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Dessert Tobacco asf

When I mixed this, I wasn’t sure if it would be good..at all. Gang, I was wrong.

This tastes about like a mouthful of Bavarian cream-filled donut (drizzled with some caramel maybe) while taking a puff off of some sweet pipe tobacco.

The Zeppola slips in upfront, the flaky icing and pastry come in first, followed by the creams which are topped with the spicey notes from the tobaccos.


The VBIC, Fresh Cream and Sweet Cream make a nice milkshake base, the two creams have been my go to for milky bases for a while, I added a little bit of Vanilla Custard just for extra thickness.
I typically use TPA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry as my realistic strawberry stone, but as I was mixing, I was hit with the desire to throw in a strawberry flavor I almost never use, TPA Strawberry, which has that nice strawberry hard candy flavor.

Dr. Gonzo strikes again! Just saw an old terrible strawberry milkshake profile from a mix I'd tried to make in some of my first attempts at recipes (this is why keeping notes is so handy!). Immediately started a fresh attempt. Last minute I decided to add TPA Strawberry and CAP Vanilla Custard.

You can SnV, but for once I wouldn't actually recommend it, the first week it actually has a freeze dried ice cream kinda vibe to me, but I'd wait at least a week if you want to get that creamy malty milk shake taste and texture.

Hope you enjoy, as always, any feedback at all is most seriously appreciated ✌️

The fruit I enjoyed most in Jamaica was probably the papaya. It has a very unique flavor compared to what we eat Stateside.

Most notably, it is considerably more “melon-y” and has a buttery mouthfeel, sliding right off the peel, and none of the dank and what some find offputting flavor.

So my goal was to emulate that papaya, and I thought pairing TFA Papaya with CAP Cantaloupe would get pretty close and it honestly does. I get no off notes of stank and the dragonfruit really smooths it all together. The coconut is there for shits and gigs, I honestly can’t taste it, just figured it’d add to that tropical smooth vibe.

Started a YouTube series on mixing and stuff. Here’s a video explaining this mix more kinda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ofi3Ck6oc0&t=17s

DISCLAIMER: This is an SnV, literally just made it and is really tasty. However I make no promises that the dank of TFA Papaya won’t sneak its way out, so if you hate that and consider it an off note, you’ve been warned :)


Recently returned from Jamaica, I can still almost taste the delicious fruits there.

Here, a humble but proud pineapple, full bodied and sexy.

Started a YouTube series on mixing and stuff. Here’s a video explaining this mix more kinda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ofi3Ck6oc0&t=17s


Years ago, in days of old, when magic filled the air, 'twas in the darkest depths of Mordor..
Yes, the immortal rock gods of Led Zeppelin were also blatant Lord of the Rings nerds, with numerous references in lyrical content and song titles, so uh, if you don't enjoy Tolkien's masterpiece, let's take it up with them!

Okay fanboying aside, leaves are turning and falling, apples and pumpkins are spontaneously erupting into the external world, logs are being burned, palettes are craving something appropriate to match the change in season.

May I humbly introduce this most Autumnal inspiration, an apple and butterscotch pipe tobacco, a flavor that immediately sent me flying through time, space and possibly dimensions into the coziest slice of land in all of Middle Earth. I could feel myself enjoying this as I rest on a nice patch of grass in the sunshine, or as I warm my feet beside the fire.

"Apples for walking, a pipe for sitting."
The apple is the center of this vape, strong upfront and carrying throughout, the tobacco note creeping in spicily and growing throughout the exhale, the rest of the cast build a nice background for this flavor to shine.

Any thoughts, suggestions, tweaks, criticisms, etc are most welcome as always.

aka Pretend Prickly Pear

I hadn't used CAP Cantaloupe, TPA Honeydew or TPA Marshmallow since my first flavor order, wanted something nice and fruity, a farewell to summer on these lingering warm October days. Ironically, I enjoy melon vapes more than the actual fruits, at least these two, though I do love me some watermelon.

I've never had the privilege of enjoying any prickly pear fruit, however, based on the descriptions and not being able to call it a fruit I've had, I settled on naming it Morty's Mega Melon Meltdown, aka Pretend Prickly Pear, because "A melon-esque gum vibe" just didn't have that same ring to it.

