8 days steeped giving another 6 days before i try it. This is version 1, so i know i will be revising this soon to my taste..

****Revised version : I bumped RJ4 .5% to 3% , RY4D .5% upto 1.5% , and bumped Cuban Supreme by .25% to 2.75%...

User: JJ_Sumbetch Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I did this one without mango and steeped it 3 weeks. I gotta say this is one of the tobacco juices i gotta have in my rotation
User: JJ_Sumbetch Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
After a few days, the apple mellows down to my taste and mingles with the tobaccos, not super ashy as i would like but its only been 4 days since i made it. After 10 days the tobacco shines through even better, but bangin around 2-3 weeks for that dirty ash tobacco / semi cigar type vape. After 45 days, the apple is just barely noticeable for that background note and the tobacco takes over for that nice dark tobacco vape. Overall definitely a keeper in my book. DAM AWESOME JOB BRO
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