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FIRST NOTE @queuetue has now added Purilium. Purilium Condensed Milk. It is a fantastic addition to any cream/milk/dairy mixers collection. Buy that stuff.

Not too many notes

The melon combo with Cactus and Honeysuckle is a direct adaption of my Honey Sucker recipe but playing around with JF Honeydew. I changed the strawberries up a bit in hopes that I could taste them more. But alas, it is a sweet hint of pinkish berry for me. Which is nice.... Thanks to @thadentman beta testing this I know that the combo works for "normal strawberry tasters."

The combo of Purilium Condensed Milk with Shisha Vanilla is a delicious take on a heavy dairy on the front milkish cream. Accentuated by my undying love for Shisha Vanilla.

Capella Super Sweet, the recipe needed a bit of kick in the sweetness department. The balance on it is great and I did not want to add extra EM with TFA Sweetener. Actually I tried it and it lost a good bit (to me) in the complexity department.

The profile is supposed to be akin to a bubble tea, without the roach eggs. No one thing is supposed to take main stage on this one. Just a balanced melony, fruity, milky creamy vape.


A nice desert tobacco vape, tobacco is more prevalent in this than the normal desert tobacco. I started this recipe years ago using NETs for the tobacco but here it is now in it's 100% artificial glorious-ness.

Not much to notate on flavor usage here other than FLV Red Burley and FLV Cured Tobacco being two of the nicest artificial tobacco flavorings ever created!!!

FW BS, CAP FV and TFA Marsh providing a different slant on the typical caramel and vanilla RY4 base.

Good as a shake and vape, good as a mid steeper, good as a long steeper. Enjoy!


The goal here was to do something a bit different with Liquid Barn's wonderful Belgian Waffle. Which is a great waffle flavor, but not a Pretentious Pancake AKA Belgian Waffle.

Summer is coming and here in the Hillcountry of Texas there will be Tarts and Pies galore.

LB BW and CAP Sugar Cookie form the base for the thicker tart shell, the ones that are halfway between pie crust and cookie or dense cake.

FW Butterscotch Ripple/TPA Whipped Cream and FA Meringue makes the thin layer of cream/custard/pudding under the fruits.

Apricot Fuji and Forest fruit makes the nice blend of fruits on top. Balanced for the main notes to be berries with Apricot peaking through, a hint of apple but mainly there for depth, sweet and flesh.

I used Butterscotch Ripple in this to mask some of the notes in LB Waffle but they still poke through here and there, in a nice way ;)

IMO Fantastic as a Shake n Vape but really starts to shine around 7 days. Enjoy!


So yeah, this is a low effort recipe of mine from YEARS ago or so. FAIR WARNING. I am a strawberry either non or "hard to taster" I heard or read someone mention at one time that Dragon Fruit is a perfect partner for Strawberry. This was my tester for that recipe. I have since refined and "complexed" the fuck out of this recipe to no end but also still to this day I mix this very same recipe in a 100mL bottle, chuck it in a drawer and set a steep timer for 21 days for this.

Couple of notes for you here, I was not going for a profile here, it was a test to see what two of the three did together.
This may not be original, it is stupid simple in percentages and flavorings, likely that someone did the same exact same thing at some point.
I am not interested in feedback on this recipe, this profile is a natural progression in most mixer's development at some point or another and at this point only serves to prove out the point that you do not need crazy amount of different flavorings in retarded percentage values to get a very vapable juice in return.

Stupid simple, good, have some if you have the inclination. Or don't. :)


Edit after all this time, they did change Holy Grail RY4, V2 is a good RY4 but lost some of the complexity that made me fall in love with HGRY4 in the first place. It did get a bit creamier but also a bit sweeter. I might at some point release a fix for it, till then RIP HHGRY4 you are already missed, well you will be when the last of this 30 odd ounces of the original is gone ;)

I can keep revising recipes for months if not years as I get bored with a really good profile and do something different with it. Gonna release this one before I change it again. :) I have three favorite "RY4" concentrates. The original from Hangsen holds a special place in my heart, RY4 Double from TFA does as well but it tends to be on the harsh side for me. Lastly, Holy Grail RY4 from DIYFS is near to perfect for me but suffers from what all RY4s do, (in my opinion)... NOT ENOUGH TOBACCO

A simple, delectable desert tobacco.

