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Smooth Black Licorice Mint Vape! Mellow licorice with a mint kicker. If you like mint and licorice you will love this. The (FA) Black Touch has that goodness of Old Time Aussy Licorice and the edition of (FA) Anise brings it up a notch. Adding the (CAP) Peppermint gives it a freshness and light clean minty backside. The (FA) Mint Candy adds a touch of sweet mint to round out the mint profile. If you are looking for a refreshing mint licorice vape I don't hink you can go wrong with this one!

Creamy Vanilla Orange. Smooth and tasty, Light flavorful not overbearing. The Blood orange sits on top of nice mellow and sweet. The Butterscotch Ripple adds in a bit of mellow sweetness. The Marshmallow and Meringue adds to the middle with a creamy smooth, fluffy candy like flavor. The Vanilla Swirl fills out the bottom. When I remix this i think the Vanilla Swirl could use a bump of a 1/2% to give just a bit more body. Did't try a shake and vape with this pretty sure it would be acceptable. Sat in the drawer for 15 days before I broke it out and vaped it. Pretty tasty but I will try it with another 1/2% of Vanilla swirl or French Vanilla for that extra richness I think this needs. Give this one a whirl, I think you will enjoy it.

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