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Description: One-third of DIY outfit Kilt & Skirt Vapors. TheCatHimself, StardustCoyote and I love coming up with unique flavors and profiles; while we're all in agreement that strawberry custards, cereals, and such are fine and dandy, we get our kicks from thinking outside the box and producing stuff you'll never see from the commercial vendors. We love to support local business as well, so we order almost everything from Bull City Flavors and procure our nic from Carolina Xtract. Vape on!
Interests: Desserts, coffee, and honestly any and everything unique!
Location: Raleigh, NC

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Pull on your yoga pants and sidle up to this delicious pumpkin spice latte! HS Pumpkin Pie is a concentrate I haven't seen many people work with at all, so I bought it on a whim to try it out for this recipe and it turns out it was perfect! Don't be alarmed by the 10%; it's a very mellow flavor and not overwhelming at this concentration. There is a tiny bit of spice to it but not enough to recreate the PSL flavor in and of itself, so our friends Holiday Spice and Ceylon are along for the ride to give us the essential cinnamon, clove and nutmeg notes. Sweet Cream and Cream Fresh make up the full-bodiedness of steamed whole milk, Vanilla Classic sweetens the mix without going overboard, and Dark Bean speaks for itself. :v

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