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I love Japan food but vape sushi is not a great idea. So I tried to emulate a japanese dessert: Green Tea Icecream with Azuki (red bean jam).
The recipe is very simple and tasty with less then 7% flavoring.

Ice cream
A combination of LB Vanilla ice cream and CAP Vanilla custard

Green Tea
FE Green tea is the perfect solution. I tried MB natural green tea also, but FE is a better and faithfull solution

VT red bean is a perfect Azuki jam. I tried to add VT jam it but it would alter the red bean flavor.

Sweet and steep
Green tea is bitter, so we need a 0.75 CAP super sweet here.
You need at least 3 days of steeping here in order to obtain the perfect mix of green tea and azuki.

Enjoy, review, vape!

Sometimes the logic works better then memory. I never had something like this recipe in my life, but I knew that these ingredients should work well together. So I mixed them and... BOOM. It's delicious!

FE Sweet rice 3% and just 0.25% of FA cinnamon ceylon it's what I always mix when I want rice desserts.

FLV Sweet coconut 3% is the true fruit, the white pulp of coconut. But it is weak, so I need a bit of commercial coconut flavor. Fa cocò 1% it's the perfect pairing.

I need a sweet candy pistachio here so I use RF pistachio at 2%

FW blood orange is a complex flavor: it has a fruit part that talk with coconut and a bitter part to make a compensation to the sweeteness of RF pistachio.

You need a 0.5% of sweetener to help the coconut to rise up and to mute down the rice off-note.
I'm very proud of this recipe and I have to thank a lot of mixers for inspiration: @ENYAWREKLAW for his note about FE sweet rice, all the NOTED crew ( @mlnikon - @ID10T - @CheebaSteeba ) for their explanation of RF pistachio and FLV sweet coconut.

Enjoy and don't forget to review.


This was a nightmare to create! Aperol Spritz is a very famous italian cocktail based on Aperol bitter, champagne and sparkling water. Of course the star of the show is the Aperol with it's orange and aromatic herbs in it. The champagne in this cocktail it's mainly the stage where Aperol will act.

In order to create the right orange mix I tried really a lot of them in the market, but at the end, not a coincidence IMHO, the italians oranges of FA( FA orange and FA tanger) where the most similar to the orange flavor of Aperol.

I tried a lot of herbs too, but all they would distract the nose. So I started searching for bitter notes and of course I found the FA bitter wizard, but it has an off note in it, so I searched for other flavors with a bitter in it to pair with FA bitter wizard. At the end the best answer was FA bergamot in order to remain in citrus area and get a bitter note to pair to FA bitter wizard.

But the very fascinating and strange thing in Aperol Spritz is the combination of bitter and sweet. Of course I used a bit of CAP super sweet, but a bit of vanillin was really necessary here to give a sweet contrast to the recipe.

For champagne I used TPA champagne both for calm down the cost of this recipe with something cheap and because this is not a bully wine flavor like others.

At the end I worried about how to give a sparkling esperience to this recipe. I watched a lot of Noted episode in youtube to find inspiration and at the end the answer came from @ID10T and his endorcement of VT fizzy sherbet.
Now guys I really ask you from the bottom of my heart to review this recipe in order to give me a partial compensation for all this work on it.

Anise cookie is a traditional sicilian (Italy) cookie. It has a well cooked body, not too sweet, and the refreshing flavor of anise. We use it with red wine for dessert (like Marsala wine). I grove up with this cookie (without wine, of course).
For the cookie, after many trials, I find the perfect combo with an high 2.5% of FA cookie and a 1.5% of JF cookie.
FW pie crust work well to give a brown, hard crust to the cookie.
Golden butter essentially make a wet contrast to the dry biscuit base.
FA Anise is a strong, violent, flavor. So, even if it is the profile of this recipe, you can not use more then 0.75%.
TPA Pistachio at 0.5% is the perfect husband for the marriage with anise in order to give a nutty constituency to the recipe.

