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A chocolate shake with strawberries blended throughout. Much of this recipe was inspired/"stolen" from @ID10-T's "Hear The Girls Come" in which he stole @mlNikon's milkshake cream base (also used for this recipe). I have been loving this from day 1 until I killed the entire sample (about a week) and made a much larger batch. It seems to be best after 2-3 days.

Based off a couple of tests, the rose somehow rounds out the strawberry and really brings this together for me. You can omit the FA rose if it is not in your arsenal and I would bump TFA Strawberry ripe up to 1.5%.

A refreshing summer vape along the lines of a tropical drink. Great as a shake and vape.

This recipe is a coffee sweetened with condensed milk. It is quite good, as the vanilla, milk, and cream make this coffee very creamy and thick. I currently have a batch steeping with a lower percentage of condensed milk (.25%) and sweetener added (CAP Super Sweet .5%) to see if that works out better. This recipe was best after a looooong steep of 14 days.

This is a very berry forward fritter recipe. A lot of berry on the inhale with an airy fritter exhale. Let it steep for at least 3 days but so far it has been best after at least a week.

This is my version of a black currant & pomegranate juice. It is tart, sweet and juicy ticking all the boxes for my perfect summertime vape.

This banana butterscotch recipe was made on a whim and could probably use some some serious editing when time allows. As it stands today, I find the recipe quite delicious and have a few friends that regularly request a bottle. Give it 7 days minimum for the many many flavors to meld.


A relaxing pear vape. It is pretty good after 3 days but just gets better over time as everything amalgamates.


This recipe was inspired by an elderflower hard apple cider that I am quite partial to. I let it steep for at least 7 days to really come together.


There are many clones of Ripe Vape's VCT available and this is just my version. It's not quite there but it has been my ADV for the past couple of weeks. You should let it steep at least two weeks.

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