Holy Grail RY4, one of my absolute favorite RY4s, heavy on the warm creamy caramel, heavy on the vanilla. used a bit heavy here to get the "warm creamy caramel" to the front.
FLV Red Burley, I absolutely love this concentrate. It is one of the handful of tobacco concentrates that are not NETs that I feel truly compares to a single varietal test to the actual tobacco it is named after. This is an odd concentrate, it comes in STRONG and true as a shake and vape, then dies off over a week, coming back in week two of the steep, less strong but way more nuance.
FLV Kentucky Blend, this is a really good analog cigarette concentrate, used a bit low here for a very slight smoky ash without having to use a TA. This can be left out completely but I feel it adds a nice note.

The pairing of the two FLV tobaccos here is to amplify and authenticate the little bit of tobacco that Holy Grail has. If I am going to long steep a bottle of this >3 weeks I bump the FLV Tobaccos up to double what they are here. Not that they fade away but at double what they are they maintain a stronger presence outside of the 3 week steep.

This is a really good shake and vape (by my definition, at least let it sit over night after vigorous shaking), it does change significantly over the next 14 days hitting it's peak of meld and nuance at that point. If you are a desert tobacco lover give this one a shot in a larger mix to experience the change in profile and nuance. I listed 60 vg as ideal as I feel tobaccos benefit from a bit higher PG, but it is also really good at my max VG percentage of 70. This is really good in any flavor atty/tank, different coil types and airflow will accentuate different aspects of the profile immensely.


I am an older guy. When I was a kid there were drugstores and candy stores that made some old time candies in house. They were pretty much on the way out by the time I was a teenager, I am not that old :) Anyways, there is an old time southern candy made with gelatin similar to a gummy, it is a lemon gummy cube with vanilla in it. I haven't had them since I was a teenager. There was a juice line around for a short time called Redneck Juice Company. They had a juice called Lightning Bug, supposed to be like the lightning bug jelly candies, but with vanilla. Anyways, what is here is basically a remix of that juice with a lot less Sucralose and a more balanced lighter feel to get it to the older style treat. I had this one in EJMU and had not mixed it in over a year, I had the flavoring written down wrong and tried it again with TFA Gummy instead of TFA Swedish, which was a HUGE mistake. I feel Capella works better here than TFA Swedish or FLV Candy Roll.

CAP Jelly Candy, pretty much self explanatory

LA Lemonade, this is my go to Lemonade flavor, I really like crappy Country Time powdered lemonade mix :) It adds the candy lemon note without being too tart, as well as adding a good bit of sweetness.

INW Shisha Vanilla, this is a really good vanilla to use when you need the three things it does very well. Crisp clean sweet vanilla with a slight cream note.

CAP VC1, this low just adds a decent mouth-feel and thickens up the Shisha and Jelly Candy notes.

CAP Super Sweet, this low is basically a drop per 10mL, it is noticeable and needed, you can sub sweetener of choice, but SS is magical when used just right.


You can shake and vape, I truly feel it needs 5 to 7 days to fully come together.


Opinions and Assholes, everybody has one, and Strawberry Creams, some would say that no matter what, they all stink ;)

Shisha Strawberry, A good strawberry that only needs a little help.
Shisha Vanilla, one of the best, used here for it's sweet creamy characteristics, and of course, vanilla.
OOO Cream, Milky Undertones, if there ever was a reason to order that one flavor directly from a vendor... This pretty much defines that need, one of the best, if not the best "Milk" creams. You are seriously missing out if you do not have this in your arsenal. Both versions of this are good and exactly the same except for the carrier. I find the PG to mix faster and be quicker on the steep. I am also not sensitive to PG.
Vienna Cream, seriously, how the hell do you do a cream without FA VC... :) (Yes, you can, using it here for that crisp creme note.)
FA Strawberry, part of the HELP that Shisha Strawberry needs ;)
TPA Dragonfruit, the other part of the HELP that Shisha needs.
FA Marshmallow, just a hint of that light fluffy powdered sugar goodness.

