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Please Note - This is purely a work of FICTION, no real life events have inspired this, it is purely out of fun!

Glaring in your direction, he adjusts his round framed glasses in a manner that begs you to come closer. You get up to get a better view of the action, the couch just wasn't cutting it. He asks if you would like a chair to sit down next to him, but you have been sitting all day, the standing is a nice break and gets the blood flowing through your lower body. He explains the type of flavor he's going for, a simple recipe really, but he wants to add his own twist on it. He wants it to stand out, make it unique. It's a recipe that has been done time and time again, but he feels it can be mastered. While explaining it, your train of thought begins to drift off, looking at him head to toe while nodding in agreement, but you are lost in his eyes, hiding behind the lenses.

"Are you alright? You look a little overwhelmed," he calmly asks. His genuine concern for your well-being catches you off guard.

"Y-yeah, I was just wondering where you got those glasses bud, they really fit your eyes well." a quick remark to cover your tracks not to make him feel uncomfortable.

"Lenscrafters." He replied while staring longingly at his collection, meticulously calculating in his head trying to spark something that would really blow this out of the water. He walks over to his bottles, and begins to take the caps off, sniffing each one with intense thought, trying to find the perfect pairs for each flavoring. He grabs one of his favorites, a classic really. "I think Capella Sweet Strawberry is going to be the star," he proclaims. "care to suggest some creams?" your mind starts racing, it feels like he is hitting on you, but you decide to play it cool, subduing your instinctual impulses to suggest anything lewd.

"Vanilla Custard is one of my favorites, but I feel like it's been played out, maybe start with some Bavarian?" you start to realize what he was explaining earlier, he wants to make a strawberry and cream recipe! "A touch of Vienna Cream may do the trick here as well." Nodding in agreement, he picks out those flavors along with a few others. Staring at the bottles in front of him sputtering barely audible moans as he reads the labels. Sectioning off flavors, one pile for strawberry, another for the creams. "Do you think it's going to be podcast worthy?" a question that carries some weight for you, as you have always been wanting to get recognized, you want a spotlight along with Wayne and other mixers, maybe be apart of DIYorDie some day. The possibilities are endless once you get your name out there, but for now you bounce from failed recipe to failed recipe, painfully vaping through your Frankenstein-esque creations. You're hoping it all changes this day.

"This may be too amazing for the podcast, we'll just have to wait and find out." Wayne starts to carefully drop flavors into his bottle with the logo of his website plastered on. Your lips become moist, quickly filling your mouth up with saliva as you watch a master at work. You have waited for this moment all of the one month you have been mixing, pinching yourself to be assured you are not dreaming. He looks over at you for validation at what he has mixed so far. "I’ve layered the Sweet Strawberry with some Shisha Strawberry, to give it some real sweet jammy feel, and added a smidge of Red Touch."

"That sounds...so good Wayne, I can almost taste the succulent strawberries entering my lips." You nervously answer, barely paying attention to the actual mixing as your gaze has been fixed to his broad shoulders and tight fit body. You can only imagine that is what a god would look like. A dribble of drool begins to fall from your lips as you watch him look at the creams he has laid out before him.

"Let's work on the creams a bit more in depth," Wayne suggests, "I feel like the strawberries will only get you so far, the cream is where it needs to really stand out." Your brain goes blank, you stare at the wall of concentrates, trying to rack your brain for any and all creams you have heard of, something common but that will fit perfectly and create the ultimate cream.

"Maybe let's build our way up, how about Fresh Cream?" Of course! Fresh Cream, how did you not think of that before, it's perfect here, now to just think of some more creams. "What if we used Cream Cheese Icing, or New York Cheesecake by Cappella? I feel like Vienna would play well with those." You get closer to him, resting your hand onto his shoulder which he doesn’t seem to mind.

"That sounds like something that could certainly work. We will need to input at least one or two more to really give it some depth." You begin to sweat, visibly shaking at the thought of Wayne taking your recipe ideas and using them. You can't help but think this truly is going to be the greatest mix of all time. As you pull a quick puff from your e-cig, you continue to ponder on what else to add into the mix. Something simple, fluffy, a light bulb pops off in your head.

