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Brief Description:
A profiterole is a cream puff that's frozen. Since its summer and NYC is way too hot right now, I knew I had to make my version into the frozen kind of cream puff. The angel cake and sugar cookie are acting as the pastry portion while the vanilla whipped cream, vanilla pudding, and cream fresh are the frozen creamy center. Using WS-23 at 0.25% is high enough its present but low enough this isn't too cold. Since the vanilla whipped cream and cream fresh are lighter creams, I used vanilla pudding to add some depth/thickness and to build on the vanilla in the whipped cream. Give it at least a week to steep and since this was designed for a higher watt device, if you use anything below 60w I recommend increasing the overall flavor percentage to your liking.

Blondie A La Mode
Brief Description:
I haven't gotten to have this steeped yet. Off of shake and vape, its this thick maple and fudge covered pastry with light notes of vanilla ice cream. As it steeps, the ice cream should become richer. The white fudge is being used with the yellow cake to act as the blondie. The banana nut bread is backing that up with some spices and also adding that hint of a nut since I don't own any walnut flavors, this was what I had to work with. It actually does a decent job of it. The creme brulee and maple bar are being used as the sauce drizzled on top. I am really looking forward to seeing how this mix steeps. I would give it at least a 2 week steep for the creams to shine.

Frosty StrapOn
Brief Description:
Since I don't do lemons or high citrus mixes, I decided to do my own take on a strapon instead of the watermelon strawberry frozen lemonade I saw in this weeks pic. This can be vaped right away but is best after 3 days. Those 3 days allows the low % of LA Watermelon to add its mouth watering candy affect without turning this into a candy mix. People weren't kidding when they said that FLV Alpine Strawberry was strong. I used only 1 drop in 60ml bottle and can definitely taste it. At that low dose, it doesn't over power the other sweeter strawberry but instead helps balance it out. The watermelon to strawberry ratio is pretty balanced with the apple as more of a note. Enjoy!

Coffee Caramel Frappe
Brief Description:
This is a coffee forward caramel frappe with whipped cream on top. I haven't worked with ws-23 before so was excited to try it out this week to see how it would go. Not gonna lie, I used way too much the first go around for a high watt device like the TFV8. I haven't gotten to try this yet fully steeped but my first take on it is that its got a nice balance of sweetness from the caramel, to help cut the coffee notes. The creams haven't come out fully yet due to the steep time being only a few days but its starting to show up more. I used cream fresh to lighten the dairy up so it wasn't too heavy from the ice cream and custard. The VT cafe latte is a strong flavor, so not much was needed to bring out that latte flavor. Its actually a great coffee flavor though and isnt easily overpowered by other flavors. I backed it up with HS Caramel Mocha and FW Butterscotch Ripple to turn it from a coffee frappe to a coffee caramel frappe then added the whipped cream on top because you need whipped cream on your frap. This is not like a starbucks frap thats over loaded with sugar. Its closer to something you might get at a small stand where they use real espresso in their fraps or if you made one at home. Either way, with the WS-23, its great on a hot morning with breakfast!

Try to let this one steep for 2 weeks. Longer if possible! I will post a more thorough update once I have gotten to have it steeped.


Cheery Morning
Brief Description:
This breakfast mix has suprisingly been an all day vape for me. Like most of my mixes, its lighter in the flavors to work for a higher watt device. If it doesn't feel flavorful enough to you, mix it as a concentrate then use a higher overall %. The flavor tastes like cheerios mixed with sweetened craisins turned into a breakfast bar held together with a raw honey cookie butter.
Sweet Rice (FE) 3.5% / Wheat (FLV) .25%:
Ok so if you ever want a great cheerios stone, this is it. Sweet rice is a great flavor. When mixed with a touch of wheat it bends right into the classic plain cheerios.
Honeycomb (VT) 3% / Almond Cookie (WF) 1.5%:
The honeycomb and almond cookie are acting as the glue that hold the cheerios and craisins together. Honeycomb is like a raw honey. Its sweet and with the almond cookie, actually helps turn the cheerios into honey nut style.
Apple Cranberry (FLV) 1.5% / Meringue (FA) 1%:
The apple cranberry is a solid flavor, it doesn't quite have the craisins texture, but the taste is perfect. The meringue sweetens it up while also helping reduce the dryness of the cheerios.

This actually tastes fantastic as a shake n vape. Let it steep a few days though for all the flavors to blend together.

Raspberry Orange Bar
OMG I finally found a raspberry I can taste!!!! This mix is a raspberry and blood orange jammie type short bread pastry with a layer of plain frosting.

Highgarden Ice Cream
I recently had this bourbon based rose cocktail that was fantastic. When I saw this flavor profile I got excited. I wanted to try to convert that cocktail into an ice cream vape, while keeping it a simple recipe just with that adult element added to it. Some of you know I make alcoholic ice cream in real life for fun. I totally intend to make this in real ice cream form at some point soon now.
The vape is sweet, not overly floral, and a nice hint of booze.