Sweetener, I do not have any listed, I enjoy it with and without, but when I do it is CAP Super Sweet one or two drops per 10ML

You can shake and vape this, but really needs 5 to 7 days for the cream to come in.


So, the basic profile is honeydew/pear with a touch of strawberry. I felt it needed some additions.

I added the honeysuckle, I am not sure why really. I was vaping it and thought damn man, honeysuckle would be perfect here.... So, there it is. At 2% it is there enough to shine through and even complement the other flavors in the profile. Earthy Sweet and slightly floral, but not overbearingly at this percentage.

I added the honeysuckle, I am not sure why really. I was vaping an iteration of this and thought damn man, honeysuckle would be perfect here.... So, there it is. At 2% it is there enough to shine through and even complement the other flavors in the profile. Earthy Sweet and slightly floral, but not overbearingly floral or earthy at this percentage.

Pear, I am using TPA here, mostly because I have a lot of it :) There are other pears, better pears, less overpowering, sweeter, etc. This was more of a convenience thing for me. It works, sweetens and does everything it is supposed to while bring a good solid pear note to the mix. A mix of INW Pear and FA Pear would maybe be a little nicer, if there was less going on in this recipe.

Cantaloupe/Honeydew... My longest running favorite melons are TFA Honeydew and LA Watermelon. This was not a place for watermelon. TFA Honeydew needs a little help to flesh it out a little bit, this is where Cantaloupe comes in. I did at one time use TFA Cantaloupe for this but then CAP came along with theirs and it just blows the others out of the water. Anyways, perfect use of it here.

Strawberry, I thought about omitting this one all together and going for a darker berry profile but strawberry just works so well here. I am really liking either CAP Strawberry Sweet or JF Strawberry Sweet these days. Both suffer from muting over a few weeks, both are really sweet, syrupy and "bright" which is where TFA Strawberry comes in, it is a little more artificial tasting, but it can really boost and flesh out a strawberry in the right mix. Also, this may just be me but it seems to me to fix some of the muting that JF and CAP S Sweet as well as TFA Strawbery Ripe suffer from over a longer steep.

INW Cactus, why the hell cactus? WET, that's why, this profile screams mouth full of wet fruit and INW Cactus delivers on that. I have been playing around with the percentage on this also, maybe nice to shine through? Maybe nice to peek through? I kinda like it where it is, not enough to notice CACTUS but enough to be WET.

Sweetener... I try and use as little as possible. To be quite honest I do not put it in every batch. I also sometimes just use CAP Super Sweet in this, at about half or less of the 1% shown.

No secret, I really like FA Yogurt, the V2 is good, the bad stuff V1 is better, using V2 here just for a teeny bit of a "round sour note"

LB Vanilla Ice cream, this has to be the most complete ice cream flavor I have ran across, good on it's own up to 10% to taste, 6 to 10 anyways. Does not need any help, IMO

LB Pink Lemonade 2.5% this adds the citrus effect, a good sub for it would be CAP Pink at the same percentage.

Capella Sweet Mango, I adore this stuff, for a truer Mango you can add others, but this does just fine on it's own as well.

TFA Sweetener - This mix really needs it, I was using just EM in it but felt it really needed the "True Sweet" effect that nothing but Sucralose can give it.

So, what this is...

An interesting Dream Bar, it will change from an Orange Cream Bar to a Mango Cream at different wattages and airflow.


Feel Free to add Koolada to taste for a cold one :)

Edit, if you vape this during the first week the ice cream is not fully developed, the citrus is heavy and separate from the Mango. After a week is when this truly comes together.


This started in part because I really struggle to find a good use for Catalan Cream as it is to me a very odd combination of flavorings.
My initial try at this was CC and 7 leaves which was good but... odd, might be for some just not for me. I really like FA Cuban for a cigar flavoring so I went with that. Later I added FA Hazelnut to give it a nuttier edge. The Torrone was added to give it a sweeter, thicker taste sensation while not killing the nutty aspects. You can leave it out and have a drier less sweet recipe that still works very well. I have also mixed this with either 1% of Vienna or Fresh Cream. Which are both nice but this mix is the one that I keep on hand and always in a mod.

