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Delicious croissant stuffed with vanilla pudding. Sweeten to taste, for me 0.5 is enough. Enjoy.

Not so much into chocolate vapes myself but people tell me it's great.

Flavors speak for themselves in here. I add 1 drop shisha peppermint per 30ml to have it balanced against the lime. Could add more if you want it fresh but it's a damn potent flavor. Sweetener to taste, I like SS at 0.25 in this since the Carmel in here is already my approach to that sugar cane in a Mojito. Enjoy.

A match made in heaven is born. The sweetness from the grape really complements the guava and you get it's taste nicely in the back. Added a little e-m to pop the fruits. Super easy to mix. Sweeten to taste but I like my juice sweet. Enjoy.

Iv really been enjoying this one for some time now so I guess it's time to pass it on to the community.
Never could get completely pleased with it so I ve been modifying this one for months now. But I ve come to the point of thinking any more changes won't benefit it for the good.
Good as s&v but give it a week and you'll be amazed. Percentages are low compared to some other good strw&creams but be assured no flavor is lacking here. Enjoy.


Finally nailed the profile. Tried all the bubblegum flavors out there & many of them just don't cut it.
The flv, inw combo gives a authentic tasty bubblegum flavor.
Adding a hint of inw's shisha Banana pushes it even closer.
A touch of cap's sweet Strawberry for its sweetness & candied like feel.
Tfa's Marshmallow adds to the fullness of the vape & takes some of the dry harchness a bubblegum gives away.
This all on a bed of Vanilla Swirl results in a delicious full bubblegum vape.

Great as shake & vape, yet better after 2 days.

Please comment if you mix it up.

Dairy milk & fw vbic make up for the base.
Ooo strawberry & milkshake take it to the soft serve.
Bavarian Cream blends the whole.


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Verry good. Def good for adv rotation. thx for sharing
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