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I should have listened to Max Savage and just replaced the raspberry to SSA in their original version. This is vapeable and gets better after a couple of days. I like the raspberry but I'd like the white chocolate to be upfront. This did give me some inspiration. I will rework this with regular chocolate for that gas station chocolate jelly ring mix.

Really good Raspberry Lemonade considering it is only 2 ingredients. I think new mixers would really enjoy this. This mix does have a lot of throat hit. That's why I use EM here. I do shake and vape this but it is does have a floral note off the shake. Disappears after a couple days.

Any pistachio ice cream fans that don't have INW Green Joy, pick it up. This is the best pistachio flavor without question. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla has just about replaced LB for me. Give this mix a try. You can thank me later. Best after a week .

This is not a SNV. This mix needs 5 days at a minimum. I know many will look at this and say WTF, 5% Cap vanilla whipped cream. Yes, once the weird off notes leave, it's delicious. I once heard Fresh03 say he vapes it at 8% with a 2 week steep it was really good. I tested it and he wasn't wrong. Shape up pear is one of my favorites. This is a variation of my ADV. If you like pear I think you will enjoy.

This is a pistachio ice cream. Totally the artificial style like Carvel pistachio ice cream or the pistachio flavored puddings from the super market. I wasn't looking for authenticity. Green Joy is the star in this. The best pistachio flavor I have ever tried. The TPA is great too and here for support. The ice cream combo I stole from iD10t's ice cream trinity.

This is a Butter Pecan Cookie for the Developed Assignment.
Sugar Cookie, Short Bread Cookie and Cookie Butter make up the cookie layer.
Butter Pecan Pie is one of my favorite Butter Pecan flavors and it's purpose is obvious.
I used Crispy Wafer and White Fudge as an attempt to dry out the cookie some for a cooked feel but it didn't really work.
I left them in since to me, the slight cocoa taste and extra sweetness is pleasant. Texture helps as well.
This recipe taste more like Butter Pecan Cookie batter. Probably should have changed the name.
This recipe definitely needs a steep. I think 5 days is good enough for everything to settle. This is a sweet mix, I personally add 0.25% SS but not really needed.
Finger Guns to Developed Crew. You guys are awesome.

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