Cantaloupe is the main note here, blending with honeydew nicely, and the cactus adds a whole extra juiciness and intriguing fruit note. Banana Cream is here for a nice, creamy, tropical supporting note for the melons, Blueberry I honestly threw in initially for the hell of it, I figured it'd sweeten it a bit and blend right in and it definitely does. Marshmallow adds a lovely texture, nice and fluffy, and it's this fluff coupled with the juiciness of the cactus that gives me what I'll call a "natural bubblegum" mouthfeel.

It's great as a SnV, but I think a few days are required for everything to coalesce and for the fullness of the vape to really come through.

Feel free to add a touch of E.M. or Sweetener to your preference!

As always, any suggestions, tips, ideas, reviews, criticisms, etc are most welcome! The more feedback, the tastier the vapor!

If you enjoy this mix, split some off and try adding 1% of CAP menthol for a surprisingly refreshing experience!

"As your attorney, I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can we cover a thing like this righteously?"
"We'll just have to drum it up on our own. Pure Gonzo journalism! "

FLV Milk & Honey, haven't used at all until this mix, been wanting to play with it, wanted to build a recipe around it. What a delicious flavor!! Another killer one from Flavorah. I actually get nice light graham cracker flavor in there, sort of honey graham crackers, and the creaminess of the milk is definitely there, slightly dairy.
Lately, I've been using a lot of FA Fresh Cream, CAP Sweet Cream lately and FA Meringue at a 2:1:0.5 ratio, that's my go to milk base now, so I didn't want to use them at all, I wanted something different to support Milk & Honey so I went with a touch of FA Vienna Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard.
I've also been wanting to incorporate in some subtle touches of nut flavoring, I love what 0.5% FA Almond can do with any cream, so I decided to try it with a few different ones.
I couldn't decide which I really wanted here, que Dr. Gonzo, I said to hell with it and used all the ones I was contemplating with FA Torrone being the most random of them all, another one I've never mixed with in my own recipes but used sparingly in others. So far I get different notes of each depending on the pull, sometimes the hazelnut is really present in the exhale/after taste, sometimes the sweetness of the pistachio or almond lingers or combines, sometimes the torrone comes out strong in the front for a moment, the nougat and nuttyness, it's a pretty intriguing and fun mix to vape for sure.

It tasted pretty good as a shake and vape, it was made 9/27/2017 and after a good week steep it's great, but it continues to fill out through weeks two and three.


"..how much is that lemon meringue pie?"
"No, honey, I meant for the whole pie."

DISCLAIMER: You lookin' for the crust? It ain't here!

FA Lemon Sicily is the lemon base, having it turned up helps it keep its presence as the juice steeps. FA Custard and CAP Vanilla Custard are the custard/pudding base. I like using two flavors for one aspect of a flavor profile that feels boring or one dimensional (creams, custards, etc), I think it can add a nice complexity without being over the top. I used more FA Custard here because of that slight lemony tone, and just a little bit of CAP Vanilla Custard for that layer and touch of vanilla.
FA Cookie and TPA GCC make up the humble crust, both giving a little grit and baked presence, I'm totally out of Sugar Cookie so I've been playing with Cookie a lot more and enjoying.

TPA Banana Cream is what truly makes this a Gonzo recipe. It was thrown in at the last minute as I was writing out my recipe before mixing (which helps me so much), the muse struck me with the thought to throw a little banana cream in there for shits and gigs. I love this flavor and love working with it, it seems to have a sort of Dragonfruit-esque blending property, it bends so well in low doses in almost unexpected areas, here it actually just slips right in with the lemon custard in a really unique, complex and subtle way. I honestly can't taste any banana, it disappears as it blends with the lemon and it's creaminess just lends itself so well to the other custards. Don't let its small doseage deceive you, I think it's crucial to the flavor and texture of this profile.

The emphasis of this particular lemon meringue recipe is the lemon custard in the foreground with the meringue in the background and the crust as an intentional undertone.

This is a great as a SnV. This just got mixed a few days ago, but it honestly tastes so good already I'm comfortable posting it, so I'll update with some steep notes.

