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I've been working on this recipe for the last month and a half, I feel it's really close to the original and delicious as it is. I used fw blue raspberry because I know it's definitely in the original, I used the harvest berry to tone down the blue raspberry and add a BlackBerry type of note. The citrus punch I thought was the best citrus for this type of recipe as I was looking for a light citrus note not something thats gonna dominate the mix. And finally cap super sweet was definitely needed in this mix to give that commercial type taste and it brings everything together, without the sweetener this recipe wouldn't work. This is the type of recipe that tastes better and better as it steeps, when the mix turns a light yellow thats when its ready.

This is a nice lime and light cream recipe. For some reason the strawberry and the pear help this recipe shine, but the honeysuckle and oba oba is what really gives this flavor something special. When you vape this all's you'll taste is a nice subtle lime with a nice light cream, great mouth feel, smooth and just enough sweetness. Hope you enjoy.

Here's a great strawberry belts candy recipes. One on one's strawberry ripe really made this recipe shine and in my opinion might be the best strawberry flavor out there. This recipe has great mouth feel and a short steep time. I hope you all enjoy


The original Hawaiian Pog is my favorite juice of all time, about 5 months ago I started this mission to create this juice that some say is impossible. It took about 60 or more attempts at getting this as close to the original as I could. If you mix this exactly as it's posted you will immediately recognize that familiar smell, but give it at least 5-7 days steep to really let the flavors come together.

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