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This is a creme brulée with a lemongrass and ginger infused twist.
INW Creme Brulée is delicious but not enough on its own for what I wanted, so I lobbed in some FLV Custard to add a little richness without extra weight,. and Sweet Coconut for a hint of sweet slightly toasted fluffiness. These three work well together to mimic the kind of creme brulée I dig.
The Ginger and Lemongrass combo works as well in sweet and savory concoctions, so pairing them here wasn't too much of a risk. Lemongrass is low because that ish is expensive, and it still comes through well enough at .25 to be noticeable without giving off any lemon pledge or woody notes.
You may want to add a few drops of INW cactus to it too, because it can feel a little dry - but don't overdo it.
Give it a week to settle down, and enjoy!
Massive thanks to @SlashaLO for the review and the suggestion to up the ginger a smidge. You were bang on the money and I've updated the recipe.

My Granny had a rhubarb patch in her back yard, and every year we would have rhubarb tart, rhubarb crumble, rhubarb jam, and my favorite: rhubarb fool.

It's essentially stewed rhubarb and sugar whipped into thick cream, and it tastes decadent, tart-sweet and divine.

When I saw Vape Train had a Rhubarb Compote in their line, I knew exactly what I wanted to try to do with it.

FLV Cream - I wanted a full cream with a smidge of sweetness and vanilla that stays well away from any buttery notes. 1.5% is to make sure it has body but doesn't start to feel too heavy.

DIYFS Holy Vanilla - bolsters the creaminess while keeping things light, and the vanilla pairs beautifully with the hint from FLV cream to cut some of the tartness out of the Rhubarb.

VT Rhubarb Compote - This is the bright shining star here, it's probably a little more like a stewed rhubarb than a compote - but that's not a bad thing. It's a little sweet, but plenty tangy too - just a really accurate flavor. I can see this being perfect for rhubarb and custard vapes, and it does exactly what I wanted it to here.

FA Marshmallow: There is something of a marshmallow fluff texture to a good rhubarb fool, so I went here for that in terms of mouthfeel. And for the sweetness, of course. May seem high at 3% but I promise you that that's where it works best here.

It's fine to shake and vape but better after 72 hours.


It's getting wintry here, bringing memories of winter evenings in cozy pubs.
Peat fire blazing, whiskey and conversation flowing in equal measure.
Warmth and comfort and ease.

I love whiskey, I'll drink the good ones neat and mix the not-so-good ones with ginger ale.

I also love ginger cake with custard.
Let's be real: I love custard, and ginger, and whiskey.

I'm a fan of Coop's Kiwi Bourbon, the toasted marshmallow and bourbon really sing together in that recipe, which got me to wondering about where else they might shine together. (Coop tells me that ID10-T was the one who first mentioned the combo - so hat tip to him too!)

I recently got some INW Custard and it's the perfect custard to me, it's not overly eggy, it's not terribly sweet, it's velvety and just the right amount of heavy. It doesn't even need to be steeped, which is some kind of miracle in and of itself. I'm using it here for both flavor and for mouthfeel.

Because it's holiday season, I wanted to add a little spice, another layer of warmth. I wanted something that'd be well-served by the other aromas, that could add another flavor dimension without being getting lost in the mix or taking it over completely. CAP Gingerbread fit the bill perfectly.

This has a decadent boozy sweetness on the inhale, with an almost candied ginger tang that lingers after the creamy custard on the exhale.

You can dial back the custard a little if you're not as big a fan as I am (0.75% still works fine), but I wouldn't recommend any substitutions.

You can shake and vape if you don't mind a strong bourbon kick, but steeping for 72 hours to let everything come together works better.

User: Djuna Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Ever since I started looking into DIY, I've had this recipe bookmarked in my browser. Took me a few months to get around to making it because I was pretty sure I'd screw up something that needed more than 4 flavors. Mixed it, and put it in the cupboard of infinite patience to steep. After a week (turns out, I don't have infinite, or even very much patience at all...) this is delicious. The cinnamon doesn't overwhelm the ricey, creamy goodness, and the sweetness is perfectly pitched for my palate. I've vaped a tank, and I'm going to let the rest steep for another week to see what it's like after a fortnight. If it gets even better then, I don't think the 100ml I mixed is going to last me very long.
User: Djuna Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I mixed some of this up to match a friend's flavor profile, taste-tested it, and for the first time did not want to hand a mix I'd made for someone else over. I mixed some up for myself, and have been happily vaping it for the past week. The blend of flavors here is sublime, it's a light creamy vape with a citrusy zing that almost (but not quite) hits a sherbet note at times. It's refreshing, easy on the throat, and deserves more notice than it's getting.
User: Djuna Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Add me to the many who feel that this is the one that should be on the front page. It's sublime. The FE lemon is a shining star here, and there's a wonderful complexity to the end result. It's been in my rotation for months now - and my friends love it too.
User: Djuna Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is so simple, and so soooo good. Mixed up 80 mls yesterday, and split half the batch with a buddy. I literally just messaged him to tell him how goshdarn delicious this stuff is and to get it in his squonk mod asap. Everything in this recipe is on point, and I'll be mixing more of it. Lots more.
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