Gonzo journalism is a concept pioneered most famously by Hunter S. Thompson in which the journalist makes no claims of being objective, instead he presents himself as part of the situation, and in being honest about his lack of objectivity, in presenting his perspective as a perspective and not fact, his trust and validity increase. There are also no editors, proofreaders, rewrites or scratch outs (in theory), the character of the original piece is as important as the whole piece itself.

That being said, I'm going to be posting some more recipes in this vein, meaning no batch tests, no tweaks, these will be pure gonzo recipes, spontaneous, inspired, sporadic. No withholding and no prior planning while creating these recipes.
The main cause for this project is I find that doubting or second-guessing myself while mixing/writing out my percentages before mixing creates such a huge negative impact in my mixes that they almost never work out because now I've over analyzed and questioned every possible dynamic, stifling most creative thoughts with logic based ones. This isn't to say there aren't some profiles worth chasing and tweaking for months, honestly, I've done/am doing it.

As always, thanks for any comments, feedback or ideas to help improve the recipe, they're beyond appreciated. Aren't we all here to make the world a tastier place? 😌✌️


The best accidental Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milk you ever had
It's late. You're home alone. You worked hard all day. Hell, all week. You deserve a nice night to yourself. Some "you" time. You know just what you want. No...just what you need.
As you glide across the kitchen floor wearing only your socks, you press the button which preheats the oven as you ease perfectly in front of the refrigerator. You open it with your right hand, spinning with the left to caress and lift that which you've come for, finishing the spin as a method to shut the refrigerator door, all in one smooth flourish.
You crack open that beautiful pack of cinnamon rolls and butter cream icing, so, so beautiful...you turn to prepare and grease a baking pan but something's wrong...you can't.
Your eyes, fixated on the rolls, they see more than just a pastry. Your nose, sniffing their delicious cinnamon and..is that nutmeg?? It smells more than seasoning. Your mouth, connected to your nose, dripping with saliva to ease the passage of the sacred goods, it makes you swallow audibly. Your hands begin to tremble, your muscles twitching.
You can't take it any fucking more!
You dive in, pure adrenaline, a primal animal, massacring the bounty which you've been blessed with. There are chunks ripped and torn. Your eyes burn because of all the cinnamon in the air. Your fingers are stained red below the dripping coagulation of icing that has become somehow everywhere.
Slurping and cackling like a mad man, you finally fall to the ground, content, rewarded, seduced and subdued.

That's what I want his vape to do for you guys. I want this to be the fucking king of all cinnamon vapes because I've been searching and hunting and tracking this flavor profile since I started mixing.

I didn't discover cinnamon danish swirl until very late/recently in my mixing game so since I found it I've been very excited to play with it. While I totally enjoy the serious snickerdoodle presence it offers, I don't want it to make just another cookie vape, nothing against cookie vapes but the mouthfeel never really gives me a "cookie" vibe in anything I've mixed, so I decided to combine this with another more preferred flavor profile/mouthfeel of mine that I've been working on for a good while too: milk.

I drew inspiration from the Snickerdoodle Custard recipe on ATF, it got me thinking in the right direction for this vape so shouts out to @CenCalVape for sharing this one 🙏

A good SnV, mostly cinnamon on the inhale but the creams are very much present in the exhale, that nice dairy milky aftertaste that I do love. To do her justice she really needs to steep for at least a few days, the longer the better, the creams just settle in and fill out their milky profile while blending with cinnamon so well, honestly I could've named this Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk, and I probably should've! But as that wasn't my intended profile, I didn't.

Please let me know what you think, any suggestions, comments, questions, criticisms, shouts of rage, anything at all and I've got the ears to hear it.

Thanks so much for all of the love so far ATF family, between advice via messaging and previous reviews and comments and other helpful feedback, this has just been an awesome experience so far and if anybody is on the fringe of posting recipes but is worried about not being "good enough," this has been such a welcoming and learning experience, I would really urge any and all to share the knowledge and hone your skills because the more info/recipes that get posted, the more tasty the recipes will become and informed we all will be!

Besides, a wise man once told me if you aren't a little embarrassed by your first attempt at something, you waited too long to try it ✌️



May I proudly present Bantha Milk! Fresh from an organic, free-roam, cruelty-free bantha farm in a nice cozy corner of the endless desert that is Tatooine.

Experience the sweet, creamy blueness that is the legendary Bantha milk, a local treat brought from a galaxy far, far away to tantalize the tastebuds of Jedi, senators, desert folk, hell even Imperial storm troopers!