"Marshmallow!" screamed in excitement, catches Wayne off guard, but he regains his composure and searches for his bottle. "Let's use two percent, I feel like it'll really bring in some of that heaviness to balance the rest."

"Good thinking, I'll add it, do you still want to use Bavarian Cream? I'm not so sure it will mix well here." Wayne notices these words have created some tension, the words piercing your ears with harsh criticism. You quickly glance at the floor, trying to imagine vaping on this recipe that is so far been created. You quickly realize the Bavarian wouldn't work here, it may need something a little more light, not heavy like Bavarian. You walk over to the wall of concentrates, searching with all of your might. Your eyes become fixed upon Inawera Shisha Vanilla. This could be it, the make or breaking point in the recipe. Rushing over in excitement you trip over the desk and your hand lands onto Wayne's lap. Shocked, but also pleasantly surprised you gaze up at him. What feels like hours you gaze into his eyes, getting lost like a kid in a candy store. You can feel the tension growing, a puzzled look on Wayne's face causes you to re-evaluate the situation, but you've already come this far, might as well push the boundaries a bit. You start rubbing his inner thigh, instead of pushing you away, he positions himself a bit closer to you.

"What are you doing?" Wayne questions as you continue to caress your hand across his lap, working your way closer and closer to the center.

"Before we try this mix, I want you to show me your own personal cream." As you stare in his eyes, you begin to unzip his pants. He very hesitantly allows it, with a look of disbelief on his face. You begin stroking Wayne's half chubbed meat rod, trying to achieve full erection. "I can show you mine if it makes you more comfortable." He shakes his head in disapproval. Not wanting to see your fully erect cock hurts your ego a little bit, and before you realize, you are stroking harder and harder. With Wayne's throbbing cock in hand, you begin to introduce a new method into the mix. Your lips grip his thick veiny dick while your tongue stimulates the head. A gasp from Wayne ensures you are doing well so far, so you decide to continue. Sucking like a lollipop, lightly teasing the underside of his head, you push your head further and further down, until your throat is full of cock. Tongue sliding up and down his shaft while starting to play with his balls you can hear soft whimpers coming from Wayne. Whimpers growing into moans as you swallow his whole manhood, you know he is enjoying this. You look up and notice his face is growing red, eyes closed in pure ecstasy while you are going down on him. Taking a break from poking your esophagus with his long schlong, you begin to suck on his testicles. Putting the full sack into your mouth using the same method with your tongue on his shaft, he begins to start flinching to the sensation.

"Holy shit this is incredible, I may be close to finishing." Not wanting to end your fun too soon, you begin to ease up and start a slower stroke on his dick. You tease it with your tongue, but you notice Wayne shifting in his seat, in anticipation of orgasm. You have him stand up while you continue to stroke and lick all over his nether regions. A loud moan followed by pulsating of the penis, you know a creamy explosion is about to occur in your mouth. Wayne quickly grabs a bottle of sweet strawberry, whispering to you, "I want you to experience the full potential of my strawberry and cream." After quickly glazing his cock, he shoves it back into your mouth and begins to thrust. Face-fucking you full of strawberry goodness, you can't wait for the creams to come in. The thought of his sperm entering your body arouses you to the point of ejaculation, you close your eyes in anticipation, knowing it's going to occur soon.
The first burst of cum quickly slides onto your tongue. The sweet succulent protein continues to fill your mouth, giving you a rich and full strawberry and cream experience. Your boxers begin to fill up with your own creams from the sensation of it all. You back your head away in order to get a more flavorful experience, swishing around the strawberry cum around your mouth before you swallow. Wayne hastily puts together his zipper, and sits back down in his chair with the thought of continuing the mix. He looks distracted and uncomfortable, but his mind is set on finishing the recipe. Putting in the Shisha Vanilla, at two percent, he feels like it is ready to try. Shaking up the bottle he remarks, "I'm really hoping this is good, something I can vape on forever."

"All I know is I probably just had the greatest strawberry and cream, nothing is going to top that." A smirk from Wayne as he loads up his freshly wicked cotton with your collaborated concoction. He takes a puff, eyes light up as he passes you the bottle to try it for yourself.

