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More of a clone attempt than a true Remix.

Definitely my first attempt but this is really close to the profile of the commercial liquid, but honestly, way more saturated.

The commercial liquid is somewhat soft in flavor, the sweetener is at probably 1.5ish because it's definitely sweeter than this 1% but not overly. Maybe 1.25ish idk.

The peach to me screamed of fa peach. Now the original may just use peach and no white peach but i find the 2 to be an almost exact yet better replication of the original.

The Citrus aspect in the commercial liquid is definitely not just Lemon, it's Lemon/ Lime. Cap Lemon lime is just my first thought with a simple, good, commercial liquid. It's super close if not just a bit stronger.

I want to play more with this. But I'm very happy with this first attempt.


just an awesome donut base with a sick ass vanilla buttercream frosting killin it on top. Releasing this per ID10T's suggestion and inspo. Thanks buddy!

Omit the Frostings and Vanilla cream for a pure donut base to work off of but imo swap out the vanilla cream for:

Wf chocolate frosting 2%
Ooo Strawberry jam 2%
Ssa raspberry syrup 1%
Wf salted caramel 2%
Ooo Blood Orange 1.5%

Add FW Sprinkles

Add CAP Cinnamon Sugar

Add WF Bavarian Cream

Add some VTA Vanilla Cream

Top it with .75% wf lemon orange rice candy + 1.5% tpa Crunch Berries for a better attempt at pebz.

Add flv Blueberry Muffin to this at 2-3%

Add rich cinnamon at .2%

Add wf Chocolate chunks at 1.5%

have at it!

Went through many renditions, but I'm finally happy enough to release this.

Devon Cream + Custard Premium bring this really rich, buttery, smooth vanilla cream notes, and tossing in VSO Cornmeal takes it to another level, essentially making it taste like cornbread. If you didn't know, that's exactly why cornbread tastes the way it does lol cornmeal. And VSOs offering is a spot-on option to do that without too much bready notes and not enough corn.

I fell in love with this red date and smoked plum combo it gives me this really nice semi-cooked fruit. Smoked plum is a lil too bright and red dates is syrupy and cooked down so the bridge of them together gives me what i was looking for.

Fa black fire brings in some of the actual smokey vibes that inw plum is lacking, and toasted marshmallow bends it back into the dessert without things getting to dry. If you're not a fan of black fire, you can omit it or adjust to your tastes. I enjoyed it at both .2 and .25.

FW Sucralose here, dont need that cap citric sweet in this. Helps keeps things sweet and moist and full.

Give this a solid 2 week steep. Or longer if you believe in that, for this to be at its fullest. Still well balanced off the shake.

Much Love Homies


Okay. I know. But i saw cookie and i saw Caramel and i just tested the new FLV Mild Tobacco and it was super caramaly, the RY4 could've worked i guess but it's got nutty notes i didn't really want. Mild Tobacco was, too me, a mild Tobacco with rich brown sugar/ Caramel notes.

So adding in some darker cookies, some extra light airy sweet cream (which to me at .8 is like a Whipped Cream), some extra vanilla+tobacco, and boosting the Tobacco Caramel with some smoked butterscotch, i arrived at this all FLV recipe inspired by the Vixens pic of the week.

Outside of the box for this one. For the vixens pic anyway lol it's a pretty standard dessert RY4. (My pic is not the vixens pic, check out their episode on 6/15)

no sweetener needed its honestly already pretty dang sweet.

TS Raspberry Cheesecake is Tastey Puff

A double stuffed rasberry vanilla cream Oreo cookie. Get this Raspberry cheesecake flavoring. Promise you.

Here is a solid example of a situation where you could use fw sucralose or cap super sweet. Cap ss has citric acid in it which helps it HIT your fruits. SO, in an example where you have a bakery with a fruited filling, CAP SS helps HIT that filling vs the bakery.

In opposition, fw sucralose works better with bakeries in general.

Figure it out.

Love yoooooouuuuuuuu ❀🀘


Developed assignment challenge, 2 flavor banger.

