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Every since I did the cantaloupe peach tea for the DIYorDIE mixathon I wanted to play around with the peach and cantaloupe pairing more. To me it was really close to an heirloom melon by the name of Charentais. The Charentais is a a really rich, sweet, thick and slightly floral cantaloupe-ish melon. Anyways, I wanted a Cantaloupe forward vape that wasn't just a boring melon. This has some nuance and is really close to my target.

Up front, I have been through a few iterations of this since the mixathon. The only thing missing from my testing is TFA Honeysuckle. It is good with it in it, it is good without the cactus, it is good without the cactus with honeysuckle. I used honeysuckle at 1.5% and at 2%. This is the funky odd version I cant seem to stop vaping. It does work without the WS-23, I have been enjoying it quite a bit lately, Above 0.5% the WS-23 becomes too distracting to me but other people might enjoy it higher.

Flavor Breakdown

CAP Cantaloupe - Seriously good cantaloupe, only flaw is the slight to heavy leaning towards candy depending on usage.
INW Cactus - Just enough to pull the melon back towards fruit instead of candy, the little extra juiciness does not hurt the profile.
FA Pear - For some juice and as well to lean even further towards fruit.
INW Peach and JF Honey Peach - This pairing brings some more flesh and thickness into the mix as well as bringing a slightly floral edge to the mix.
INW Custard - An easy button for mouthfeel, texture, body, thickness, etc, etc, etc, Also useful in many other applications. Used here to thicken and add that almost custardy thick note that a really ripe cantaloupe or charentais will have.

This does need the 2 days for the cactus to die down and the custard to find it's place.

Fun Food Fact - Diacetyl is present in really ripe Cantaloupe. It is mostly produced through fermentation, a good many fruits/melons/berries start fermenting the second they ripen.


One for the cold cigarette fans out there.

This was an idea I had been bouncing around with the amount of people here lately talking about a Newport, Kool, Marlboro Menthol etc recipe.

Cured and Kentucky blend with Kentucky taking the upperhand for the enjoyable (for reals) ashy note that it has. This pairing is more cigarette-ish than cigar-ish.

INW Natural Miint @ 1.25% I did not want to use menthol. I just cannot stand it anymore. But at the same time I wanted some flavor other than "cold"
WS-23 because it is cold AF and boosts natural mint.

I am releasing this now and will update on the steep. Honestly I can see maybe manipulating the tobaccos a little bit but I really like the cold/mint aspect of this.

P.S. Dont be scared of the ash statement. I love tobaccos and hate ash, if that makes sense, and this is great.

P.S.S Drop the Natural Mint by half or down to your liking if you are scared.

P.S.S.S. Drop the Natural mint to .25 and add 1.25 of INW Shisha Vanilla.

Update! I am a maniac and love INW Natural Mint at 2.5% as a vape. Not everyone will, this recipe is high on mint. If you are not a serious mint lover you probs want to drop the natural mint AND the Kentucky blend to a level you think is sane. Dropping the natural mint alone will leave it too ashy. This is realy good woth both of those halved but I still like this version more.


I was browsing the interwebs for inspiration for a summer fruit treat to serve during a get-together we had here. Came across this recipe that I wound up not making but still might.
But, I had to vape it.,
Give a google and you will find some interesting recipes for it, they all call for either lemon or lime juice with it. I tried several here and it just got too much on the citrus for me.

As for the rest, I LOVE FLV MANGO, but it can be thin at times and is super juicy. I used FLV Peach (which is AMAZING) to give it some more body. If you have FLV Pear and are not afraid to use it drop peach to 1% and add .5% of FLV Pear. It provides that amazing texture without it's godawful flavor.
I used FLV Marshmallow here because I have it and it is <3 I needed something to provide the sorbet softness and add sweet, so here you go.
FLV Blood Orange, I have been eager to use this in a mix since I smelled and tasted it. Much over 2% in mixes and it gets REALLY rindy, to me. At this level it is enough to stand and sing with the Mango.
Polar Blast and Sweetness, YES, cold and SWEET. Feel free to get CAP SS in here, I would not add any extra Maltol with TFA Sweetener... If you dont have FLV Sweetness you should, it is a bit different.

