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This is a clone of Bombies Black Out City, described as a Limoncello, Blueberry and Menthol. My version uses Polar Blast as a cooling agent, instead of menthol. I believe it highlights the lemon and the blueberry better, while still giving the mix an icy profile. Perfectly fine as a shake and vape, though due to the higher amount of Lemon Sicily used, can benefit from a day or two of steeping.


I wanted to create something fresh for the summertime with this one. I decided to start with the base flavor of Raspberry and work with some of its flavor affinities. Enter CAP Lemon Lime, a flavor I've had for awhile but have barely used. That's going to change now. It gives the mix a very nice juicy citrus profile. More lime than lemon with that flavor, but for its place in this recipe, that's a good thing. I decided to go with a third affinity for Raspberry, and that is Blackcurrant. FA Blackcurrant, in my opinion is the one and only Blackcurrant flavor you'll ever need. It also serves to deepen the Raspberry. Depending on how fresh your bottle of Lemon-Lime is, due to the alcohol, this is good as a SnV or overnight steep.

Key Lime Cream with light graham cracker, heavy on the cream. Named for Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys.


A Pear and Huckleberry medley with the slight kiss of Hibiscus

Contrary to its name, this will do the opposite to your taste buds. Trinity adapted to Sir ID10-T's Strap-On, sure to please the fruity, Blueberry fan. This one seems to require 3-4 days for everything to come together correctly. There's a bit too much of a bite for my liking right away.


A blooming mildly strawberry mix with a hint of bright citrus,

Recipe Notes:
FA Bilberry - This is the same percentage used in my blueberry trinity base. Its used to bring some fleshy fruit and a bit of tartness into the mix.
INW Cactus - Using this at the lowest possible amount in order to use its properties (wet, juicy and bright) instead of that cactus flavor that can sometimes overpower a mix without a few days steep.
TPA Hibiscus - This is the floral I just happen to have on hand so this is what I wanted to work with. Multiple notes on ELR reference it easily overpowering a mix or becoming perfumey, but after multiple tests I'm finding the other flavors in a mix burying it. Either that or it transforms the flavor into something I was not looking for. Here at 3%, it makes the mix "bloom" into something that immediately makes me think of standing in a field of ripe strawberries and wildflowers, with a slight spring breeze blowing through.
INW Lemon Mix - This is a very neat flavor. I'm just beginning to experiment with it. Its a like mix of fresh lemons and grapefruit rind. You definitely have to take into account the grapefruit. Using this in a recipe that is based around a Lemon profile does not always work. Sometimes I even seem to get a biting mint flavor out of it. I'm using this at a low enough percentage to bring both of those into the mix without killing it, which can happen with INW flavors.
FA Red Touch - Another flavor that I have recently found to have its perfect place here (Thanks to Strap-On ala u/ID10-T). Its a fresh strawberry, and depending on the recipe, I enjoy it better than TFA Strawberry Ripe.

Delicious, creamy spoonfuls of Strawberry Yogurt. FW Yogurt, CAP Creamy Yogurt and FA Madagascar Vanilla provide the backbone for a perfect yogurt base here. Feel free to change the fruit up in the recipe. In fact, I encourage you to experiment and come up with some wonderful versions of the yogurt. Here, I used my go-to combo of TPA Strawberry Ripe and JF Sweet Strawberry to achieve my desired fresh, but just sweet enough strawberries. Give the mix two weeks to fully steep.


Yet another Strap-on Remix, because that shit is so good and u/ID10-T has started a freakin revolution. Or something. Shove some peach in there to bang your senses into submission.


Sweet and tart blue raspberry candy. I have no idea what ingredients in Juicy Peach are responsible for altering the Raspberry flavor, but it works.


Smooth. Heavenly. Rich. Creamy. Spreadable Speculoos bliss. It's so good once it hits the lips. This is my take on those jars of ridiculous cookie butter. It's not spot on, but it is damn delicious.

User: EdibleMalfunction Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is one of the greatest things I have ever vaped. It is spot on exactly like a Green Tea Kit Kat and I really can't get enough of it. Five stars, two thumbs up, 100/100, all smiles
User: EdibleMalfunction Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
The Warrior reached up, and with arm outstretched, sliced off the Dragon's glistening jewels. The serpent let out an ear-splitting roar, and in humility took to the skies and soared away. "These will fetch quite the gold in the town market," the Warrior thought, back at camp. But then another thought came to him. "But what do they taste like?" Setting them upon the roasting fire, the Warrior began twitching in anticipation. The moment would soon arrive when he would find out. Plucking the round, toasted fleshy orbs from the flames, he plunged them into his waiting mouth. Biting down sends warm, fresh, milky cream flowing down the sides of his chin. "Interesting," The Warrior mused. "These taste faintly like Strawberry, but only of its ripeness. There's something else. Like the essence of the serpent is imbued upon my prickling tastebuds!" Pleased, the Warrior set off on yet another adventure, this time with a quest in mind. "I must have all of the Dragons' delectable dangly-bits," he smirked. "Every last pair of them..."
User: EdibleMalfunction Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
A delightful Mango and Violet candy reminiscent of Smarties, with a twist.
User: EdibleMalfunction Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
I didn't even use percentages. I just dumped my full bottles of flavor into an empty 2 liter of Mountain Dew and added a bit of VG. I may never see again, but it tasted grate. A+
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