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I'm kind of going for the Lindt Truffles, and I find them to be super creamy, a little buttery vanilla and with a kind of cooling milk taste when you break through to the middle.

I I tried FW White Chocolate, but was getting some coco from it, So I switched to TFA which helped a lot. It's a more vanilla-y creamy to me.
Next I really wanted it to be just super creamy, so I tried to build a good heavy cream.

Cap Butter Cream
A very rich, creamy flavor for me. Adds some of that butter I find in the truffles.

FLV Cream
Another heavy cream, with some dairy and I think a little sweetness. The truffles are very creamy, I want to get as close to that as I can.

TFA Marshmallow
Adds to the mouthfeel, thickens it up some and adds in a bit of sweetness.

TFA Sweet Cream
Again going for that super creamy taste, also a little sweetness and a touch of dairy.

TFA Dairy/Milk
A nice dairy note, I also get a little coolness from it.
OIf course you need vanilla to make it all come together.

INW - Shisha Vanilla
A very nice vanilla, seems to blend the creams together well, really kicks up the vanilla.

I think i'm pretty close with this, been working on it for a few weeks now.

A blackberry Greek Yogurt with a little sweetness.

I used to vape a Blackberry Yogurt from a company called Dead Shriners, pretty good stuff, but not Yogurt-y enough. So Since I started doing DIY I decided to make my own Blackberry Yogurt.

My idea with this was to make a nice Yogurt base, FLV Greek for the Greek Yogurt part, FA Yogurt to mellow it out a little and add some sweet creaminess and FLV Cream for even more sweetness and creaminess.

Then add in my Blackberry, I went with Cap Black Raspberry after trying out a few others and not getting the taste I was looking for.

This Is my first recipe, I mean I like it, but you'll have to make up your own mind.

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