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Description: I've been mixing for under a year now. I can't bring myself to buy commercial juice anymore! Waste of $! I'm in a constant ongoing search for the perfect strawberries and cream. ( haven't found it yet!) I love this community.
Location: Vallejo, CA. USA

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Warm, ooey-gooey, deep fried donut goodness! You can actually taste the grease saturated fried batter in this. If it's just too many calories for you go ahead and reduce FLV donut + FLV fried dough by .05-.1. This one makes me want to lick my fingers though it's realistic as all..😁🔵

Smooth, creamy, straight up chocolate milk.

--5 drops (FA) MTS Vape Wizard--

NOT a very good shake n vape as most chocolate based recipes need at least 3 days to sweeten up and meld a bit so trust that it will get better!!

Note I had to substitute VBIC with TPA Vanilla Bean Gelato and it came out fantastic. I know some folks do not care for VBIC.

Delicious chocolate milkshake with a dab of whipped cream!

A decadent butterscotch caramel cream custard. A nice thick, sweet, rich and creamy dessert vape. The longer it steeps the better it gets! Steep at LEAST for 1 week. It does taste good as a shake and vape, but the layers really open up the longer you wait.


The original description of this disappeared! This is a rich, full bodied take on Wayne's (DIYorDIE) Chocolate Shake that adds some extra richness, and a silky mouth feel.

75/25 .....7 day steep

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