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Was sitting around one day thinking about some of the tobacco's my grandfather used to smoke in his pipe as a kid. I remember cherry and blueberry specifically. So I wanted to create that idea of a fruity tobacco in a vape. I went blueberry because it can be sticky and sweet and yet have a darkness and richness that would be enhanced with the tobacco. This is really one of my first start to finish recipes building on each flavor. I also worked in layers to source out the combinations that worked. You will get a deep dark blueberry on the inhale and main note, riding on a body of RY4 and custard with a nice tobacco finish.

The first experiment was the RY4C (Ruyan Caramel Custard Tobacco) I mixed Holy Holy V1 (and V2 - both work if you don't have any OG left) and Ruyan Custard and was blown away by how well these two play off each other. That layer by itself is a great vape. They create a really well balanced Tobacco, graham, caramel custard. It is dark and yet kind of dreamy to vape and linger in the sinuses.

Next was the Blueberry Juicy and Gummy Candy - I remember Wayne or Noted - somewhere that Blueberry Juicy was a decent stand alone blueberry... but when I tested it... it was juice but not really "sticky" enough, so I added the Gummy Candy and really love how they play off each other. It has a great richness that plays well with the above base layer.

Lastly, I have been using FLV sweetness a lot lately - but I also made batches with Super Sweet and no sweetener. It really needs the sweetener to pull back the tartness of the berry and also it helps the overall quality of the texture. I actually prefer the Sweetness over the SS in this recipe as it supported the flavor better in the steep.

Built on a Hadaly with Ni80 Fused Clapton - Dual 26ga / 40 wrap @3mm - at .30 / 45 watts.

This was built for the Developed TFA Challenge. I wanted to create a cooked berry cupcake with a custard icing.

I used the Raspberry, Ripe Strawberry and Blueberry to create a more obscure, cooked berry note - it is richer and evolves in the vape on certain hits you get this bending more strawberry and raspberry. Still playing with this idea. Looking for thoughts on this.

The other part of the recipe - the bakery base. I made solo using Vanilla Custard v2 when I first got it. I have put Vanilla Cupcake and Frosted Donut together before. I threw in a dash of caramel to marry the bakery and fruit with that sugary edge note.

Overall, I am very happy with this, I do wonder if a dash of VBIC or Cheesecake would not cement this all with a little heavier mouth feel. But I wanted to really feature the bakery and not lose it in the cream (fearing it become a berry custard only).

Another recipe taking layers and putting them together... This started out as a test of the Strawberry Trinity and was then turned into a lovely ice cream. Super Smooth and really smack you in the face Strawberry. This vape only lasted a few days and was gone. The Ice Cream is a pretty standard Ice Cream layer I use in a lot of recipes and backs up this berry really nicely. It is all Strawberry on the inhale, smooth thick and creamy mouth feel - followed by a hint of cream on the exhale. Already mixed up more of this and is steeping away in a dark corner. Let me know what you think ... this was my first recipe with ID10T's trinity mix ... love is an understatement.

This is pretty easy to decode if you have spent a lot of time here or on DIYorDIE. I took Wayne's Cheesecake layer and added the Blueberry Trinity. This juice is so fricken amazing. Blueberry Cheesecake was one of my earliest flavors when I quit smoking. I had searched and tried to recreate that for a long time and then this came to pass. It is easily three times better than the juice I was trying to make, by combining some simple layers from other recipes - you can do so much. Give this a mix, pull the Blueberry Trinity layer if you have not seen it before, it works very well in other ways.

You can shake and vape this - but if you put it in a closet for a couple weeks or so... you will enjoy it even more.

This recipe was inspired by mlNikon's Nog Milk

I made the Nog Milk base and gave some of it to a friend and she asked me to add Strawberry. I was unsure at first, but came across a lot of real world recipes for Strawberry Eggnog smoothie / milkshake. I pulled the CAP/TFA combo from another recipe layer and put this little combo together. While you can shake and vape this, it came together much better after about 10 days. The creams came alive with a little rest.

