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A deliciously sweet and creamy Peanut Butter...as a child I loved eating this stuff straight from the jar and now I can relive that feeling in the form of a vape

a little bit sweet,a little bit tart,a whole lot of delicious....Homemade lemon squares dusted with a light coating of powdered sugar

Nothing like a nice ICE COLD glass of Lemonade on a hot summer day...unless its an ICE COLD glass of Strawberry Lemonade.Just the right amount of sweet and sour lemon with a nice hint of juicy fresh picked strawberries....mix it up and let the good times roll

Sweet,juicy bubblegum with a hint of perfectly ripened watermelon...A great summertime vape

Fresh kiwi fruit,ripe strawberries,sweet juicy bubblegum....simple yet delectable

Rich,thick Greek yogurt with sweet bits of mango followed by a hint of bittersweet Pomegranate

A big bowl of rich,tangy greek yogurt sprinkled with your favorite breakfast cereals...do yourself a favor and make a big batch or you will regret it later

Fresh..Sweet..Juicy Pears drizzeled in a decadent caramel/butterscotch sauce topped with fresh vanilla cream...great as an after dinner vape or even an ADV

The inspiration for this yogurt base came from a parfait recipe by Brian Riley Jones...i used Cap Greek instead of TFA and removed the granola aspect...sweet ripe blueberries on the inhale with a tangy blueberry/yogurt combo on the exhale..this is a very creamy and delicious yogurt

Thick delicious Greek Yogurt with notes of tangy lime...shredded coconut and sweet crunchy graham cracker topping...tastes so good you wont know if your vaping it or eating it

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