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Mixer's Block sucks. Thank god for FLV Root Beer for sparking this idea and to my inspirations from Minty Down Under v2 from Rage and Anubis Nectar from Vurve.

FLV Root Beer 2% - I like this here as its not overpowering but adds that great root beer spice. I love this flavoring so much.

HS French Ice Cream/TFA VBIC/FA Merngue - This is the base for most of my ice creams, shout outs to Vurve's Anubis Nectar that inspired this base

HS Chocolate Cream/HS Australian Chocolate - This combo comes from Minty Down Under v2 from Rage. I love how these chocolates work together and they really work well with the ice cream base and the FLV Root Beer.

I get a good flavor of that sip you take after you drop in a scoop of chocolate ice cream into a glass of root beer and it starts to melt just slightly.

I mixed this at 80vg/20pg and let it steep for a week.


When I first got into the DIY scene, I remember trying to clone my favorite juice at the time "Bad Blood" from Bad Drip which is a Blueberry, Pomegranate, Vanilla. Of course being new it wasn't great but I liked it at the time. Well, Wayne's whole remix month got me thinking about revisiting the profile. I am not buying the juice to compare so I won't call it a clone or a remix but it is my take on the Blueberry, Pomegranate, Vanilla profile and I really dig what I'm tasting.

FW Blueberry: This is the blueberry hands down. At first I thought maybe a realistic blueberry but that didn't work. It needed to be sweet and a bit on the sweeter candy side and this at 4% really works.

FA Bilberry: I needed the blueberry to still have some connection to the real world so Bilberry here does the job of pulling down the FW Blueberry so it doesn't taste like straight blueberry syrup and helps FW Blueberry connect to the Pomegranates.

TFA/FA Pomegranate: I can never choose between TFA or FA Pomegranate so they both get spotlighted here. TFA a little higher because it's not as strong as FA is to me but together they make a very nice Pomegranate.

INW Shisha Vanilla: We are aiming for a vanilla profile and this is the cleanest vanilla without adding too much cream and gives the recipe a nice vanilla shine at the end of the vape. This honestly sits in my top 3 flavorings of all time and I just am in love with Shisha Vanilla. I might just marry this flavoring someday :>

TFA Sweetener: Being inspired by "Bad Blood" by Bad Drip means I'm more than likely going to use sweetener to give it just a tad more sweetness and 1% is the perfect percentage to get that extra little bump I need.

Mix at 80vg/20pg like "Bad Blood" and if you guys try it out PLEASE leave me feedback. I can only get better if I get honest opinions and I will love you guys still no matter what you say, love it or hate it. SnV approved as well.

Hazelnut Coffee with Cream and Sugar

Wake Up!

FA Up 1%

FA Up serves as the base of the coffee. By itself it is not enough but 1% is a good start to build and then HS Hazelnut Coffee comes into play.

HS Hazelnut Coffee 2%

I really enjoy HS Hazelnut Coffee but it certainly benefits from FA Up to add more of the coffee note that gets a bit hidden by the Hazelnut.

FW Hazelnut 2%

FW Hazelnut is neccessary to get that Hazelnut Creamer taste that I like with my coffee. This flavoring nails the hazelnut taste but also has a level of cream that really makes it versatile in a lot of recipes.


I still needed one more cream that wasn't going to be too heavy as to sit in the bottom of the profile and CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream is always my go to when this situation happens. It mixes well with everything and doesn't sit too low in the profile when I want the coffee to sit heavy.

TFA Sweetener 1.5%

I love my coffee light and sweet and when making a recipe based on how I like my coffee, sweetener was a must to capture that taste. Feel free to play around with this percentage, I found for myself and I really like my coffee sweet that 1.5% was perfect.

This recipe is great as a SnV, the hazelnut creamer is the first flavor you will taste followed by coffee on the back note of the exhale which reminds me of drinking coffee. I use so much creamer and sugar in my coffee that I taste those first and then the taste of coffee will come through in the end. The longer it steeps the more that coffee note will start to be stronger but it never leaves the back note which is exactly where I want to it to stay. I mix at 80vg/20pg so if you mix this at any other ratio please let me know how it comes out!