Brulee My Bread Pudding
Brief Description:
Dripping or in a tank, it's definitely a creme brulee bread pudding. It's a warm caramelized doughy pastry covered in a sweet custard sauce. This is an excellent vape with a cup of coffee in the morning or after dinner as a dessert. On inhale you get more of a creamy doughy flavor. On the exhale you taste the caramelized sugars and spices.
Cinnamon Bun (DF) 1% / Sweet Dough (FLV) .5%:
The cinnamon bun and sweet dough make up the bread pudding portion of this recipe. Sweet dough is a light doughy flavor. It makes up the backbone of the bread pudding. The Cinnamon bun portion adds the spices and stickiness you would expect from a bread pudding.
Creme Brulee (INW) 1%:
This is an excellent brulee flavor. It's slightly eggy, thick, and has a sweet caramelization to it.
Vanilla Cream (DF) 2% / Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) 0.75%:
The vanilla cream and toasted marshmallow help to combine the bread pudding and creme brulee. Since the bread pudding tends to overpower the caramelized sugar a bit in the brulee, the toasted marshmallow is being used to back it up a bit. The vanilla cream is more like an ice cream flavor. Its a custard which helps boost that element in the creme brulee. I recommend steeping that flavor at least a week for it to really shine.

I tried this at shake and vape and immediately loved it. I have noticed a lot of improvement as it steeps. The vanilla cream is starting to add a nice hint of vanilla and brings balance to the overall mix.

Nonnie's a Nutty Pie
Brief Description:
So my sisters and I call my Italian grandma Nonnie, same as my mom did with her grandma and hers before her. I figured it would be fitting to name this recipe after her since well, my Nonnie is a bit nuts. This recipe is more of a whipped up creamy peanut butter pie with a thin cookie graham crust. Due to the creams, tuck it away a few weeks to "steep".
Cookie Butter (FW) 1.75% / Graham Cracker Clear (TPA) 2%:
I didn't want a generic graham cracker crust. I wanted something to compliment the peanut butter a bit more so went the cookie butter route. This cookie butter smells delicious, however its still a bit lacking so I couldn't use it outright. It needs the graham cracker to fill in a bit on the spices and crunch.
Peanut Butter (FW) 2% / Peanut Butter Cup (FW) 3.25%:
Have you ever had Justin's salted peanut butter or their peanut butter cups? Well that's what I am reminded of when I taste these. The Peanut Butter flavor has a nice roasted and lightly salted taste to it, where as the pb cup is sweet, creamy, and has a hint of milk chocolate to it. I would have used the PB Cup only but it was too sweet and needed a roasted nut to balance it out more and act as the grated flecks of peanut on top of the pie in the picture.
Italian Cream (HS) 1% / Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2% / Vanilla Custard (CAP) 2%:
So I made several versions of this using different combinations of creams. I avoided cheesecake cause I recently made a cheesecake recipe and I want to branch out and work on improving my cream skills a bit more. I have never actually used Italian Cream in any recipes of my own before so I decided since my Nonnie is Italian, it was fitting. To be honest, I have no clue why this combo of creams is working so damn well but it is. I don't get any weird off notes even with only a week and a half of steeping but I am digging it a lot.
As its steeping, I am noticing the creams are taking over the mix a lot more but they are blending nicely with the PB. At shake and vape its definitely a lot more PB than I am looking for so I am happy its mellowing out as it steeps. The crust is present but not overwhelmingly so to turn this into a full on bakery flavor. I decided to not add any whipped cream topping to this mix because when I did, it came out tasting like peanut butter lucky charms if that's even a thing. I recommend giving it at least 2 weeks to steep. To all you peanut butter fans out there, hope you enjoy!


Little Bit of Paradise Tea
Brief Description:
This citrus forward fruity black tea vape. I have been wanting spring to start here in NYC so while dealing with the snow outside, I was dreaming of sipping something like this on a hammock somewhere sunny and warm.
Hibiscus (CAP) 3% / Black Tea (FLV) 1.5%:
The tea is a lighter element to this mix. I like the Black Tea flavor tho its really close to a sweetened tea. I wanted to help back it up and make it blend better with some of the citrus elements found in Hibiscus.
Pink Guava (FLV) 1% / Pineapple (INW) 2% / Lychee (FE) 0.75%:
The Pink Guava is definitely the more dominate note. One of the things it boost this recipe to make it feel more like a tea is upping the astringent element drinking tea provides. Black Tea already does that some. I have been wanting to find a good recipe to use this Lychee flavor in for a while. Its an excellent lychee flavor. Its pretty strong even in lower % so be careful. Since this was a bit sweeter than I wanted, I then used Pineapple to add a nice tropical citrus. Came out delicious. The flavor will stick to your coils for a little bit.

I tried this right after mixing it and was pleasantly surprised how close it felt to drinking a tropical fruity tea. After a few days, it really blends together well and mellows out enough that it isnt as much of a guava punch to the tastebuds.

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I am in love with this recipe and got to try it through the mixers club on reddit. Now I have to track down yakima hops..
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