"I think this is the one, the end all be all strawberry and cream. This recipe is truly a banger." You moisten your cotton, and prepare to take your puff. As the vapor hits your tongue, you can only taste what had been previously on it moments before. You take another puff, and another, but it all tastes the same. You know the strawberry semen had cleared your palate, but it tasted almost identical. Could you have created what you experienced in vapor form? Is it possible? You keep vaping in disbelief.

"I'm really enjoying this, Wayne. I think this is the best mix in the world, I really feel like you should talk about this on the podcast."

"I think this is too special for the podcast, I want this to be our little secret, keeping it to ourselves. It's too good to release, at least for now." He lets you keep the bottle, asking you to keep him updated on the progression of the steep. You nod in agreement, and make up an excuse to leave as you are filled with excitement and cum, wanting to give yourself pleasure while vaping on your juice. You leave the apartment, and as the door closes you turn back to give a sly wink at Wayne. You load your tank in the hallway and continue on your way home while reminiscing and feeling accomplished that you have now become a master mixer.

The story inspired me to make this recipe, I was thinking it out and realized I didn't really have a good strawberry and cream recipe to vape on, as I grew tired of my old one. This one really hits the nail on the head for me, I'm considering bumping up the Sweet Strawberry, but as it is the strawberries hide extremely well into the creams, giving a good mix of both. It truly is a milk of the gods.


Changing up Id10t's Strap-on, I wanted to go with something that wouldn't change the whole profile overall, even though I started with something that did, I went back and decided to make it into a bubblegum flavor! It's a subtle change, but definitely gives you that classic bubble gum taste accompanied by the fruits. I was going to drop down the Bubble Gum to 1.5 as it's strong shake and vape, but after around 3-4 days the flavor seems to fall off and take it's place in the mix. Not too far off from the original, just more of a bubble gum take on it.

I wanted to use my bottle of TFA Holida Spice, because...well it smells delicious, and I had no other uses for it really. It smells just like eggnog to me, with that delicious nutmeg smell, so I figured I would try to make something tasty out of it. Here's the breakdown of everything here. I may change stuff up, but I feel like this version is delicious enough to warrant a post. You can always up the Cin danish to get a little more kick out of it. It needs some time to steep, for everything to mend together but it is well worth it.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl + Holiday Spice = The eggnog spice section, I wanted to give a little spiced edge to the base because what's eggnog without a little bit of cinnamon? The danish swirl also contributes a little bit to the cookie aspect as well.

Madagascar + Milk and Honey + Vanilla Custard = This makes a super delicious creamy filling to it, like an actual eggnog feel, thick in all the right places, and a nice vanilla flavor. it blends really well with the holiday spice and cinnamon danish swirl to create that delicious eggnog taste.

Sugar Cookie = Well it's an Eggnog Sugar cookie, so of course I needed to use this, it's delicious, creamy, sweet, the perfect component.


So I wanted to use up FA Zeppola in something, so I started looking at fried desserts, and found this one!

HS Pumpkin Pie is perfect for the rich pumpkin flavor, although it requires a bit of a steep to get those sour off flavors and for it to really start filling out to the creamy pumpkin it is, the steep time is worth it. It's a weaker Hangsen flavor, but really good. there are really no spice flavorings in it, it's just straight pumpkin pie filling. I'm dropping it from 6 to 4, because I think it's a bit too strong here. I still need to test it, it may be good, may be too strong. But the fritter aspect seems a bit lost sometimes when vaping and not consistent.

I added Cinnamon Danish to give it some spice, and help fill out the bready part of the fritter. After some time the Zeppola really takes over and the pumpkin takes shape into the baked aspect, tastes like a pumpkin cake with some sugar on top.

The picture/recipe I derived this from has some ice cream paired with it, so I decided to throw in VBIC and Vanilla Custard for some creaminess, kind of like a side of ice cream with each bite, but I think it really helps out the mix altogether. I only tried it a few days after I mixed it, and all I could taste was pumpkin, tried it 10 days after mixing and now it's way in the back. I'm very pleased with this, probably going to go through the little of the 10mL I have left and mix up something more long term. I may keep updating this but for now I really like where it's at.


Super good, this was pretty much perfect when I first mixed it, only made a minor adjustment. It's super refreshing, can be an ADV easily. Nice straw-kiwi mix with a splash of lime at the finish. Not too creamy, just enough to hit that smoothie cream notes.

