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This recipe was created for the beginner blending mixxed contest.
My goal was a light cinnamon peach, Apple bakery flavor. I'm not big on cinnamon so I kept it light, had it not been for the contest I probably wouldn't have tried cinnamon. I'm glad I did as I love this recipe!
Early on the inhale you'll get a nice light cinnamon note shortly followed by a nice soft, chewy bakery flavor. As you prepare to exhale the perfect blend of sweet honey peach and apple pops through that cinfully good bakery note. After the exhale you're left with the perfect blend of "all the flavors" as a delicious aftertaste that keeps you wanting more!
The cinnamon Danish swirl and sugar cookie gave me the desired bakery notes I was after.
The meringue just helps add some depth and thickness to the bakery.

The honey peach and fuji apple blended really well together to make one full bodied, solid fruit flavor. The honey peach brings in some sweetness while the fuji brings some tanginess to the mix.
Last but not least is the strawberry ripe. While you don't get much of a strawberry note out of it in this recipe, it does play a huge role in bringing it all together. The strawberry ripe works great to blend and sweeten the mix. What good is a bakery without some sweet!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1
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