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New, still working on this recipe over next few weeks

First thoughts, will revisit once made and steeped for min 7 days


This was made as an easy 2 flavor hitter quitter. Super easy at 1% FA Walnut and 1% FLV Classic Cigarette. First 5-6 days the walnut is the major player here but its a moist mouthful feel. after a week the ash from the classic cigarette peeks through and start to mingle with the walnut. The walnut eases n smooths the transition between the 2 flavors.

Can be a SnV if you want that walnut dominance but if you wait a week or 2 then it gets alot better overall

This one came from me wanting a true tobacco feel with a kick and the Classic cigarette and Wood spice definitely brings this to the table. As it is a different type of aspect of tobacco vape. The Cream and Smooth vanilla gives me the slight creamy notes i wanted in this mix. Red burley was added for texture to the final mixture.


Made this on a whim, gonna give it a week before i try it.
My initial thoughts, PUR butter pecan pralines ice cream at this % along with LB vanilla ice cream and FW butter pecan acts as boosters for it. PUR marshmallow to give it alittle further depth and mouthful feeling. And WF vanilla cream extra for that extra creaminess to this mix like when u get that last bit of melted ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. I think the blend of these flavors brings enough sweetness and richness to this mix to make it satisfying


WIld melon is a key player in this, along with bourbon which is a strong profile had to back it down to .5% so it doesnt overpower the mix. FLV virginia is a background flavor alittle mild and earthy notes to give support to FLV KY blend, as for Kentucky blend brings full body tobacco and some ash to the mix.
Overall i believe this is an interesting mix

This one was created for my uncle.
The conjunction of Arabian and oriental tobaccos with smooth vanilla and ry4d gave him a creamy caramel vanilla type tobacco that he likes
Revised FLV arabian tobacco i lowered the 1.25% down to .6%, it was overly strong for my taste at 1.25%

This is a new recipe i created tonight only time will tell where i will take this 1

dam i dont know how to give descriptions, im not good at this

This one was created from two of my creations : Shaded Cuban With A Nut + Sweet Vanilla Pecan Tobacco V2.. minus a few flavors, adding FA marshamllow and FLV tatanka tobacco to this. Only time will tell if this was a great move to make.. I'll give this one 21 days before trying it but will wait longer.

User: JJ_Sumbetch Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I did this one without mango and steeped it 3 weeks. I gotta say this is one of the tobacco juices i gotta have in my rotation
User: JJ_Sumbetch Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
After a few days, the apple mellows down to my taste and mingles with the tobaccos, not super ashy as i would like but its only been 4 days since i made it. After 10 days the tobacco shines through even better, but bangin around 2-3 weeks for that dirty ash tobacco / semi cigar type vape. After 45 days, the apple is just barely noticeable for that background note and the tobacco takes over for that nice dark tobacco vape. Overall definitely a keeper in my book. DAM AWESOME JOB BRO
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