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Dude. Strawberry and apple is just such a good combination. That's really all this recipe does. The lemonade is just there to round everything out and bring it together with a little citrus.

This was for the BB Mixxed Competition in 2016. I liked that recipe, but... Y'know. There was something really lacking. Mostly it was that fucking CAP CDS. I can't stand that shit anymore. Anyways, this is my updated version. Enjoy.

This is for the Beginner Blending competition. I love tobacco vapes, but it's seriously hard to find good recipes that don't require strange flavors that I'll never use for anything else, ever again. I have some substitutions for this, but I think that all of these flavors are pretty commonly found, so hopefully most mixers will be able to make it. My main inspiration for this was Wayne's Pistachio RY4U recipe, but that was primarily for the TPA Ry4 Double + FW Butterscotch Ripple. This is one of my go-to bases for sweeter tobaccos, which are my preference.
The Breakdown:
I started off with a ton of ideas for this competition. Apple fritter, apple torte, focus on the strawberry more than the apple, turn it into a sweet pretzel bite with apple chunks... Nah. I went with tobaccos, because they offer a world of complex, nuanced flavors. This is not to say that bakeries and the like are not complex, but I find that I can consistently vape on tobacco mixes for longer than I can on bakeries.

--Tobaccos: TPA Ry4 Double isn't much of a tobacco. It's really more sweet and dessert-y, but I feel that when you pair it with a stronger tobacco, they tend to balance and smooth each other out. In this case, I chose FLV Cured Tobacco. This is one of the few tobacco flavors that I have that aren't Hangsen or Inawera. I really should look more into FA tobaccos... anyways, it's a pretty strong tobacco, a little dry, and fairly smokey. I like it. Pairing it with the Ry4D softens up and mellows out the harsher, drier tones of the Cured Tobacco, and I think they complement each other rather well.
--Fruits: JF/FA Fuji obviously had to be in here, and I picked JF over FA Fuji because I think the softer apple flavor works a little bit better than the sharper FA one. Also, I kinda felt obligated to do it because I have access to it, so I didn't want to skip out on that. I'm still not 100% behind the percentage on this one, but I feel like it's pretty solid, and I've messed around with this fruit combination so fucking much I want to burn an apple tree. The TPA Strawberry Ripe also had to be in here, but it's a pretty weaksauce flavor. I used it here to 'bend' the apple and give it a bit more sweetness. It also helps to blend the sweetness of the FW Butterscotch and the JF Fuji together.
--Butterscotch: FW Butterscotch Ripple is just fucking delicious. It's begun to creep into probably half of my recipes now. It's like FA Meringue or some shit (not nearly as versatile, so don't hate me, it just fits my taste profile well). I need to play with other butterscotches and caramels, but I just can't bother with it. Moving on.
--Cinammon: CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is pretty good. I don't use it that often, but it's not bad or anything. I was playing with this and trying to figure out where the hell it should go in this recipe, and I realized that if you put it at a low percentage (1.5%), it just lends a nice cinnamon note. I upped it to 2% because I feel like the dryness comes out a little more gives a little more body to the tobaccos.

This recipe is a little weird, and there are some flavorings that would work better. However, I think that it incorporates the basket ingredients into a fairly unique submission in their best respective roles for this competition, and it helped me learn about my flavors a little more, especially the new JF ones. Thanks, guys.

As the name describes it, it's my take on a Creamy RY4 with some nuts. I might play with a bit more to warrant a name change. How do you feel about Jizz Nutz?

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I personally prefer this with the FLV Pink Guava at .25%. After a couple days, everything tones down a little and gets even more delicious, but this is a perfect shake and vape. Like RuntDastardly said, DV Absinthe is basically perfect. This is a complex blend of citrus and herbal, and it works incredibly well for those times you get vaper's tongue and need to switch it up.
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