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Strawberry, Guava mix great for summer. I hope that you enjoy. Please comment.

FW Blueberry and FA Bilberry are a great combination.

TPA White Chocolate, and Cheesecake (graham crust) add an extra layer of flavor, making this more then just a blueberry mix.

I hope you enjoy.

INW Shisha: Strawberry is by far the best there is

INW Raspberry: A little goes a really long way. It tends to over power everything. A little musky also.

INW Creme Brulee: Definitely one of my favorite creams Normal I wouldn't go over 3%, but the berries (raspberry) really seem to mute the creme brulee

FLV Vanilla Custard: Helps to thicken and enhance the Creme Brulee

Inw Mango: good green mango flavor, but a little dry

Inw Strawberry Shisha: Awesome Strawberry

Inw Cactus: Used to brighten the mix up a bit

Cap/Tpa Ice Cream: I think, by using both it adds a depth the flavor

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