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This is the first mix attempt of Keep It 100's Blue Slushie and first attempt at a clone/remix. Also, my first shared recipe!

Blue Slushie is by far the most popular liquid at all 5 shops that I manage. It's easy on the coils, tasty, and tends to keep its flavor throughout the whole 100ml bottle. It's not an overly complicated recipe by any means. Bright and straightforward blue raspberry with a hint of strawberry.

Right off the shake, it was fairly close. Not quite as sweet, which I don't mind.
After sitting over night, it brightens up a bit, a little more authentic to the original.
After a full day, the strawberry starts to pull through, raspberry tones don't. It loses some of the "blue" that I'm looking for.

Liquid Barn - Blue Raspberry
This flavor by itself is fairly close to the smell and taste of Blue Slushie. Mixed at Liquid Barn's recommendation of 8%.

Capella - Sweet Strawberry
Added to give a light strawberry taste on the exhale. Not meant to be a main note as most customers at the shop I manage don't even notice there is strawberry.

Capella - Super Sweet
I added 1 drop per 10ml. I have only made one batch so far. Going to tweak this as I go.

UPDATE: Have changed the recipe to brighten/extend the "blue" flavor after a few days.
TPA Raspberry Sweet @ 2.5%
Dropped LB Blue Raspberry to 6%

User: DustinLee Score: 4 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Best for me after 8-10 day steep. I found it fairly harsh after the recommended time of 3 days. It was still very LMP heavy. Around day 8 the tart/cookie flavor started to pull through. Solid recipe. One of the better ones that I've had. Will be mixing more!
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