Rice Pudding with Cinnamon

This took me a long time and has been my current white whale. I've tried a lot of different flavorings and combinations and have finally settled on what will be my final version of this recipe. I'm not fully convinced its 100% accurate but I think I've come as close as I can to realizing the pudding in rice pudding. Nailing the rice itself would have been very hard as it is very much a texture and not so much a flavor but nonetheless here it finally is. Puddin'

CAP Horchata: I tried three different Horchata flavorings in trying to find what works and for me TFA Horchata Smooth was way to overpowering with the cinnamon. CAP Horchata is a good flavor to use since it has the rice milk note that I need to convey rice pudding. This one is more of the milk and less of the rice but it works here in conjunction with FW Horchata

FW Horchata: This Horchata flavoring to me has a bit more of that rice itself which I found weird but combining it with CAP Horchata gives me the base to work with for rice pudding.

CAP Vanilla Custard v1: I needed something to help make this more of a heavier vape and CAP Vanilla Custard does just that while adding in good creaminess and vanilla that I associate with Rice Pudding

INW Shisha Vanilla: By far my favorite Vanilla flavoring and here it helps boost the vanilla in the recipe.

JF Bavarian Cream: I wanted some more creaminess and JF Bavarian Cream is a really good flavor to use to help meld all the creams together as well as add just a bit more body

FA Meringue: I wanted to try to add some sweetness to this recipe and also add a bit of a light cream on top and this helps with that

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream: Like in Don't Panic, I love the combo of CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream and FA Meringue as they really work well together so this helps add to that light cream.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: I wanted some cinnamon in this recipe and TFA Horchata Smooth was just not doing it for me in adding the cinnamon. I admit I was hesistant to use CDS since the first BB competition but have been using it a bit more lately. This helps give a cinnamon flavor and also helps boost a bit of grain which helps convey the Rice Pudding profile.

TFA Toasted Marshmallow: This is here to add some more sweetness and helps meld the creams further together as this is a pretty heavy cream based recipe.

TFA Sweetener: I know. I am usually not a fan adding in sweetener into my recipes. Maybe it's pride or maybe its something else. Maybe the hype juice with 5% sweetener has made me weary of sweetener in general but this recipe without it just wasn't sweet enough. It just wasn't giving me that pudding sweetness that I know and love. At first I tried 1% and it was TOO sweet. But at 0.5% it gives the recipe just enough sweetness to emulate pudding without stealing the spotlight from the recipe itself.

With everything in this, I recommend a two week steep. Its pretty tasty after a week though if you are impatient like me :D. I mix mine at 80vg/20pg but feel free to let me know if you mix it at any other ratio and how it comes out. I would love to hear feedback since this has been in the works for at least like four months now which is longer than any other recipe I've worked on. <3 <3 <3

Lemon Meringue Pie with Blackberry.

Meringue inhale followed with lemon and then blackberry. Graham Cracker comes through on the backend lending the heaviness that contrasts on the airy light start. I really like how this vapes as it goes from light to heavy throughout the inhale and exhale going from the meringue to the lemon to the graham cracker, much like eating Lemon Meringue Pie.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie: Man I love this flavoring for that Lemon Meringue. While it's not enough on its own for me, it's a perfect base to start building.

FA Meringue: I know it might be a reoccurring thing for FA Meringue to be such a staple in a lot of my recipes but this flavoring is just that good for what I want it to do. In this case it helps adds a bit sweetness and light airiness that I want from Meringue on the top of a Lemon Meringue Pie.

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream: This flavoring man! It is a great light cream that helps the Meringue shine. I've been enjoying this FA Meringue and CAP VWC combo a lot lately.

TFA Blackberry: I wanted to distinguish this Lemon Meringue Pie from any other and I settled on Blackberry adding to the Lemon. TFA Blackberry is a bit sweet and tart but is very potent. No more than 1% or it really gets overbearing. But for me, it is the perfect flavoring when I want to add a Blackberry note to a recipe.