2 flavors, 5 profiles, bangin.

Horchata brings the starchy cream, FLV chai spice boosts the spice notes (adds em, really), then LB Vienna Cream with a Touch of FA Milk round it all into a full drink thing. VSO Pear + WF Ripe Pear IMO are an awesome ripe pear combo, and here they fold into the drink quite nicely.

add sweetener to your style and taste!

Straight from Zoolander's hand.

Orange citrus and orange cream blend seamlessly together and mocha and Cream and chocolate frosting paired with this make for a really tastey treat.

Ws23 at your level (too high seems to mess with the citrus cream imo) and sweeten to choice .5% cap ss is great in this as well.

A bright, almost tropical lemon on the inhale, that turns into Orange Taffy on the exhale.

Give this like a full day for the lemon, it's a bit sharp at 1% of the shake but settled below the orange after a day, so give it a little extra and a full day and they're balanced quite well if you ask me.

The powdered sugar helps this have a slight sugar coating.

Thanks again Nevans for the Taffy base.

I sweetened with .5% Capella super sweet.


Credits due to wayne for inspiration and Luke loop for the idea, and to Shyndo for the OG.

So the idea here is this.
Sweet Rice is good, but it fades, BUT that panna cotta does something imo to that CAP chai tea, that makes this slightly rice-starchy thing go down, and instantly had the idea to pair em all together. CAP brings a creamy Vanilla vibe with all the chai tea going on with it as well, which is also very delicious. Then..
Luke comes in with this pic of a cherry coconut rice pudding, knowing I'm a cherry freak, and i took off....

Coconut Custard wf was my obvious choice to help this pudding vibe out, cuz its awesomely creamy.

Ssa Ripe Cherry + a little ssa compote cherry were my obvious choices here for that topping.

User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
I saw Dave's review and couldnt resist mixing this up. Granted i homogenized this, bit even with that a 2 day bloom brought this into a whole new appreciation for a deep, sticky, delicious vanilla custard with all the DAAP i could want. I mixed a 60ml of this and it was gone in those 2 or 3 days, something i rarely do. Top notch luke you killed it
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is very tastey pip! That passionfruit really plays a part next to the pineapple and its for sure a fizzy drink its yummy thanks for this one
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I fuckin love this after a few days it all comes together soooo good wayne you done did it again. I get the banana in the back i get the citrus and the cream and the cereal notes. I love when a recipe like this is soooo good.
User: EyeMSam Score: None Entered: about 1 year ago
Man looks great, can i use key lime pie?? Tpa?? Imma do it anyway. See you soon!
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Damn wolfie this is really good. Coconut forward, but definitely some sort of a Creamy Vanilla graham Pear base sitting underneath it and i am all about this this is yummy stuff
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This is so good. A heavy dessert element for sure. Slightly spiced, Creamy and full bodied. Not sure how that black tea is bending in this. But you do get that slight fruity sweetnedd from the thai chai as well. Top notch.
User: EyeMSam Score: 4 Entered: 5 months ago
Well you definitely fixed OOO bacon, but that still isnt quite bacon vs burnt bits of smokey somethin lmao You were right, gets old fast, but ya did some flavor bending magic here i CANNOT ignore haha
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This stuff is so good great job dude! Full, rich, sweet, utterly delicious.
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Hell yeah man! This stuff was great when you had me try it!!
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Fuck you. This is great.
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
I really like the way the chocolate is light enough to be a top layer of Frosting. This is really good. Its got a light but still there, fried pastry vibe, and a super fullly filled creamy donut. It's delicious great job.
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Bruh bruh. Bruh. This. Is. So. Good. That licorice is doing something to the boys/ras, almost like a black rasp with a black licorice in the back. The vanillas in here keep things smooth and creamy and this is an awesome mix buddy. πŸ™Œ
User: EyeMSam Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
What a unique blend of fruits!!! That ginger just does this ever so light accent thing that sets it apart, but the blackberry, plum, kiwi mix was fuckin tastey. Great creamy, somewhat milky, vanilla rice pudding underneath it all. Great mix!
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