This is my take on a white chocolate variation of the Sachertorte.
The cake base is a dry almond fluffy cake. So i used fa almond+fa marzipan for the nut component and nonna's cake + pandoro for the cake.
In the middle a layer of blueberry jam and on top the white chocolate. I used a combo of TPA White chocolate and Flv white chocolate. Do not sub any of these white chocolates with FW white chocolate because it would cover all up with that nutty taste in it.
This is already good as a Mix&vape but after 3 days the cake base become more solid.


This is not a recipe, this is a mix of two great clones:
Boss Reserve by folkart and Jam Monster by ENYAWREKLAW
What can i say about it? It's the best strawnana possible IMHO
I lowed down the RF strawberry and CAP strawberry from Jam Monster and rised up the TPA banana Cream from Boss reserve in order to balance the fruit better, but the true magic here is the combo of of AP5%, FLV milk&honey and the butter note from RF strawberry jam and toast
Go mix this guys, you will agree with me!

The name says the recipe. If you ever had "mary jane" or a "Mary Jane" Cookie you'll love it, otherwise you will never understand this recipe.
TPA Mary Jane is the only concentrate for this flavour in the market. It's the most close we could be to the real thing. This flavour need an high percentage cause it will weak with steeping. 5% is a good place to be, because this can help you to mix&vape if you want a "mary jane" dominance, or wait at least a week if you want a good mix with cookie.
FA Cookie is the best cookie out there in my opinion, the most accurate for an italian palate. 2% is the good percentage to fight with the initial strenght of Mary Jane.
TPA butter at 0.35 is the way to give you that oily sensation of the real "mary jane" thing.
Cap Super Sweet is optional, I think this recipe need it, because "Mary jane" has that herbal bitter you may want to calm down with sweetener.
Please let me know what do you think about this recipe. Enjoy!


This recipe is a return to childhood and those Haribo's Fizzy Cola Candy we had.
Cap jelly candy 4% and TPA Sour 3% together to give that jelly sinthetic gummy flavour.
Fa lemon sicily help sour to be more vivid.
Fa cola pleasure is the exact cola taste of those candies of my childhood, 2% is the right amount.
I know Cap super sweet at 0.75 may be scary, but guys these are candies from the 80's, not healty surrogate of the new millenium, you know what I mean!

I'm a fan of rice pudding, but I have to lose weight, so I can only vape it. I tried a lot of rice pudding out there, but the rice was too much prominent. So I tried a lot of combination in order to calm down the rice and finally, don't ask me why, I put there the TFA white chocolate. And BOOM. Finally a sweet, smooth, tasty, all-day-vape rice pudding.
You will find some things strange in this recipe:
- that 4.25% of TFA white chocolate is unusual, it was a mistake in mixing, but it's the perfect percentage, believe me.
- Lemon zest could appear a strange flavor to put in here, but that 0.25 % give a brightness to all the recipe.
- the name it's not only a good word combination, it's the teaser for a lot of rice pudding combination I will recipe in future. In fact you can use this recipe (without cinnamon) as a perfect rice pudding base. Soon I will publish a Rice of a nation - jam, a Rice of a nation - coffee etc etc.
You can shake & vape or you can wait 2 night in order to taste the perfect combination of flavour.
Please review it, let me know what do you think about.

Sometimes colors tell us something we don't know already. In this recipe I tried to mix up two of my favorite FA purple Flavours: grape concord and violet. FA almond here is used like an additive to calm down the floral violet note and the aggressive grape flavour. Cotton candy and cream is the way to milk and combine all together.
I like this with a 0,5 of sweetener, but this is very subjective.
Good vapes guys!

User: ITALIAN-VAPE Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Maybe this is not accurate, but it is really delicious and not the same profile. I'm so bored of all these strawberry&cream. Thank you @mlnikon for this recipe
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