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Description: A.K.A Goldfish18 on Reddit. I've been in the DIY game since 8/20/15 and I originally got into this hobby to save money. Over the past year I've become a flavor fiend and I believe I have close to 200 flavors now. The first six months of me mixing consisted of making way too many different recipes and in the past six months I've been getting better about sticking to fewer recipes at a time in order to perfect them then move on to the next. Feel free to send me a private chat anytime!
Interests: Bakeries, Custards, and Creams are my go to. Slowly but surely getting into fruit only recipes.
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An attempt to make a remix of GG's Vlog Day profile without ever having tried it. So since I haven't tried the actual recipe I'm remixing, I wanted to keep things simple and succinct. Thanks to ID10-T for the 2/2/2 macaron base.

The macaron base I used was something @ID10-T introduced in his Mango Blossom Macaron recipe (check it out, it's yummy). I really enjoyed that recipe and in the spirit of #remixmonth, I figured I'd tweak it into a lemon macaron which is the profile of GG's Vlog Day.

Dave's base is a 2%/2%/2% mix of CAP Sugar Cookie, FA Meringue, and FA Almond. Now, that is a fantastic base for a straight to the point macaron so I did not want to stray too far from it. FA Almond was left at 2% to give us that perfectly clean almond flavor. FA Meringue was also left at 2%. This is just the perfect ingredient for a macaron recipe. It's light, sweet, and airy while also bringing along the egg white taste we need. CAP Sugar Cookie is pretty self explanatory and contributes it's sweetness along with just enough texture to fill out our base. I bumped the CAP Sugar Cookie up by 0.25% just to help sort of tame the lemon combo we have going on. You might not think 0.25% will do much of a difference, but I found that little adjustment to help a lot.

FLV Cream is just a perfect neutral cream for a macaron cream filling without turning this into a lemon cookies and cream recipe. This flavor allows itself to be present while still allowing complexities and other layers to do their thing. It's the Switzerland of creams. I did play around with replacing FLV Cream with LA Cream Cheese Icing (@ 1.5%) and while it was still tasty, CCI blended things together too much for me. It gave the recipe more of an almond lemon cookie with sweet frosting feel

FE Lemon and FA Lemon Sicily are great "toppings" for this base. FE Lemon by far holds up to a steep much better than FA Lemon Sicily so that is why I used it here at 2%. It's sweet and kind of candy like, but fits very well into bakery recipes while not dying with a steep. FA Lemon Sicily does not hold up to a steep as well, but I think it tastes just a little better than FE Lemon. That being said, I wanted just a little bit of sharp tartness to round out my lemon layer and 0.3% Lemon Sicily does exactly that. If you do not have FE Lemon, FA Lemon Sicily at 2.5% can be an okay substitution but will not hold up to a longer steep as well as FE Lemon.

I would definitely let this recipe cure for at least 5-7 days to allow everything to come together. Also, don't forget to check out ID10-T's Mango Blossom Macaron recipe!


This simple recipe is a fantastically sweet, juicy, and bright blueberry with lighter peach notes to satisfy your summer vape craving. This recipe was created with some inspiration from @kriswk.

HS Blueberry: This is slowly becoming one of my favorite blueberry flavors. Go ahead and get yourself a 30mL bottle of this flavor if you enjoy blueberry flavors. It is sweet and candy like and almost tastes blue. Sort of has this blue raspberry taste that makes it just wonderful. Seriously, smell this concentrate and tell me it doesn't remind you of blue raspberry. If you are trying to create a blue raspberry profile, this would be a great base to build around.

FW Blueberry: Still my favorite blueberry out. This, to me, tastes like a blueberry filling that doesn't have a lot of dark berry or musky flavor that I don't care for. While this flavor is great, I haven't had the best experience when using it by itself as the main blueberry flavor in a recipe. So in this case, it just helps push the blue, sweet, and slightly tart flavor of HS Blueberry.

FA Pear: I used this just help with sweetness and giving the overall profile a bit more juiciness. I also think FA Pear helps tame that almost sweaty sock flavor you can get from peach flavors.

FA White Peach and INW Peach: Like I said, I often get sweaty sock flavor from peaches, but these two are the flavors I get the least sock flavor from when kept at low percentages. INW Peach can taste like peach rings at 2-3% and I didn't want that in this recipe. I wanted more of a syrupy sweet peach to accent the over all profile so I found 0.5% INW Peach to do exactly that. I'm not sure what a white peach tastes like, but to me the FA White Peach is just here to lighten up and fill out the peach portion of this recipe to create a win win light peach combo that fits well with the blueberry combo.