This vape comes out strong, bursting with ripe blueberry juiciness up front and then that sweet creamy milk comes pouring out as fresh as the day it was squeezed from that bantha teet, leaving an amazing milky aftertaste at the finish.

Yes, friends, this is my most thoroughly vetted recipe yet. For once, I actually must say not to SnV but to give it at least a week for that sweet milkiness to shine. And yes I know the blueberry looks rowdy but FW Blueberry just has a super high flavor ceiling and I've played with it at 5-7% and I prefer it at 6-6.5%, however feel free to turn it down a little to your liking, I've just found at this high dose it really gives an awesome sugary, blueberry sryup poured into some whole milk flavor.

Enjoy and let me know what you think, any and all feedback is appreciated ✌️

UPDATE 9/2/2017
I dropped the FW Blueberry just a hair and upped TPA Blueberry extra just a hair, I also dropped meringue to almost nothing because I love the little flavor it adds but I just get so much harshness from it. And lastly and most importantly, I've added sweet cream to really thicken up the milk base and add an awesome dairy note. I haven't had time to let this new mix steep longer than a few days but the dairy/milk aspect is really popping off the rip and that's been one of my biggest goals with this recipe is for it to have a really decent and accurate milk flavor worked in.

User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Update 7/20/17 I finally got what I needed to mix and man this is just killer as a snv already, excited to see how she tastes in a few days. The blueberry note is right on point, a nice baked and ripened flavor that carries throughout the whole vape, the bilberry giving just that little bit of real ness and skin flavor it needs. I really enjoy the French vanilla added to the custard, it really sets it off. Another 5 stars!
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
My man killed it with this one! The description is spot on, I mixed with the updated ingredients and I actually had to sub in TFA Caramel Original but I don't think it messed with the integrity of the recipe because I'm still getting that caramalized banana bread crust feel. The pudding aspect is definitely on point, I love pairing VBIC and NYCC, throw in Vanilla Custard and you have the trifecta of awesome creams and at these percentages the pudding texture and flavor and mouthfeel are on point, AND THATS JUST ON THE SNV!! Killer recipe, 5 stars, much love to you and your coworker! ✌️
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Mm mmm!! This is a tasty burger! Kudos to the homie Parkus for doing a killer remix. I've got a giant bottle of the original mix nice and steeped up so I just set aside some of it and added the new tweaks, I subbed FW Yellow Cake for CAP Yellow Cake and I hear it's a little more icing heavy and not so cakey so I added a half percent of cake batter to balance it out, but either way no worries because it's mostly supporting the pre-existing smoky banana nut bread notes. Where this remix really shines in my opinion is the chocolate and almond addition, they slip right in the mix and sweeten and add a touch of new cream and add their own complexities, I taste them mostly in the body and exhale with the banana still upfront which is a great flow. A sweet addition to a sweet mix, much love ✌️
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This is a little remix because I'm out of vanilla swirl and to get around the aforementioned 10 day steep time for the rice to become tapioca, so what I did was lower the FE Sweet Rice to 3% and add 1% CAP French Vanilla and 1% CAP Whipped Cream. Super fuckin tasty off the snv and if I'm not happy with the boba note in a few days I can always add more sweet rice. A banging original flavor, the mango is nice and realistic and definitely has that pulverized mango vibe, excited to see how the steep goes.
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I gave this just a little overnight steep and man, honestly this is the most accurate Oreo cookies'n'cream flavor I've had yet. It's got that perfect dark, dry Oreo chocolate flavor, and the cream flavor is right on the money! The Bavarian cream works perfectly as the lead cream imo it just goes so well with this dark chocolately goodness and the supporting vbic and sweet cream are just *muah*
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Man, the flavor is fucking on point in this mix. If you've had any hazelnut candies like this, you know what's up. If not, enjoy this vape and call it a day. And this is a bastardized mix I had to make, I'm missing hazel grove and using TFA Caramel instead, so I can't wait to mix the actual thing. 5 stars right off the SnV. You get the hazelnut flavor, strong but not over the top, the chocolate is nice and present, and the Nutella/chocolate cream is there too. Banger ☄️🤙 Will update with proper mix and steep
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