TFA Pear: I originally wanted to do this with FA Pear but found out I actually don't have any but you can sub it in because its main job in the recipe is to help out the Blackberry just a bit more to mix it with the Lemon better. I found 1% too much for this as the Pear started to override but at half a percent it sits back far enough to lend its help with out stealing the spotlight.

CAP Lemon Sicily: I use this at 0.5% just to help boost the lemon and the blackberry a bit more.

TFA Graham Cracker Clear: What's a lemon meringue pie without a nice graham cracker crust? This flavoring speaks for itself but it also does help add a heaviness that is missing and finishes off the vape nicely. Without it this would be too airy and light and would miss that bottom note that TFA GCC adds in.

I mix all my recipes at 80vg/20pg but feel free to do whatever ratio works for you and feel free to let me know how it works out. <3 <3 <3


I was at work one day and was offered a Butterscotch Krimpet from Tastykake from one of my coworkers and I hadn't had one of these in forever. I forgot how much I loved this treat and started thinking about how to get this in vape form and thus Great Scotch! was born. My first recipe didn't go so well, being too dry and the icing just wasn't working so shoutouts to @rageisalotofwork and @mlNikon from the DIY Discord for helping me figure out to use CAP Butter Cream and FA Cream Fresh at 1.5% both to help combat the dryness I was dealing with in my first version and help the frosting pop. Shoutouts as well to @Vurve who helped me work on the Butterscotch flavoring as I was having trouble near the end of this recipe getting the Butterscotch where I liked it.

JF Yellow Cake: What cake recipe can't start with a good cake base? JF Yellow Cake at 3% gives me the cake base I need to make this treat work.

Flavorah Butterscotch/Flavor West Butterscotch: It is a butterscotch krimpet so I needed a good butterscotch flavoring. Having read some of the flavor notes from DIY or DIE I settled on Flavorah's Butterscotch to give the frosting that butterscotch taste. It sits nice in the recipe at 1% but it isn't enough to fully complete the Butterscotch taste I want so we also add in some of Flavor West Butterscotch at 1% as well. Vurve really helped me out here with this recommendation as I was struggling to figure out which Butterscotch would help give me the taste I was looking for. These two Butterscotch flavorings give a nice Butterscotch flavor to the cake that you notice right after you taste the cake.

Capella's Vanilla Cupcake v2: I decided to use Capella's Vanilla Cupcake v2 to supplement the cake base as well as a base for the frosting. I originally used v1 but it was much more of the bottom of a cupcake as opposed to the top where the frosting is at. v2 helps as it still has a bit of that cupcake flavor but the frosting aspect is much more present in v2 than in v1 to me. At 2% it does what I need it to do and it brings the cake and frosting together.

Flavor Art Caramel: This is specifically to boost the butterscotch a little bit more and to bind everything together just a bit more. I only use it 0.5% to not get in the way of the other flavorings but to help tie things together.

Capella Butter Cream and Flavor Art Cream Fresh: Originally I was going to use Capella Vanilla Cupcake as the sole flavoring for the frosting but I encountered a problem with dryness and a bit of flavor lacking in the frosting. Thankfully Rage and mlNikon recommended these two together at 1.5% each and it has helped a ton. Now the recipe is much more moist and the frosting pops more.

Like my usual mixes, I mixed this at 80%VG and 20%PG. It's not bad as a S&V but it really benefits a ton from at least a week steep.

I've been trying to figure out a recipe I liked using INW White Grapefruit and this is the result. The flavor profile is a nice grapefruit followed by the vanilla which gives a nice glaze over the pomegranate and a general tropical end.

INW White Grapefruit: This is the main note of the recipe. I use this at 1% as it is a strong flavoring and is quite smooth. I really like this flavoring a lot but took awhile to figure out what to pair it with. This gives the inhale a really good grapefruit taste.

INW Shisha Vanilla: My favorite vanilla flavoring by far, this gives a nice sweet glaze of vanilla over the fruit notes. At first I used 1% but felt it wasn't enough but 1.5% seems to work for what I want it to do in this recipe.

