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I was asked to make a vape by a friend that resembled an age old UK candy called Fruit Salad - Not ever being a fan of the candy made it a fairly difficult proposition, even though I could remember what they tasted like from like 35 years ago which was probably the last time I tried one. Apparently I nailed it on the first attempt and this is now my most requested juice by friends and colleagues. I never liked the candies... because I don't like candy, never have, but I like this juice :-)

The base is provided by the Vanilla Swirl, Butter Cream and Sweet Cream. It's kind of a creamy/fruity candy.

The main profile is and always has been a pineapple and raspberry blend. I borrowed the core of this profile from another recipe on reddit, but apologies, it was so long ago I don't remember who it was to be able to give credit to. Something to do with bubblegum maybe?

To round everything off and give it that juicy vibe, Cactus is doing what it does.

Sweetened up and making things pop is CAP Jelly Candy with a little EM.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing fruity vape as much as my friends do.

Submission for round 1 of Beginner Blending contest - MIXXED!

From the UK using the FA Fuji sub legitimately.

What I am going for in general here is a twist on an apple lattice, or strudel. A warm, baked apple filling with a touch of cinnamon, inside a light and flaky Danish pastry lattice, topped with a strawberry drizzle, accompanied by a malted cream.

The CDS speaks for itself as a base note here. Used at a level where the pastry is prominent and the cinnamon noticeable. Cinnamon is such a classic pairing with apple that I really feel this brings the apple filling and the pastry together as one. Fuji is providing the apple filling here and Liquid Amber is helping to take it from a raw apple to a baked apple flavour. The lemon is there to try and lift the top notes of the apple out of the muddiness that LA can create and also to bring a hint of citrus against the sweetness of the strawberry drizzle. I used malted milk as an accompaniment to try and strengthen the bakery element a little whilst giving a suggestion of a cream finish. Besides, I LOVE malted milk :-) Given the option of another ingredient I would have included some FLV Cream just to round it all out.

To me, this tastes great and certainly all of the basket ingredients can be clearly tasted throughout the vape, though the exhale should carry a sweetness that the inhale doesn't.

I would recommend at least 5 days to steep but should be at its best after 7.

A Portuguese Custard Tart (UK Version) - Set vanilla custard, light, soft crumbly pastry crust and a hint of caramelised sugar on top. TFA Pie Crust helped along by TFA GCC provides the short crust pastry base here. I like the pastry on a custard tart to be soft, almost undercooked, which is quite hard to achieve and still a work in progress for me.

The custard profile brings together 3 very good custard flavours to create a rich and opulent custard main profile. Helped along by the Butter Cream to cream it out a little and give a heavier mouth feel. Top notes are subtle here and are provided by the brown sugar to hint at caramelisation and then sweetened by the Meringue without having to go too far with the Brown Sugar. For authenticity I would include a little nutmeg, but I am yet to find one. Those concentrates that do contain nutmeg also bring other spices I do not want here. So went with the slightly sweet caramel in place of that for interest.

A Raspberry & Cranberry Cream, Oatmeal Cookie.

Oatmeal Cookie is a new flavour to me and I have to say I really like it. It tastes like a biscuit (cookie) you get in the UK called a Hob Nob. A real oaty taste. It comes through a little dry though so Sugar Cookie is used to soften and sweeten the base. The Almond and Torrone are there just to provide interest. The Raspberry and Cranberry combine really well here for the top note and are brightened up somewhat by the Fuji. The Vanilla Cupcake helps to blend everything together and in conjunction with the Butter Cream provides a nice creamy finish with great mouth feel.

Allow 14 days to steep for the bakery elements to come through.

A Rum & Raisin Ice Cream blend.

Raisin is a very potent flavour, so not much needed here to bring it to the front. The Cranberry is present to "juice up" the raisin flavour and to separate it from the Rum. The Rum itself should be prominent and offering a noticeable alcohol flavour. Using any of the VBICs standalone just doesn't do it for me. They're too thin, too flat and don't bring much to the table on their own. I want some opulence and richness in my ice cream base. The best cream out there for creating mouth feel and "weight" is CAP Butter Cream IMO. We are not looking for flavour from it, just it's rich creaminess and dense mouth feel. CAP VC v1 is bringing everything together and adding more thickness VBIC doesn't really bring to the table for me. Together, this is a very opulent, rich and creamy ice cream base that balances out the tartness and alcohol from the rum and fruits.

Koolada is optional of course.

Steep at least 10 days to let the creams come through and the fruits to soften

A Lemon AND Lime meringue pie. Unashamedly lots of citrus kick here

5 day steep preferred

Taken from HocusKrokus recipe posted on DIYejuice.

Credit to Tamachicken for the Mango profile in this recipe which was taken directly from his Oh My Mango recipe you can find on here. Also to ID10-T for being a sounding board for me when I got this going. Yes there are a million ingredients, but that was necessary to maintain that complex mango profile and then introduce the rest of the ingredients in an attempt to turn it in to a parfait style dessert. I think I have achieved that and what I experience is a nice fruitful mango inhale with a cream finish. The bakery element is "just" there in the background for me and I will experiment with bringing this a little more forward, but I don't want it to be prominent. The combination of CAP VC1 and Creamy Yoghurt makes for an exceptional light and creamy base that leaves a really creamy finish on my lips. I really struggle with creams in vaping, I usually just get a dry Styrofoam sensation so if this is creamy for me, it should be great for other people. The Creamy Yoghurt really cuts through the heaviness of the VC1 and masks the slight egginess of that flavour. Could it be simplified... probably. But I am really enjoying it the way it is right now. Koolada is optional of course. I hope that anyone who tries it enjoys it.

User: Dookie52 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I love this recipe. So simple, but an outstanding ADV for me. The mustard milk of cookies and cream recipes. Made 10ml, tried it after 2 days and immediately another 100ml plus another batch with a little brown sugar at 0.5% and that's pretty good also
User: Dookie52 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Genuinely cannot believe how much this tastes like Pina Colada. Really like it, though the Rum is a little in your face for me so will tweak it down a little next batch. Great recipe
User: Dookie52 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a great effort at a clone. It's fantastic. If I were to be hyper critical I would say that to my palate, you're missing a little of the lemon curd flavour/texture in the middle of the recipe that the original has but damn it's close. You nailed the base and higher lemon notes perfectly. Going in the rotation for sure. Thanks for posting
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