Steep time, this is really good as a SnV, full body comes in after a few days.

Cooling: This is really good without the Polar Blast, I tried it with FLV Ice and I get a weird note with that one, not as bad as straight Koolada but still. Also good with WS-23


This is a steeper. I took one for science and tried the iterations day by day. Sometimes I can SnV CAP Sugar Cookie, sometimes not.

So, recipe is pretty straight forward and does not need a ton of explanation.

LB WCP Super good you should have it if you enjoy that profile, it is good.
CAP Sugar Cookie, yeah, cookie
JF Biscuit, wanted to crisp up the cookie without adding AP, this worked well for me.
INW Shisha Vanilla, used for both the cookie and to prop up the white chocolate against the bakery.
CAP SS, it's a cookie, put sugar in it. You can sub this, or leave this out. Your juice, your choice. The mix is not as good without it and I have no idea how TFA Sweetener will effect it with it's maltol.


Optional, but not necessary, 0.4% FLV Arabian Tobacco. This is a fantastic concentrate, totally worth having, but it is spendy thus not a lot of people are going to have it on hand.

The TLDR; A Perique tobacco blend, or as close as I could get in this effort. It is also a tobacco vape, very much a tobacco vape. (for that one person who is going to mix it expecting it to be something else.) ENJOY!

FLV Heat, it can get away from you, it will become too hot to vape unless you are dead inside. A drop too much in a 50 is no big deal, a drop too much in a 10mL might be a big deal for you. This concentrate will stay on the tongue and lips. It does work higher in other profiles. Just beware.

Variations: if you are wanting a less ashy version drop Kentucky Blend to .5 and increase Native Tobacco what you dropped it by. For a more "pipey" mustier version add 0.2% or so Lovage Root.

This was a long chase for me. I loved Perique Tobacco. I liked pipe blends with it, I loved St James Perique and I really liked Acadian Perique. Read the below for the difference. One of the things that hampered my chase of this is that I have to go off the foggy remembrance of perique. It has been some years, a bit more than half a decade since I have smoked any and I am not smoking to find how close I am. This is as close to memory as I care to get.

Anyways... There is no true way to replicate the actual tobacco or the blends of them. FLV got freakishly close to uncured St. James tobacco with their Red Burley concentrate. However, replicating that intense highly complex profile of Perique is nigh on impossible. You could just as easily recreate Tahitian vanilla without using vanilla or vanillin, impossibruh... It is hard to explain the need for these specific concentrates and what they do in the profile. To be honest I have been swapping and tweaking percentages on this with the idea of ordering FLV Heat when I got close enough to make that final effort. I will say that I had gotten as close as I could and had a talk with HIS BEARDED HOLYNESS AKA Kopel, AKA HOCUSKROCUS and we batted a Kopel of ideas around... Mainly wanted to tell him how hard doing an Homage to Perique is without looking like I ripped Hinterland off. :)

I am sticking with the recipe that I ended on but adding the optional FLV Arabian. I feel it adds a good bit to the recipe and gets a good bit closer with it's spice and other notes. Specifically those darker fruit/raisin notes. I also know that it is expensive as heck and most people are not going to have it.... If you do it is great, if you don't and will not use it for other mixes don't bother. It is wonderful, but expensive. :)

Perique, traditionally small leaf Red Burley tobacco grown in the small area of St James Parish. The soil and climate there along with this old heirloom tobacco make a wonderful leaf. The Choctaw Indians of the area took this tobacco and pressed it in old hollowed out tree trunks, "turning" the leaves every few months for a year. Settlers in the area took to cultivating this tobacco and following the millennia old method of curing made their own. They used jack screw presses and oak barrels instead of hollowed out tree trunks.... Cut leaves, hang to dry, remove all stem from the leaf leaving the leaf intact leaves are then formed into torquettes and placed in a barrel. The barrel has a lid placed on and the jack screws are turned. Each day the pressure on the jack screws is checked and kept tight. At least three times during the process the leaves are removed from the barrel with top going to bottom and bottom going to top...

