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Testet MTL, Titan TC210* 0.29mm 7loops, with Ammit Amit MTL RDA and Aromamizer Lite 1.5.

  1. I can taste Peanuts and Pistachios with a hint of Sesam , so it was simply Peanut butter DX TFA, Pistachio FA , Sesam INW.

2.At first I can’t taste any tobacco, so I decided to start with Oriental from FLV. But I figured out at the tests with the original that it has to be RY4 Double( it works realy great with DX Peanut Butter)!

3.There is a fruity note in it, I think it’s Apple.
The only apple I have is Fuji FA and it works.

Already realy close to the original, now i wait a few days more to see where it goes.

Edit: in the V2 I missed something it has to be fuller and darker, Pistachio FA came with my last order, and it’s perfekt in this case!


It’s a fruity Cereal Bar with a hint of cream,
the Fuits are ForrestFruits, so I decided to put in Boysonberry(CBV) at 0.5% for the Rasp/Blackberry’s
and Shisha Strawberry.
In case you got no CBV BB, replace it with FLV.

It get its cereal crunch from the HornedToffe and the AP.

Till now it only misses the Chocolate....


User: Gomjabar Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Didn´t tastes like an Cola to me, but its great balanced and realy authentic. In my opinion it tastes like an Turkish bublegumm named "Falim". and it took me back to my childhood when I tried this chewing gum for the first time! Thx for sharing these Recipe.
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