22mm Atties with more air will get more tobacco with the cream and nut notes in the back. Smaller chamber atties will get more of the creamy sweet taste of the CC and Torrone.

This can be SnV but really starts to come together after 3 days, I will also mention that it gets really, really good after 3 weeks. If you are into tobacco vapes. Friends that do not care at all for tobacco vapes love this mix.

User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
As one of those people that have trouble tasting strawberry, and yet love strawberry vapes... This recipe is amazing. I have long been a fan of FA Forest Fruit and love it in most berry vapes. I try everything after a mix and each day there after. This seems to be best from 4 days on, the Raspberry Sweet calms down around day 3 and things start coming fully together around day 4 and beyond. Glad I mixed a 100mL of this
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Really good recipe, definitely needs at least a 5 day steep before trying. Been enjoying this mix for a few days now. Creamy fruity strawberry on the inhale and a meaty, creamy banana on the exhale.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I mentioned in V2 that I hate Chocolate vapes, I do not hate this one, is good. For a better version try his V2.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
i HATE chocolate vapes, HATE.... Is not a strong enough word. I do NOT HATE this. Is Good, mix it.
User: Fear Score: None Entered: about 4 years ago
This does not get enough mentions or enough attention. It is a "dirtier" tobacco vape but really good. It is also not a super in your face overloaded vape. It pairs well with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beer or scotch. A true all day every situation tobacco vape. Well done Mark, WELL DONE.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a really good cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I personally get more of a bottom of the bowl taste from it that whole bowl. Maybe I need to let it steep longer than 24 hours. Fantastic as a shake and vape, mix bigger than 30 approved, and you might even be able to get the full steep test on it :)
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This does not need a long lengthily review you should just mix it. I usually mix 120 of Dents recipes when I try them. They are always at least 120mL worth of good. I have just mixed my third and when it is gone I will have vaped 360mL of this. IT IS GOOD. To me it tastes of sugar cookies and vanilla icecream one minute and Lofthouse Cookies the next. SO DAMN GOOD. Fantastic job on this one! BTW if you do not have Tahitian vanilla on hand just throw in Shisha Vanilla, it is the same good but slightly different. I misplaced my Tahitian bottle on round two of this and it was still banging with INW Shisha Vanilla
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
To start off with, Cavendish is "flavored tobacco" depending on the tobacconist it can be any variation of tobaccos and flavorings but usually a mix of Kentucky, Virginia and Burley that have been treated, pressed then fermented. The flavorings are usually dark fruits, nuts and liquor. So you have a mellow smooth sweet tobacco that is flavored. Which is pretty much what INW Cavendish Type brings to the table. The addition of the caramel and vanilla are a welcome addition to this blend, as is the FA cream fresh I would like to have seen a thicker cream used here to pair with the INW Shisha Vanilla but not a negative by any means. I would like to also mention that vaping this has a distinct "room note" It is a pleasant "someone's grampa is smoking a pipe" kind of room note but does not linger forever. This is very much a "tobacco dominant" recipe, but also one that is accessible to desert tobacco lovers and non tobacco vapers as well. I cannot wait to see how this develops on a longer steep. Excellent recipe!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I have come to a point where I have realized that every mixer out there has a spirit mixer. @ID10-T would have to be mine. I looked at this when he released it for the contest and thought "Exactly how in the F*** have I not put these together just like this before. These are some of my most used concentrate. The combo here highlights some of the stronger points of each concentrate in a way that absolutely amplifies the strong points of the other concentrates in the mix. This is absolutely the "immortal nectar"...