What ends up happening here is a multilevel fermentation process. You get the initial aerobic fermentation follow by an intense and deeper anaerobic (malolactic) fermentation. This brings out that deep dark complex profile. Dark, spicy, nutty, slight hints of fruit.
Perique is a blenders tobacco, not used 100%, those few nutcases that claim they smoke 100% perique are either pulling one over or they are using the tamer Acadian Perique. This is a blend that is done for high volume buyers, processed the same way as St James Perqiue but using tobacco from all over the country.

Obligatory: Best at 50% to 60% VG, this is good as a shake and vape, it gets way better and more complex as it steeps. This is also a tobacco lovers vape. It is tobacco.


I been grooving on Liquid Barn's White Chocolate Peppermint as a single flavor since it came out for the holiday. It is really, really good. Got bored and threw this one together and have been alternating it into my rotation of bored mixes.

This recipe is a bit thick, LB White Chocolate Peppermint is not the strongest of flavorings. Going the lazy route with the VBIC / Meringue combo :)

Enjoy. Just a tasty thick easy recipe. I shake and vape, it of course gets better over time.


Aight, so here we go again. Yet another FLV Tobacco recipe.

TLDR: Tobacco, Apple Praline

I originally started this one with vanilla toffee in mind playing off the sweetness of FLV Sweet Cigarette as a base. There are just so many good RY4-ish tobaccos out there without adding another that does not truly stand apart. I also really wanted to use my BAE Red Burley in here and started thinking of playing off of it's inherent nutty tones using FLV Praline to bolster them a bit. I used Granny Smith in this profile to keep the recipe grounded outside of RY4 territory by giving it some fruit tones and a different sweet edge. I needed some ash here but not the Kentucky Blend "crutch" ash I have been using and thought the FLV Turkish played nicely here in that it brings a bit more complexity in the tobacco profile while adding a little bit of ash.

P.S. One iteration of this took me down a very rich dessert praline tobacco trail, it is still in the works and will be coming out eventually. #staytuned ;)

Steeping Disclaimers: I really like FLV Tobaccos fresh, not that they fade away but on the Shake and Vape they have a very strong, rich and sometimes almost overwhelming presence that I enjoy. This one really comes together about day 5
VG Disclaimer, Yes, I still think tobaccos benefit more from 50%-60% VG, but do as you please, it is nice at 70% VG as well.


I single flavor tested FLV Smore in various percentages and all I could think of was damn this is all the enticing flavor notes I need to pair with a classic southern tobacco blend. But it wasn't all the notes I needed for this one.

The name? I have no clue, vaping a few iterations of this in a hotel on a business trip I just thought it needed this name :)

The combo of Red Burley and Cured is a natural one for me. They just seem to perfectly complement each other. Cured keeps Red Burley from getting too far into "Nutty Land" and Red Burley keeps cured out of the "Generic Tobacco Park" Both are excellent tobacco concentrates. I threw Tatanka in on a whim "AND IT JUST WORKS" so no magic here. I will be chucking some Tatanka in a few things going forward, another great concentrate. (If you are unlucky enough to not have Tatanka, FLV Native works really well here at 1% I just liked the Tatanka version a bit better.

The dessert notes, I really wanted this to be more of a tobacco vape with nuance notes in the back ground. I get carried away and tend to make them RICH. This is a test of my restraint in balancing a tobacco dessert profile as opposed to my usual DESSERT tobacco profiles.

FLV Smore - I really wanted this one to play here and bring a little of the toasted marshmallow and dark chocolate notes it has in. I get an indistinct creamy texture with this concentrate. It may be my broken taste buds, it may be everyone's WHO CARES, it just works here. I do not get much if any graham cracker with this concentrate. It may be that you have to take it up higher than I am brave enough to with this concentrate. The chocolate here gets to be a bit strong above 1.5% and I absolutely despise chocolate vapes.

