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This is my first ever DIY mix, i'm quite happy with the result but really would appreciate feedback! it has a very rich cinnamon flavour, with a nice creaminess to it. I personally think the flavour is great as a shake and vape, because I just love cinnamon. For best results though, let steep for a week to really bring out the creamy and cake notes.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl
-This is obviously the main flavour, I first tried this at 4% but it just overpowered everything. I think it does a great job in this particular recipe at 3% as it gives a strong, rich flavour but not too much so that it blocks the creamy and cakey notes from coming through. I honestly love this concentrate and i think its perfect this time of year!

Vanilla Custard + Marshmallow
-the vanilla custard provides the recipe with a nice buttery note on the exhale, that just helps to create the bakery flavour i was going for. The marshmallow helps to add creaminess to the recipe. Had to play around with the percentages quite a bit, i think TFA Vanilla Custard is great at 3% and definitely works better than the CAP Vanilla Custard as its less eggy and more focused around the butter.

Cookie dough + graham cracker clear
Added these to give a little bite to the recipe. they add a nice flavour and texture to the mix, as well as adding to the doughy/cakey flavour i was going for.

cake (yellow)
this was the icing on the cake for me. I really thought that this filled the gap i had been missing in this mix, provided it with a lovely full on cake flavour after the steep, and really complimented the Cookie Dough. After a week the Cookie Dough got a little bit weaker, and i couldnt taste it as well, so this definitely made up for that.

thanks for hopefully helping by providing me with some feedback on this recipe! I really enjoy it! Remember this is my first mix so i most definitely will make mistakes, i would love to keep adapting this recipe to create the perfect cinnamon bun!

User: Gnarwolfy Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Love this recipe! doughnut doesn't come out too strong but tastes insane! awesome job.
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