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I had a cake pop over the weekend this last week as the steep timer on this was coming due.. Then I vaped this and holy shit, this is a cake pop. The profile is basic and would seem simple but cake pops are not fresh yummy moist cake. They are made to sit for a week or two until sold. The cake texture while not dry is not overly moist. The icing is not thick and creamy it is more subdued and the flavorings are subtle. None of this is to say the treats are not delicious, they are, they just are not a slice of moist cake with thick creamy icing. Over all a 10/10 on accuracy and a delicious vape. I will be mixing this again, glad I mixed a 100mL for a tester :) I will say that the steep time is definitely needed. I did not drip this before the steep but I did taste it on the back of the hand everyday while steeping and the changes are noticeable.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This is a freakishly good, freakishly accurate recipe. The taste of the liquid, the aroma, and the actual vapor. It is all GOLDEN OREO!!!! Mix this, and while you are at it, either mix large or mix multiple so you dont run out so fast. Fantastic Job man!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
For a super simple mix this is actually pretty good. I give Matty a ton of crap in discord and was fully thinking I was gonna post up a 3 star review on this. Pleasantly surprised. Going to give it a 5 star on flavor and appeal. More like eating a Hot Tamale while chewing big red gum, which is interesting if you are into cinnamon candy. If I were rating the terrible name and recipe description it would be a 2.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Best Soap I have EVER vaped. Serious talk, this is a great recipe. It is simply a really good tigers blood that does not taste like soap, candles or suntan lotion. If Tigers Blood is your thing you will love this recipe.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
After a while in the development of your mixing skills you will gain enough experience with the flavorings you use to be able to look at a recipe and know if you are 100% gonna like it. That is the case with this recipe. So I decided I would give ID10-T a panic attack and mix a 120. Turns out I messed up royally. This is excellent after a steep, I should have mixed up 240mL. Everything here is balanced perfectly. I personally love TFA Honeysuckle, such a good, versatile floral. Kind of the bacon of florals, the gateway floral if you will. Anyways, I love this stuffs! Fantastic Job!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
When I vaped this I mentioned to him that it tasted like I took a bite of my sons ice cream then took a drink of my daughter's cherry limeade. Because I was that kind of Dad and it was before cream slushes. This is a fantastic summer vape, or if you are like me, a fantastic anytime vape.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I have no clue how this turns out on a steep. I mixed a 30 to try it out and vaped the entire thing on the shake to the end of the day. Got home that evening and mixed a 60, that lasted two days. This recipe alone is all the reason you need to order FE Sweet Rice. This mix is spot on Mango Sticky Rice. A fantastic treat for your face hole mouth place thingy. Beautifully balanced and layered to perfection.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is an interesting mix. A grape cigarillo, no really, a GRAPE CIGARILLO. It has all the guilty fun of a bottom of the shelf along with the maturity and complexity of a mid tier cigarillo. Very well done, had it not been ID10-T I would have been prepared to be disgusted. This is WAY better than I expected it to be. Very well done.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
To be quite honest this scared me, had it not been Shyndo asking me to mix it I would not have. This is so far out of my lane of enjoyment on paper that it is not even funny. SO, on the shake, this stuff is amazing, day two this stuff is amazing. It is very tobacco upfront with cherry chocolate notes playing nicely in the back ground. It is a bit chewing tobacco forward at times, which I quite enjoy. All in all 10/10
By: Fear Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 4.0% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 20 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Creamy, rich, complex, complete vanilla ice cream that mimics several types of ice cream and even frozen custard at different percentages.

By: Fear Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: N/A
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

This is a very strong Coconut flavor that can go from crisp cream modifier to heavy coconut to WAX very quickly. Best used under 1% for blends can take over at 2%

By: Fear Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 95 / 100
Created: almost 4 years ago Updated: almost 4 years ago

NOT A FLAVORING. This is not Pear, it is NOT a flavor. This has a ton of Butyric in it and playing main stage or solo that is what you are going to taste. What this flavor does and does an amazing job at is providing texture. It is the texture of really ripe pears or soft apples, it can be the texture of mangos, melons, etc. It also does a really good job of texturizing sorbet/slush/smoothie type recipes. I would recommend keeping this under 1% in recipes and even at that it will need to be a flavorful recipe to work at 1% Around .5% is golden for me.