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Based off a Bourbon Rickey... and well seeing as Concrete River's name is Rick and he put me onto Auroa which I love I thought I would use his name in this one.

Kentucky Bourbon = We all know and love for that boozy note
VT Bourbon = Has more complexity in flavour than the Kentucky so rounds out our bourbon heavy cocktail
FA Aurora = The real citrus bite that you need in a Booze and Lime cocktail plus it adds some "fizz"
Fizzy Sherbet = Helps boost that fizz of the soda water and general cocktail feel
FA Lime Tahity = Pushes it a bit more towards the "lime" rather than a generic citrus or lemon

The harshness seems to settle after a day but its pretty good off the shake

So I had a Rum Ba Ba at a restaurant (see picture) and it was wonderful. A lighter than air dough, they cut it open at the table and then poured a lot of rum over it and spooned the lightly whipped cream ... and then the sugary glaze like syrup... it was wonderful so here is my take.

WF Rum Baba SC - It;s got a bit of the rum and the nice glaze to it so its a good starting point
Jamaican Rum - It needed a good rum boost and boozy note and this brings the noise on that
Creme Chantily - This is the cream on top, that melts in, its got that wonderful creamy texture (thanks MlNikon for this tip)
yellow cake + zeppola - The rum ba ba flavour is missing the "baba" so these two add a light fluffy baba with a hint of doughyness
Caramel Salted - This just drives the caramel flavour home I think

Straight off the shake it tastes good but over a couple of days it picks up on the cake a bit more and fills out.


Jellied sweets from my childhood in New Zealand. They have a hint of a vanilla/peaches and cream style to half of them and the jellied peach top.

FA Peach White & INW Peach : The INW Peach is the main note, with the FA White Peach to boost it up.
CAP 27 Bears : Brings the jelly sweet note this is a solid jellied candy flavour
Vanilla Swirl : This makes it a thicker mouth fell and a touch of the vanilla in there
VT Fizzy Sherbet : This brightens the peach and brings it forward as well as making it more "candy"

I hope you enjoy its my first public recipe. Its a nice SNV and not harsh for a peach vape. It settles nicely over a couple of days.... feedback good or bad is welcome!

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I am a bit skittish when it comes to juice but this has become a solid in my ADV rotation. It is brilliant if you like a nice ice cold beer, or if you just feel you are an adult and are sick of vaping candies and strawberry milk. Its got a solid fruit bite and really does remind me of a fruity citrus IPA sitting by the river on a hot summers day.
User: Drawaes Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Brilliant tobacco. The first tobacco that I can see entering my rotation. Mixit up for sure
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