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Zebra Stripe gum plain and simple. Very authentic profile aside from the fact it doesn't lose flavor in around 20 seconds like the gum.


Tailored for those with a major sweet tooth and willing to take a walk on the darkside. Caramel and butterscotch meld with the buttercream and torrone to form a warm gooey center. The joy provides a sweet sprinkled sugar coating similar to a funnel cake and combines with the cream base to replicate a fresh baked cookie.


This is my take on a commercial strawberry milk nothing too sophisticated or complex. Sweet enough but not overly sweet, it can also be mixed without any sweetner simply up the FA meringue to around 0.60. The flavor percentage is a little higher than my usual recipes, but intentionally so as my goal was mimicking a mainstream juice. A few quick flavor notes-Vanilla Custard: It's 2am and the strawberries are lonely and looking for something to cling too. CAP VC at 1.5% fits the bill perfectly without turning it into a custard vape. Bavarian Cream and sweet cream tag team to boost the dairy component along with a little marshmallow. Fa Caramel/Fa torrone- These two are bit players in this recipe making cameo appearances only. I like my caramel on the sharp side and FA cuts like a knife, Torrone provides a mysterious nutty goodness and provides a oohey gooey texture to any recipe. Strawberry Sweet- This provides that over the top artificial strawberry we all know and love but fades over time, this is where strawberry ripe steps in and helps boost the flavor slightly. FA Meringue- this simply adds a little sweetness to the mix along with CAP super sweet...enjoy.

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