FLV Toffee and FLV Caramel, using here to bring some more sweet to this this, some more brown, some more rich to tame this tobacco profile a bit more so that more people than me can enjoy it. Using the Toffee of course for the "Murcan" toffee note that it has and the Caramel to bring the sweet and brown up a notch. Also using these two to cut the chocolate note a bit so I can enjoy this, if you missed it, I hate chocolate vapes.

Steep times, most of you sometimes tobacco vapers are gonna want to let this sit for a week to tame those tobaccos some and let the other notes come in to play a bit more. If you are like me and enjoy that bold fresh in yo face tobacco that FLV has when fresh are gonna want to mix larger and SnV then enjoy on a steep.

VG, I truly believe that tobacco vapes are best at 60%VG or 50% VG, some will call poo on that so do as you please :) (this is good at 70% VG)


It's a Cigar, with vanilla and a hint of Mango.

The goal here was to make a vanilla mango cigar that did not smack of "bottom of the display blunts" I wanted a solid mid-grade Caribbean type tobacco note. I think I did well, let me know your thoughts :)

Flavorah has done a superb job with their tobacco concentrates. IMO they raised the bar for tobacco concentrates and blurred the lines between NETs and imitations bringing a level of realism to the ersatz that boggles the mind.

FLV Cured - I have many times mentioned that this flavor is a "Generic cigarish tobacco" It is a really good base that is easy to bend into cigar or pipe. It does not lend well to cigarette outside of some fringe ROY bulks. Anyways here it is used as a base to build a cigar from.

FLV Connecticut Shade - If you have heard me talk about FLV much you have heard me say that this is a really good cigar wrapper leaf flavor. It has some really cool "offnotes" hints of coffee, chocolate, maybe a little spice(anise). It is a great building block for a cigar. Used here to lend a little more complexity to the profile. But mainly to bring hints of Caribbean tobacco to the table.

FLV Kentucky Blend - An interesting one. Another generic tobacco with hint of ash and a hint of smoke. Great for a cigarette type and also to lend a "smoking" to any tobacco blend.

FLV Virginia - A specific sweet virginia feel concentrate with the spicy "tongue bite" notes that accompany many Virginias. Used here to boost sweet and cut some of the dark from Kentucky Blend. But also for it's spicy notes to blend with the "mid-grade cigar" profile.

FLV Mango - Because Mango all the things, all the time. Used low here in relation to the strength of the profile. I just want a mango note to pop out here and there. This will change according to your airflow and power.

INW Sisha Vanilla - Because Vanilla all the things all the time. And also because FLV does not have a straight vanilla. I am using this specific vanilla for it's three characteristics and it's ability to stay present against a strong profile. It brings of course vanilla, a cream note to help lend a little more body and finally adds some more sweet without being cloying.

I shake and vape this, to be perfectly honest I have not had a bottle last over two weeks. It does change a little bit, tobacco gets more nuanced, vanilla comes forward a little more and the mango keeps playing in the background.

Edit: I have since mixed multiple large batches of this to experience it on the long steep. IS GOOD! It stays a mid-grade cigarish tobacco with hints of vanilla and mango. :) This mix is also really good without the Mango! If you are a deep steeper or sensitive to the way INW Shisha Vanilla keeps getting stronKer, cut it by 25% to 50%. I personally dont have an issue with it but some people do.


I have been chasing a "Peach Milk" to replicate Oak Farms Peach Milk. This was one step along the way. While it kind of falls short on the "Peach Milk" target it is a really good Peach Smoothie type vape.

Peach Milk is still a target and I am closer than I was before. I also hit on two other peach cream type vapes that I will probably be dropping at some point along the way. Different enough to be interesting and stand on their own.

OOO Cream Milky Undertones PG is a must have if you like milky recipes. By itself it is part way between Half and Half and Whole Milk
FA Cream Fresh, to bring some "even more dairy, and that specific cream note it brings on a steep"
Shisha Vanilla, because I love vanilla and INW shisha vanilla brings even more creamy notes with it, and a good vanilla never did a peach, milk or cream wrong.

The combo of INW Peach and JF Peach team up for a really good syrupy note. A realistic peach, but not the fruit, more the organic peach reductions you can get in syrup form.

Subs, yeah, none really.

