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This fruit smoothie is a blend of apple, mango dragon fruit and yogurt. I used black currant and mango to help the fruits edge out the creaminess that developes after steeping. Give it a try and post some feedback if you feel so inclined.


Simple shake and vape Apple yogurt. Not too creamy not too tart. Green apple puts a little sour note in the mix while Dragon Fruit adds a juice or wet mouth feel. Meringue blends the fruits and balances out the Greek Yogurt. I use this recipe for a quick mix when i don't feel like spending too much time mixing or waiting for juice to steep. Add sweetener if you prefer. This is not entirely original as the concepts are borrowed from the mixing community.

My take on a toaster pastry with a light icing and a mix of black and blueberry drizzle. Think toaster strudel with a more indulgent twist. Vapeable as shake and vape. Yogurts and fruits subside over time. On day three the essence of the flavor profile comes together. Steeping takes this recipe on a journey from a black berry yogurt parfait to a conglomerate of pastry sweetness. The result is what fat kids dream about.
Your feedback is appreciated.

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