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This recipe was created when I was playing around with (WF) Flapper Pie and I've been enjoying this flavor. To me flapper pie is a sweet creamy more of a whipped cream meringue-like flavor with a light vanilla and a hint of a crust which I use (INW) biscuit to help it out. I tried this with many other lemon flavor and it seems (FE) Lemon to be the perfect match for this recipe, its bright not candied but also not very natural in any way.
(FA) Custard is use to round up all the flavor and the reason I choose it over other custard because of the lemon flavor, it would definitely go well with the profile I'm aiming for.
You may get rid of the (CAP) super sweet if you like but I find it brightens the lemon and brings it out even more and I like my dessert to be sweet but use it however you like to.

This recipe had made its way into my daily rotation and I'd love to share it with you all. I love it so much and I hope you guys enjoy it like I do.


A recipe I always mix up for friends and families, it's super simple and easy yet super delicious! Mix it, shake it, and off you go!

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Thanks for the Ice cream, good stuff mate.
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Ive been going through your recipes and tbh I like all the ones ive tried lol. I choose my favorite of all the ones I tried to leave a comment. This has been in my rotation ever since I mixed it up thanks to you Dave. I love this stuff and your mixing style and i will try to mix up all of your recipes haha
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