Steep time. I like to mix large and observe the changes in mixes even after I have been mixing it for a while. This is really best after 14 days when the creams do all their magix and come together completely. It is also nice after 6 days or so. FA Cream Fresh is an awesome flavor, but it is definitely "odd" when fresh is fresh. Placing the steep time at 7 days but do as you wish. If you are a peach fan mix large and test it along the way to observe the changes.

For that cold cold, add Koolada, WS-X of your choice or FA Polar Blast to taste. .5% FA Polar Blast is a very nice addition to this.

User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
As one of those people that have trouble tasting strawberry, and yet love strawberry vapes... This recipe is amazing. I have long been a fan of FA Forest Fruit and love it in most berry vapes. I try everything after a mix and each day there after. This seems to be best from 4 days on, the Raspberry Sweet calms down around day 3 and things start coming fully together around day 4 and beyond. Glad I mixed a 100mL of this
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Really good recipe, definitely needs at least a 5 day steep before trying. Been enjoying this mix for a few days now. Creamy fruity strawberry on the inhale and a meaty, creamy banana on the exhale.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I mentioned in V2 that I hate Chocolate vapes, I do not hate this one, is good. For a better version try his V2.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
i HATE chocolate vapes, HATE.... Is not a strong enough word. I do NOT HATE this. Is Good, mix it.
User: Fear Score: None Entered: about 4 years ago
This does not get enough mentions or enough attention. It is a "dirtier" tobacco vape but really good. It is also not a super in your face overloaded vape. It pairs well with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beer or scotch. A true all day every situation tobacco vape. Well done Mark, WELL DONE.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a really good cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I personally get more of a bottom of the bowl taste from it that whole bowl. Maybe I need to let it steep longer than 24 hours. Fantastic as a shake and vape, mix bigger than 30 approved, and you might even be able to get the full steep test on it :)
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This does not need a long lengthily review you should just mix it. I usually mix 120 of Dents recipes when I try them. They are always at least 120mL worth of good. I have just mixed my third and when it is gone I will have vaped 360mL of this. IT IS GOOD. To me it tastes of sugar cookies and vanilla icecream one minute and Lofthouse Cookies the next. SO DAMN GOOD. Fantastic job on this one! BTW if you do not have Tahitian vanilla on hand just throw in Shisha Vanilla, it is the same good but slightly different. I misplaced my Tahitian bottle on round two of this and it was still banging with INW Shisha Vanilla
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
To start off with, Cavendish is "flavored tobacco" depending on the tobacconist it can be any variation of tobaccos and flavorings but usually a mix of Kentucky, Virginia and Burley that have been treated, pressed then fermented. The flavorings are usually dark fruits, nuts and liquor. So you have a mellow smooth sweet tobacco that is flavored. Which is pretty much what INW Cavendish Type brings to the table. The addition of the caramel and vanilla are a welcome addition to this blend, as is the FA cream fresh I would like to have seen a thicker cream used here to pair with the INW Shisha Vanilla but not a negative by any means. I would like to also mention that vaping this has a distinct "room note" It is a pleasant "someone's grampa is smoking a pipe" kind of room note but does not linger forever. This is very much a "tobacco dominant" recipe, but also one that is accessible to desert tobacco lovers and non tobacco vapers as well. I cannot wait to see how this develops on a longer steep. Excellent recipe!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I have come to a point where I have realized that every mixer out there has a spirit mixer. @ID10-T would have to be mine. I looked at this when he released it for the contest and thought "Exactly how in the F*** have I not put these together just like this before. These are some of my most used concentrate. The combo here highlights some of the stronger points of each concentrate in a way that absolutely amplifies the strong points of the other concentrates in the mix. This is absolutely the "immortal nectar"...
