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A fantasy mix designed to be reminiscent of a mulled wine that is often described in fantasy books. Instead of a wine base I used Egg Nog from flavorah and its spicy and delightful.

I've always been one of those mixers that believes in keeping your mixes simple. This tastes like a 1-1 match to the candy bar in the picture, its all the taste with none of the weight, great for this holiday season. Hope you enjoy!

This is a really simple and really tasty Watermelon and cream mix. Its perfect right off the shake, and great to vape in between some bakery flavors and other mixes. Its a perfect light melon mix. I hope you enjoy it like i did/do.

This is just one of my simple All Day Vapes for over a year now, I've played with the ingredients and percentages a bunch but this is def the best of all ratios tested.

I wanted to make an awesome mix from the "Awesome Box" that would help me win the competition. I started out with the idea of doing a Strawberry/Whipped Cream topping on a waffle, but one look at all the flavors and that had to change as 90% of the recipes were one way or another that. Then I realized one of my favorite vapes are always the simplest things. So this mix is simply put a Strawberry Vanilla mix. It took me about a month to perfect it, but these percentages are by far the best outcome. Hope you like it! Let me know any suggestions or comments please. Thanks!!


I've been chasing this flavor profile for a while and haven't hit anything i felt was 'it' until now. This is meant to be reminiscent of those blue-razz candies from days of yore, the kinds that tasted of blue razz-berry from my childhood. Anyways, enjoy, create, let me know what you think!

just a quick light melon mix i made after looking at DIYorDIE's honeydewey mix. a good shake and vape if you are in a hurry.

User: FrictionVapes Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
pretty good, a fair sweet vape, exactly what i was looking for, thanks. imo it could use a touch more cantaloupe and honeydew melon. i have tfa cantaloupe so i'm not sure how much different mine would be from op, but still very delicious. Thanks
User: FrictionVapes Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I made this and have only let it steep 7 days and it is fabulous, the banana is just right in my opinion and i can really taste the "milk" in it. I always mix recipes exactly as the author prescribes and i did the same here. In my opinion it is spot on for a banana milk. I can only imagine what it tastes like after a few weeks steep. I think i'll make another 60-90mls of this to let steep for a few weeks and come back with my opinion on it then. Thanks for the great vape!
User: FrictionVapes Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Excellent recipe mixed 60mls (which is a lot for me) right off the bat trusting in the ingredients and percentages seen in this recipe. I am glad i followed directions. It is fantastic. I will def be making up more. I vaped it after about a 9 day steep and it is glorious. Going to def make more and see how it does after a few weeks steep. Thanks again for the great vape!
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sooooo i mixed this, then i realized that you forgot to put marshmallow in the recipe.............. so yeah, that happened.
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I really like this one, i played with the %'s a couple times, but settled on right where you had 'em, its a good mix to have in order to mix things up. I would never have thought of mixing the banana and blueberry together, but magically it goes quite well. thanks again!
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Very good, I let it steep for a week and am now trying it, it is fantastic, if you vaped this without knowing what was in it you'd swear there was a LOT more to it, but literally only 3 ingredients, i find it hard to believe even knowing i mixed it myself. Thanks a ton for sharing!
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This is fantastic! I really enjoy this as a lemon vape, it vapes just as advertised and i let it go for a week. Thanks for sharing!
User: FrictionVapes Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Fantastic, really good mix, i actually bought INW Anton Apples just to mix this up b/c the recipe intrigued me so much and I'm glad i did. I havent tried this as a shake and vape so I cannot speak to that, but using the 7day steep it was fabulous. Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work!
User: FrictionVapes Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a really good mix after a few days steep, as in most mixes (for me at least) with peach in them I need to let it steep a few days for the peach to mellow out, but once that's done it is phenomenal, this is going to be one of my ADV's. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work.
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