I built this recipe with layers from Mixin Vixen's Berry Custard Episode #88

Cranberry Cobbler, Wild Berry Cobbler and Sweet Currant
ML Nikon mixed the Cranberry, Wild Berry and Currant in her Berry Cobbler Custard and that got me thinking about making this into a rich holiday tart wrapped around a Cheesecake. I mixed this as a V1 without the currant and it was a bit tart... but I think it could be a tad heavy in this version and will likely drop it to 1% on the v3 mix. I have also been playing with a touch of FLV White Chocolate in my cheesecakes and think this recipe could benefit from a touch of that as a binding agent to smooth out the berry and accent the cheesecake.

Pastry Dough
Along with the cobblers makes the bakery/crust note in this and is spot on to how I wanted it to feel on the mouth and the richness of that crumb topping and bits of soft gooey cobbler funk that I love so much.

Pudding, Ice Cream, Cheesecake - WOW... this was a winner and works really well to soften the berry and add that thick mouth feel and rich creamy after note. The LB imparts some butter and almost a thick rich cream to add to the cheesecake.

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This is easily one of the best donut recipes I have mixed. As a maple fanatic, it is on point after a long steep. I am finishing a bottle mixed 90 days ago and the recipe just gets richer with time. Will be mixing this regularly. Thanks!
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This is a really delicious recipe. Mixed this up the other day and it is one of the smoothest banana creams I have mixed. Really great texture. I think the White Chocolate is a nice touch. Will vape this through the steep and definitely want to make more.
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This is one of (if not the best) recipes I have ever mixed. Definitely for banana - this is top of the line. First it has none of that under-ripe banana runts flavor that normally comes with a banana vape. This is my first time using Banana Custard (won't be the last). Next was the best surprise, the bakery. This bakery note is spot on fried banana bread - super clean and very prominent in the flavor. The maple syrup finish with a touch of cinnamon is divine. Seriously one of the best Developed recipes to date. Mix this - you will not regret it.
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Great cookie vape... I mixed this at 70/30 3mg - first week it was more cream filling from a golden oreo... then week 2 some bakery started to come out, week 3 (I forgot to test it) and week 4... it ROCKED! Very nice cookie and cream vape, rich vanilla note and I am picking up a faint hint of lemon... could be me, but it almost has that lemon butter cookie note, the ones that are like blonde oreo's but with a touch of lemon. It does not matter really - it is just lovely. You get a nice cookie inhale with creamy vanilla on the exhale followed by that very faint hint of acid. It is just amazing. New fav recipe to make on the regular.
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So good. I mixed this up Thursday and vaped on Sunday. Love the way the banana and peanut butter play off each other. The bakery note is spot on and its already a nice, clean smooth vape. I am willing to bet a couple more days and it will be even smoother. This was a winner Wayne!
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This recipe deserves every five-star review below - figured one more cannot hurt. This is so delicious, perfect blend of cream and strawberry. I also added about a half a percent of SS. But I always do. Steeped 5 days and cannot put it down.
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This is an absolutely amazing mix of these ingredients. Coming from someone who has mixed every donut on ATF and even made up many of my own, this is a cinnamon donut, cookie, churro that is spot on to what I like in a vape. Cinnamon and sugar on the lips with a heavy fried donut on the exhale. The cookie adds a ton of mouth feel to this recipe. It takes that dryness you get on most donuts out of the picture and the yellow cake / cake batter and zeppola combination is a winner for the interior and shell of the donut. Warning - if you do not like cinnamon vapes... move on. It does have a perfect coating of cinnamon for me. I really like it. Thanks! This will be a staple in my recipe box for sure.
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Best use of CAP VC ever... I just found this recipe about 4 weeks ago and let it steep - love this. One of the top three custard recipes ever... so good
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I am a custard fiend... but this takes the top spot in my rotation - the use of Cereal 27 in here is genius as a bakery/crust note with the CA Premium and VBIC working to give that rich creamy base. I swear I am even getting hints of marshmallow in here too = its just a lovely recipe and one I will be making a whole lot more of... 5 stars all the way!
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It took me a while to get my hands on the VT Carrot Cake, but I am really glad I did. This recipe is spot on to those packs of carrot cakes you would get wrapped in plastic with the white cream cheese icing on top. My profile is desserts and bakeries and this recipe works on many levels. I did a ten day steep on this and found it really comes in at that 10 day mark. The carrot was very present at first and the cream icing was not as rich and thick as it is now. On the inhale I get a thick, creamy, sugary icing followed by a carrot cake undertone in the exhale. Really lovely = thanks!