CAP Super Sweet: This is definitely optional (about 1 drop per 30mL or 2 drops/30mL for other sweeteners) since HS Blueberry and FA Pear are both pretty sweet on their own, but I feel this adds just enough sweetness to make everything a little more bold.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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A refreshingly simple take on a classic Strawberry and Pear liquid. The pair of Pears are beautifully subtle, sweet, and have just the right amount of complexity that combine perfectly with the ripe Strawberry sweetness. You get an amazing combo of Pear up front that's reinforced by sweet Strawberry goodness. Basic. Just how I like my women.

TFA and FA Pear: TFA's version, to me, is earthy, almost gritty, and slightly sweet. While TFA Pear is a decent Pear on it's own, I feel that it lacks a few things that I look for in a Pear. This is where FA's version comes in. FA Pear gives us this juicy, refreshing, crisp, and lingering sweetness that combines with the TFA Pear to create a more complete Pear profile. This 3.5:1 ratio of FA to TFA is my go to when it comes to Pear.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: The king of Strawberries. I chose to use this flavor at 4.5% because I wanted my Strawberry to be present, but sit a bit more on the back end while lending loads of sweetness and that "pink" flavor. Now, I know this flavor isn't the most realistic Strawberry, but what we want here is a versatile Strawberry that will allow the Pear to be the main star while still having that sugary, complex, and slightly creamy Strawberry taste. It also helps that this flavor has a good amount of maltol that will give us sweetness since this is a shake and vape recipe contest. There was really no other choice here in terms of Strawberry.

I hope you enjoy my simple take on this classic combination of fruits. Thank you for holding this contest and y'all are fuckin dope!


From phase three of the 2016 World Mixer's Competition.

This is a bare bones attempt at creating a decadent creme brulee spritzed with fresh squeezed orange and garnished with orange slices. Your palate will crave the actual dessert when you get notes of rich custard, burnt sugar/caramel, and a spritz of orange.

INW Creme Brulee: This ingredient is quite magical. You get a hint of vanilla, a rich custard taste that is sweet, but not overly sweet while also getting this amazing burnt sugar/caramel on top. Typically, I'd keep this ingredient in the 1-2% range in a custard recipe to create some complexity, richness, and to add to the overall custard vibe. It definitely plays well with custards since creme brulee is essentially a custard itself. I wanted this flavor to shine through the CAP Vanilla Custard to distinguish itself from a basic custard so I used it at 3%. Creme Brulee is one of those ingredients that grows on you and keeps you coming back for more due to its complexity and the fact that you can get the sweet custard, rich egginess, and burnt sugar tastes at different levels throughout the vape.

CAP Vanilla Custard V1: This bad boy bullies me into adding it in almost all my recipes for damn good reasons. It's thick, has a great vanilla, and can mesh with nearly anything as long as you know how to use it. At 3.5% I use it as more than just an ingredient to give body to a recipe. It's here to to carry INW Creme Brulee to victory on its highly praised foundation. I needed a bit more of a custard base to complete the creme brulee vibe.

FW Blood Orange: Now, this is the difficult part of the recipe. However, taking a big risk can lead to a great reward. On the other hand, the risk you take can ultimately lead to failure. I needed an orange to take this recipe from "meh just another custard" to "damn this is an original idea that can be built upon and taken to new levels". I wanted the orange to be present, but not to take over the entire profile. This ingredient is extremely difficult to fine tune and dances on the line of taking over and being an accent to others. My selection of FW Blood Orange at 2% adds just enough orange to freshen this recipe up and take it to another level. This flavor is almost a quintessential representation of an actual orange in vape form. It has that sweet, fresh, and juiciness that one would expect from an orange along with this ever so slight rind taste. To me, 2% of this flavor in my recipe portrays what you would get if you blended in the juices of a fresh squeezed orange along with the custard ingredients used in creme brulee. The slight rind taste really reminded me of a dessert garnished with orange slices.


