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There used to be a cereal that turned your milk into a banana milkshake this is my take on it

My cat likes milk.

mango chew sweets, good as a snv better after a steep

With all of these kilberry recipes floating around now I thought I would put my version up:-

Fa yogurt / cap creamy yogurt / fa meringue:
Two of the best yogurts mixed with meringue to give an amazing yogurt base and is my go to base in any yogurt recipe!

Fa kiwi:
Lets face facts its the king of kiwis! And at a low percent like this it doesnt overpower the whole recipe and lets it just blend in with the strawberrys nicely

Fa red touch / inw shisha strawberry:
I cant taste strawberry ripe or sweet strawberry so these two mixed together helps bring the candy strawberry element that we all love in a strawberry mix

Cap super sweet:
I actually used drip hacks ultra sweet but all the flavors doesnt have it, i wanted this mix to be sweet as i have a sweet tooth for juices but if thats not your thing you can lower this if you want

This recipe is amazing and can easily become an adv with in your first try its smooth and creamy from the yogurt but sweet and candy like from the fruits.

Mix it up and let me know what you think

Im still working on this at the moment so this isnt the final mix, its my take on the famous stripple i think this is pretty good so far but still needs some tweaking:-

Ice cream base - lb vic / cap vc / fa meringue / tfa marshmallow:

Lb vanilla ice cream has been a god send after i found it having had problems with cap and tfa vbic since i started mixing this stuff is amazing!! Mixed with vanilla custard just to help mold everything together with the meringue for sweetness and the marshmallow for texture its a pretty solid ice cream stone

Stripple part - inw shisha strawb / jf strawberry sweet / fa blackcurrent / inw raspberry:

Shisha strawberry and jf strawberry sweet are the best strawberry combination and provide a sweet syrupy taste that you would find in a strawberry sauce mixed with fa blackcurrent just to make it pop a little bit more and only 0.6% of inw raspberry so that it doesnt over power the whole mix

And biscuit because everyone needs a cone with the ice cream


This is the ice cream flavour i have been looking for the way the floral notes of the boysenberry bounces off the strawberry is something to put a smile on your face!

Ice cream base
The mixture of vbic/marshmallow/meringue/custard is something i have been looking for! I used to just use high percentages of vbic and it was always harsh on inhale and never really had the taste that i want in an ice cream the marshmallow helps thicken it up and helps mellow everything out

Fruit mix
I have always had a problem with tpa boysenberry (bought it by mistake thinking it was the same as flv boysenberry, wrong!!) it has always overpowered everything so i decided to reduce everything down and its amazing especially when it plays off the earthy tones of the shisha strawberry really helps it along

I have tried this as a shake and vape and its so good but i think its really going to come to life after a good steep for a week or so

Its a borbon biscuit goes well with a coffee :) good as a shake and vape but really settles in after 3 days:-

Inw milk chocolate / cap super sweet:
The main flavour of a borbon biscuit is chocolate and this combination really seems to hit the spot of the chocolatey flavour you get when you bite into a borbon

Inw biscuit/ Cap sugar cookie:
Best biscuit blend the inw biscuit can sometimes be a little bit too much so the sugar cookie really brings that down and gives you a really crunchy texture to the flavour amazing!

Fa cream fresh/ tfa bavarian cream / cap vanilla custard:
In the middle of the biscuit lies the chocolatey creamy icing goodness and this combonation is just light enough to mimick this

As you can probably tell im not great at flavour notes but there you go this is still a work in progress but its pretty good so far a little tweaking and its going to be perfect but try it out and hopefully you like it!

User: FluffyMarshmallow Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Amazing gave it a 7 day steep and imalready mixing more to be ready for next week had to use fw crunchy fruit cereal instead because couldnt get fruity flakes and its amazing i cant stop vaping it
User: FluffyMarshmallow Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I dont know how you came to these percentages but i managed to mix it up to the gram and im glad i did this is amazing straight off the shake. Well done to you!!
User: FluffyMarshmallow Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is amazing i havent put it down since i made it and ive nearly finished that off after a week which is quick for me! Its creamy, lemony but not too lemony, its smooth and thick simply amazing
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