FA Pomegranate/TFA Pomegranate: This is something I've been doing with pomegranate in general is using both of these flavorings together to accentuate each other. What I find is FA at 1% and TFA at 3% gives me a very nice pomegranate that sits behind the grapefruit, in front of the tropical notes and right under the vanilla.

TFA Dragonfruit: At first this recipe was just the Grapefruit, Pomegranate and Vanilla and it got harsh on me quick. For this reason I decided to change some pace up and try adding in a bit of a tropical flavor to it and Dragonfruit does a great job with that. Since it has a similar profile as pineapple does and has a bit of a creamy note to it, this helps smooth out the recipe and adds in a nice tropical note.

FA Passionfruit: This was a wild guess. Upon flavor testing this I noticed it had a nice sweet tropical fruit note that made sense to pair it with the dragonfruit and it works really well to make a tropical fruit profile that comes through at the end of the exhale.

FA Fuji: I use Fuji to tie up all the fruit flavors together and smooth it all into one nice flavor. Originally I used it at 1% but bumped it just a bit to 1.5% for a little extra help.

Overall a nice clean Grapefruit, Pomegranate and Tropical Fruit vape with a nice vanilla shine. Shake and Vape, I mix at 80vg/20pg personally but you do you baby.

This is my submission for the MIXXED Competition.

What I created here is a Cinnamon Apple Cream Cake. What I wanted was a nice yellow cake with a thin but sweet cream layer topped with Cinnamon Apples. Hope you guys enjoy!

I have not had much experience with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl so this whole process was a lot of fun to work with something I had never touched before. I had a lot of ideas but this is the recipe that stood out most to me and I enjoyed vaping on the most. With that said, here we go.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: Going into this comp I had never used this flavoring or any cinnamon flavoring before. So of course I began doing my testing and I settled upon 1.5% because I wanted to get that Cinnamon Apple. I felt like too much CDS would lead to the danish coming out which I didn't want. At this percentage it compliments the apple nicely giving me that Apple cooked with some Cinnamon that I was looking for. This is a really useful flavoring that I look forward to working with more in the future and it's thanks to this competition.

FA Fuji: This is my favorite Apple flavoring. It can be quite strong so I settled for 1.5% to match the CAP CDS. 2% would have probably worked as well but I didn't want this flavoring to overpower the cake, the cinnamon and the cream.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: This is not a flavoring that works very well with cinnamon. What it does do is supply EM to the recipe to round everything off. 2% may actually be a little high here but I do enjoy it here to curb the cake, the apple, the cinnamon and the cream together into a flavor I enjoyed.

JF Yellow Cake: The hype is real. I never used FW Yellow Cake once the drama around the use of fructose and corn syrup exploded and I refrained from using it. Then comes along Jungle Flavors Yellow Cake and BAM, this is such a wonderful cake flavoring. I knew once I tried it that I wanted to make at least one recipe for this contest that included this. At 3% you get a very nice light fluffy yellow cake that isn't intimidated by the creams, the cinnamon or the apple.

FA Meringue: This is probably my favorite of the FlavorArt creams. It's extremely versatile and can be used in so many situations. Here I wanted to add a nice layer of cream that wasn't super heavy like a custard or heavy cream but something that was still sweet. Meringue does exactly that in this recipe and at 1% it gives me the nice thin sweet layer of cream that I want.

FA Cream Fresh: Now that I have my thin sweet layer of cream, why would I add FA Cream Fresh? Well, I like how it accentuates Meringue and makes it just stand out a bit more. It compliments FA Meringue at an equal 1% and makes the Meringue just a bit more noticeable in the face of cake, apple and cinnamon.

Like all of my recipes I like to mix this at an 80vg/20 pg blend and as a shake & vape it is decent but a few days steep really brings those two creams out and makes the recipe more complete.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Cheesecake with Graham Crust topped with peppermint

User: DrDoobie Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Really tasty. Love the Andes Mint Im getting from it, will most likely be adding this to my juice rotation :D
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