This has been a little project of mine for a while, my first ever rendition was super close, but then I tinkered too much and it fell apart. Recently I went back and rewrote it, and I think I nailed it. Vaping this is like shoving a handful of lifesaver gummies into your mouth, it's sweet and fruity. It needs a couple days for the FW Hard Candy to settle in, as well as the CAP Sweet Tangerine to die down. Vaping it at lower wattage can bring out the cherry and pineapple as well as the tangerine a bit, I feel like it changes every puff into a new flavor. Higher wattage you can taste everything pretty well, its a very fruity mix. The watermelon isn't so prominent in the recipe, but it gives a nice sweetness. Meringue was just to sweeten it up without Sucralose or EM.

The cinnamon is pretty light, probably needs a drop of Rich Cinnamon in there to really bring it to life. This is still a huge WIP. It's supposed to be a cream cheese filled Churro. The TPA Butter was to add a bit of grease to the Churro, brown sugar to smooth out rough edges and add some sweetness along with the meringue. The French vanilla to add some creaminess to the cream cheese icing, and of course funnel cake and CDS are the churro. I would rather not bump up CDS, but I like where it's at for now, but will still adjust it to taste. It's pretty tasty but nowhere near completed. I still need a deep friedness to it and it's been hard to find it.

Gingerbread is some strong stuff, so use sparingly, even this might be too much. The actual recipe I was inspired by calls for Walnuts, but I improvised and added 2 different nuts. Meringue for sweetness, and Liquid amber to bake the pears. Finished with a splash of VBIC on top. So far it's held up to a few days steep, still got that cooked pear taste on top with gingerbread adding some of that spice.

I've only had it steeping for about a day or so. It's pretty tasty and definitely gets me in the Christmas mood. The White Chocolate gets kind of drowned out by the Peppermint, so I'm considering dropping it down to .75%, but it seems to die down on it's own after a few days. I'm going to let it steep for about a week before I make my final version, but I feel like it's in a good spot to share right now. I may not change anything, but I don't know right now. It's definitely super pepperminty with some creaminess mixed in. It goes great with coffee!

So I've been in the holiday mood, and I've seen multiple Gingerbread recipes out there, but whenever I tried to make them they were just way too potent and harsh, a little off putting. /u/billgarmsarmy from Reddit has a Gingerbread recipe that I started with, it had a really good base to it, so I incorporated that into mine. He used 5% of the Gingerbread by TFA which I think was waaaaayyyyy too much. I toned it down a shit ton, and I really like it. I also used /u/meanrockSD's idea of using chai tea for a more creamy, almost like a glaze of icing on the top of the cookie as well as Brown Sugar for a little more moisture and sweetness. It just fits really well. After tasting a longer steeped version, the Chai Tea is pretty distinct, and without the heavy gingerbread % I decided to just cut it out completely. The AP might be unnecessary, but I think it adds a little more breadiness to the whole thing.

JF Bavarian Cream can be swapped at same % for TFA Bavarian Cream, it's just what I was working with.

An alternate version:

Add TFA Peppermint - .75%
Increase Gingerbread to 1.75%
Add LA Cream Cheese Icing - 1%

For a pepperminty Gingerbread!

You can S&V it, but it may have some balance issues, give it a few days and it should be nicely mixed and tasty! Happy Holidays!

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Everybody that tries this falls in love with it, and I had to put my bottle away and forget about it so I could try it after a few weeks. I'm typing this as I'm mixing more up, definitely deserves 5 stars. Simple, tasty and full of flavor.
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This truely does taste like a Chocolate Doughnut! Maybe not a glazed one, to me it tastes more like a Chocolate Devil Cake doughnut, but I also subbed the Yellow Cake for Jungle Flavors, so that may have something to do with it. It's a different flavor profile than I usually vape, but definitely a nice, rich change. I'm a little offput by FA Joy, but it works so well in this mix. The second bottle I've mixed up I dropped it to around .5% and it's a lot more subtle but still adds. My bottle definitely doesn't last long with this stuff!
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Mixed it up but subbed out TFA Banana Cream with LA Banana Cream and it's delicious! Just a shake and vape but I'm sure it'll just keep getting better!
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