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A simple 3 ingredient fruit mix.

Bright Guava and Papaya upfront

with a mellow Mellon exhale.

  • I like my mix with 2 drops of pink guava per 30 ml

Deep Dark Fruits.
A simple Apple based recipe i enjoy with a hot drink.
Also great with
FA Cinnamon Ceylon or
FA Caramel

This is a really great tropical and fruity vape.
a sweet creamy inhale with a smooth citrus exhale.
almost finished but wanted to share.
the Monsoon and Cream pairs well with the Lemon Sicily as
the Oba Oba helps deliver some more of the creamy candy notes..

Up in Vienna is a simple creamy coffee with Cinnamon accents.
Up was an interesting coffee flavoring i liked from the beginning.

I chose to layer some Booster on top of UP to give it a tad bit of a darker coffee feel.
Also with the cereal grainy notes in UP i thought some Cinnamon Crunch by FLV would do well with Cinnamon and cereal.

If i had FA condensed milk or had an idea of what it tasted like i probably would have chosen it over Purilum condensed milk.
I wanted to start off with a sweetened base so i layered with some PUR Condensed milk and Vienna cream to add a rich, thick slight vanilla cream with some fresh cream to fill it out.
Please let me know what you think. i'm happy where it stands =)
Enjoy! Kame

A simple baked Pear spiced with Cloves and Cinnamon. topped with caramel.

My idea with this was to take a simple base of Pear and Liquid Amber to create a soft baked dark syrup pear.
The Clove, Caramel and Cinnamon adds the dark spices i wanted to match the baked/syrup taste the pear offers.

Reviews are welcome =)
Thanks, Kame

I love this as a simple and easy tropical mix so far.
it is a smooth creamy tropical flavor, while the tartness of the mango,kiwi and strawberry help balance it out.

The sweetness of the Guanabana plays well with the tartness of the mango in Golden Eye..
as with the Kigola it adds a bit more flavor dept and tangyness to how mellow the mix was.

Enjoy, Kame =)

I really enjoy this as a sweet peanut butter cookie.
To me the Apple Pie, Biscuit, Cookie and Butter bring a delicious buttery cookie flavor combination,
with a slight hint of apple.
The Peanut Butter pairs well with the tiny hints of Apple from the Apple Pie.
With the Vanilla and Caramel from the RY4 Double compliments just about every flavor in here.

Please Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Kame =)


A lemon coconut doughnut.
i loved when the zeppola phase hit and i made many recipes as did many of you.
here is one of my favorites i would like to share.

i wanted to start off with a nice lemon base so the Pandoro and Lemon Cake did that great,
Lemon Cake has a great lemon rind flavor with a bit of bitterness that the Pandoro i feel helps tone it down.

The Coconut, Vienna Cream and Shisha Vanilla create a really good topping for the Zepolla.

Let me know your thoughts,
Enjoy, Kame


Reminds me of a blue berry scone with sweet cinnamon


A simple and delicious Apple Cinnamon Roll

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User: ItsKame Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
User: ItsKame Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Great Recipe! Really enjoy the mellowness after initial mix. i can even taste the VBIC at 1% which i feel helps adds a tad more complexity to the taste and feel.
User: ItsKame Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
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