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I had a cake pop over the weekend this last week as the steep timer on this was coming due.. Then I vaped this and holy shit, this is a cake pop. The profile is basic and would seem simple but cake pops are not fresh yummy moist cake. They are made to sit for a week or two until sold. The cake texture while not dry is not overly moist. The icing is not thick and creamy it is more subdued and the flavorings are subtle. None of this is to say the treats are not delicious, they are, they just are not a slice of moist cake with thick creamy icing. Over all a 10/10 on accuracy and a delicious vape. I will be mixing this again, glad I mixed a 100mL for a tester :) I will say that the steep time is definitely needed. I did not drip this before the steep but I did taste it on the back of the hand everyday while steeping and the changes are noticeable.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
This is a freakishly good, freakishly accurate recipe. The taste of the liquid, the aroma, and the actual vapor. It is all GOLDEN OREO!!!! Mix this, and while you are at it, either mix large or mix multiple so you dont run out so fast. Fantastic Job man!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
For a super simple mix this is actually pretty good. I give Matty a ton of crap in discord and was fully thinking I was gonna post up a 3 star review on this. Pleasantly surprised. Going to give it a 5 star on flavor and appeal. More like eating a Hot Tamale while chewing big red gum, which is interesting if you are into cinnamon candy. If I were rating the terrible name and recipe description it would be a 2.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Best Soap I have EVER vaped. Serious talk, this is a great recipe. It is simply a really good tigers blood that does not taste like soap, candles or suntan lotion. If Tigers Blood is your thing you will love this recipe.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
After a while in the development of your mixing skills you will gain enough experience with the flavorings you use to be able to look at a recipe and know if you are 100% gonna like it. That is the case with this recipe. So I decided I would give ID10-T a panic attack and mix a 120. Turns out I messed up royally. This is excellent after a steep, I should have mixed up 240mL. Everything here is balanced perfectly. I personally love TFA Honeysuckle, such a good, versatile floral. Kind of the bacon of florals, the gateway floral if you will. Anyways, I love this stuffs! Fantastic Job!
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
When I vaped this I mentioned to him that it tasted like I took a bite of my sons ice cream then took a drink of my daughter's cherry limeade. Because I was that kind of Dad and it was before cream slushes. This is a fantastic summer vape, or if you are like me, a fantastic anytime vape.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
I have no clue how this turns out on a steep. I mixed a 30 to try it out and vaped the entire thing on the shake to the end of the day. Got home that evening and mixed a 60, that lasted two days. This recipe alone is all the reason you need to order FE Sweet Rice. This mix is spot on Mango Sticky Rice. A fantastic treat for your face hole mouth place thingy. Beautifully balanced and layered to perfection.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is an interesting mix. A grape cigarillo, no really, a GRAPE CIGARILLO. It has all the guilty fun of a bottom of the shelf along with the maturity and complexity of a mid tier cigarillo. Very well done, had it not been ID10-T I would have been prepared to be disgusted. This is WAY better than I expected it to be. Very well done.
User: Fear Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
To be quite honest this scared me, had it not been Shyndo asking me to mix it I would not have. This is so far out of my lane of enjoyment on paper that it is not even funny. SO, on the shake, this stuff is amazing, day two this stuff is amazing. It is very tobacco upfront with cherry chocolate notes playing nicely in the back ground. It is a bit chewing tobacco forward at times, which I quite enjoy. All in all 10/10
By: Fear Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 4.0% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 20 / 100
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

Creamy, rich, complex, complete vanilla ice cream that mimics several types of ice cream and even frozen custard at different percentages.

By: Fear Score: 75 / 100 Solo: 1.5% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: N/A
Created: over 4 years ago Updated: over 4 years ago

This is a very strong Coconut flavor that can go from crisp cream modifier to heavy coconut to WAX very quickly. Best used under 1% for blends can take over at 2%

By: Fear Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 2.0% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 5 days Difficulty: 95 / 100
Created: almost 4 years ago Updated: almost 4 years ago

NOT A FLAVORING. This is not Pear, it is NOT a flavor. This has a ton of Butyric in it and playing main stage or solo that is what you are going to taste. What this flavor does and does an amazing job at is providing texture. It is the texture of really ripe pears or soft apples, it can be the texture of mangos, melons, etc. It also does a really good job of texturizing sorbet/slush/smoothie type recipes. I would recommend keeping this under 1% in recipes and even at that it will need to be a flavorful recipe to work at 1% Around .5% is golden for me.