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This is just absolutely divine. In some ways this comes off like an RY4 without the tobacco... over a bed of ice cream. I think that is coming from the Lucky Shot - which is one of my favorite ingredients to use solo or in a recipe. The more I use that flavor, the more I fall in love with how useful it is... this is a great example of how it can richen and make a recipe pop. This is robust with flavor and mouth feel, buttery, creamy, caramel for days...
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This is a stellar recipe. I have to admit I was skeptical... but the combination of donut and coffee works perfectly here. The coffee base is outstanding and is complimented by the bakery. The typical darker notes that go with coffee are softened by the donut and that roasted nutty note becomes an enhancer to the donut. Great work - this will be one of my regular mixes from now on.
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This has just the most amazing crust / bakery note ... super smooth and silky buttery pie. I let this steep a good 10+ days and it just came out lovely. Great recipe.
User: Grfxman Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
I had to get the Coffee base from the other side of the pond. Was glad I did - this is superb! It tastes as close to a real espresso as I have come across. The well balanced with the sweet smooth cream. I used to get a double shot Mocha at my local coffee shop with a shot of heavy cream. This is right up that alley. I am vaping today at 8 days steeped. I think this could possibly get even better with another week or two ... will report back. If you have these flavors... mix it. It is a banger!
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I mixed this up late Friday night after the show and off the shake was super impressed. Very nice Blueberry (combining HS and FLV is a learned experience) will definitely use that again. Is a very pleasant creamy, berry vape - the blueberry is rich and dark without being earthy or to candy in nature. I think with a few days steep, this will get even better.
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Everyone said what I wanted to say below... this is a winner winner chicken dinner banger of a vape. The very best chocolate recipe ever! I have mixed so many bottles of this, it is my absolute favorite pairing with a cup of coffee or cappuccino. It is perfectly balanced and all the typical notes you get with a chocolate vape are not present in this mix. You just get a thick dark rich creamy chocolate cream. Happy to give this 5 stars!
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Been waiting a long time to get my hands on FA Milk. This was one of the recipes I had sitting waiting for the Chef's order to arrive. Glad I picked that ingredient up. This mix is just a pleasure to vape and it showcases FA milk brilliantly. This is one of those mixes that changes as you vape it. I never taste gingerbread (which is pretty amazing), and I would swear there are more fruits in here than what ingredients are listed. The experience is like other lemon based cereal vapes, but way more complex. On the inhale you get a sweet creamy milkiness, followed quickly by the lemon and then deep in the exhale you are left with the biscuit bent into the most delicious cereal - likely aided by the gingerbread. Great recipe! This Sam is not sad to have found it...
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Sometimes you can just look at a recipe and know it is going to be good. This is one of those ... was nice at the 14 day steep, but it is even better at the 30 day mark - just gets deeper and richer and thicker. This is a great vanilla / cake / mild ADV flavor you can rock all the time. The yellow cake and sugar cookie do the heavy lifting here and provide a soft cake layer backed by that vanilla cream pudding coming from a great layer of FA CP and FLV pudding. Easily one of the best pudding vapes I have mixed. Will be making this on the regular.
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Never tried the Pony version - but Rudolph has it going on! Love this recipe. The Strawberry and Pineapple is very balanced (IMHO) and layered really well with the custard and marshmallow to smooth it out. Nice fruit ADV for someone who is looking for a warm weather vape - this is the ticket!
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This is a great recipe, but it is more of a gingersnap cream pie. A really great gingersnap cream pie. The ginger is very mild after a 10 day steep, the pie and cream notes are spot on - this recipe is very well balanced and dreamy to vape. Still searching for a true oatmeal vape...
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Found this recipe looking for Praline & Cream recipes and am just blown away by this. So luscious and rich, perfectly sweet and great mouth feel, my kind of vape! Nicely done...
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Watched this weeks noted and then mixed this up. Emily, I am on the maple butter cream train hardcore! This recipe rocks. Cannot wait to see how it steeps in - only regret was not making more.
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