Here it is folks. Vape it. Love it. Inhale my juice. This was the recipe I submitted for the inaugural DIYorDIE mixer's competition. Mix it up, let it sit for a few days and let me know what you guys think. If you're one of the unfortunate people that gets a pepper taste from TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, I'm sure you could substitute for CAP's version. However, the TFA VBIC at a low percentage really blends in well with everything else and lends a buttery hand to the Vanilla Custard and Butter Cream. Try my version first then if needed, substitute TFA VBIC for CAP's version. Full notes on reddit

and here's the link to my other recipes in the contest


I know, I know another cookies and cream recipe, but damn this shit is tasty. The sugar cookie, cookie, and biscuit create an amazing cookie base. The remaining ingredients create this fantastic vanilla, creamy, buttery almost frosting like texture that coats your mouth. If you like your cookie to have some cinnamon in it, add no more than a drop of Flavorah Rich Cinnamon per 30mL. I strictly make this recipe 60mL at a time and I only add one drop of rich cinnamon to that so if you can somehow get half a drop in a 30mL, go for it. If not, it will be just fine without the Rich Cinnamon. Steep time: after 1 week it's pretty much good to go. If you can let this sit for more than a week, you'll love it even more. Enjoy, Compadres!


This is my entry for the cannoli contest for DIYorDIE. Before this contest I've never tried a real cannoli, but after having about 10 in the past two weeks, this is my best attempt at nailing the profile. Straight up cannoli. No lemon or chocolate just pastry and filling. Thanks for making me gain a few pounds, Wayne!

This was only able to steep for a week, but even with just a week steep it's good. I feel that letting it steep longer than a week will definitely benefit this recipe.

Delicious fruity guava with a dark berry and slight watermelon sweetness. This is my first time using sweet guava and at this percentage it almost has a bubblegum taste to it.


Super simple vanilla custard. FLV Coconut is not mandatory.

No Description.
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Absolutely the best cereal recipe I've ever tasted. The fruits used are spot on fruity pebbles and the sweet milk flavor you get from the vienna cream, meringue, and cream cheese icing is magical. Great job!
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a great and very very simple recipe that any beginner should mix if they enjoy cereal liquids. I know it may look boring, but it absolutely captures an easy cereal profile like Skiddlz intended. I prefer this recipe over the fruit loops recipe.
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I'm not really a fruit recipe kind of guy, though I have been venturing into more fruit profiles lately, but I really enjoy this recipe. It's extremely simple and I think that's my favorite thing about it. I was a bit hesitant using so much dragonfruit, but the way it plays with the bavarian cream and vanilla swirl to give you this fruity creamy combo is amazing! A simple yet delicious and very well balanced recipe. Great job!
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is some good stuff! I love the fact that you were able to adapt my recipe into your own. You did an amazing job of adjusting certain flavors in Apple Buttah to allow this recipe to taste like a cookie that has apple butter mixed into the dough rather than a cookie with apple flavoring drizzled on top, if that makes sense. It's very buttery and soft just like advertised and the fuji plays well with the cookie element. There's just something about CAP Sugar Cookie that when added to bakery or dessert recipes just makes them that much better. Great job! Things I plan on trying with this recipe: increasing fuji since I really enjoy it and adding another cookie flavoring to see if I can get a bit more of a crunchy cookie taste. All in all, this is a fantastic recipe and I will be keeping this in rotation!
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I fucking love the strawberry combo in this recipe. Absolutely the right choice on that. They both pair very nicely with the flv frosting to create this slightly tart, sweet, and artificial strawberry frosting that you'd imagine a cake pop having. However, while I do enjoy the Fa Pandoro in this and I think it works really well, I would personally add just a bit of CAP VCV1 for more thickness since I'm almost positive FA flavors are DAAP free. Overall, I think you did a wonderful job on this recipe and it sure is very tasty. Bravo!
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This is absoolutely fantastic. This stuff just lingers oon my tastes buds in the best kind oof way. Yoour 2/2/2 base coouldn't be any moore perfect. The mangoo and hooneysuckle are a fantastic coouple that doo noot distract, but rather marry with the base oof this recipe perfectly. FLV Mangoo is an amazing flavoor and yoou foound anoother great use for it. The cream filling really dooes coome oout much better after the recoommended steep time. Bravoo!
User: Goldfish18 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This recipe is wonderful! It is a little light on flavor, but I really have nothing negative to say because it hits the spot and really reminds me of the actual snow cone flavor. When you think of tigers blood you think of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut. However, Jyroe took the flavor to another level by adding golden pineapple. That was a great move and makes everything just that much more syrupy sweet. It's all balanced really well and I get absolutely no suntan lotion taste from the coconuts used. 5/5 would vape again.
User: Goldfish18 Score: 1 Entered: 4 months ago
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