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Finally a strawberry milk that I'm really proud of. Its been a long journey to get here but mission complete. The use of Fw vbic and cap sweetcream with the hazelnut is a perfect sweet milk base. The strawberry bounce off each other to really make a great sweet syrup. The thing that really took it home was the RF pink burst which was the SC version.

Sometimes we take all our skills and struggle to perfect a mix. This is NOT one of those times. This time the stars aligned and blew up a beautiful sweet pink starburst on the first try. Now there was for thought in the percentages and the FA Mandarin plays off that tangy juicyness you get from an actual starburst. The Real Flavors is the Super Concentrate so keep that in mind speaking of Mind get yours blown and mix this shit.

Strawberry milk yum yum. Been playing with RF as I'm sure a lot of people are lately. I tool a tried and true strawberry base from MixinDADs strawberry grail. If you haven't had that them your missing out. But this is why were here and this is worth giving a mix especially of your a strawberry fan.

Fruity pebbles infused Creamy cheese cake. Metaphor is the star that pulls this cast together. Mix this and you'll be in a state of bliss.
Caution may lead to excessive Vaping due to chasing this amazing flavor. Dripper Drops is not liable for mass juice consumption. This one taste good after 2 days but give it 2 weeks and you'll really be amazed.

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