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I recently got my honeysuckle in so I've been trying it with different concentrates. This one is great. Wasn't sure it would work but it turned out fantastic. Its like a French vanilla ice cream with just a hint of the honeysuckle. The HS didnt really stand out like I thought it would even at 5% but it does add a nice honey like sweetness to the vape. And it even has that "green" taste to it although its very faint. Goes great with the French vanilla and vanilla bean. I've been vaping this one all day for a few days now. I hope you enjoy it too! Would love some feedback on this one along with any advice on what else I can use this honey suckle for. Thanks peeps! Cheers!

This recipe was inspired by a friend who made a flintstoned clone. I decided to remix it. This is what I came up with. Again loads of credit to john m. (JFM Dev)
This recipe is basicly a fruity pebbles vape with a hint of ice cream. It is absolutely delicious and if you decide to try it you WILL LOVE IT.


Simple blueberry vape. Also a great blueberry base for other recipes. Cheers!


Fried doughy goodness on the inhale and creamy cinnamon banana on the exhale. Really good even on day one!


I love elements fresh squeeze, especially during these summer months. So I wondered, could I could improve on something I enjoy so much? I really enjoy it but I leave the verdict up to you!

Caps juicy Orange: I started with the Orange of course. I wanted a juicy sweet Orange with a hint of authenticity and caps juicy Orange is just that.

Ecto cooler type: this hi c inspired flavor works so well with Orange that it was a natural selection in my thought process. It adds to the sweetness and helps add punch to the juicy orange.

Shisha Strawberry and red touch: here's where the remix part comes in. I wanted something to add to the fruitiness without taking over the Orange and add a bit of juicy flavor to the mix and these strawberries do just that. I love these in tandem and they are just the supporting note I needed to give it a fruity inhale.

Super sweet: I'm remixing a commercial juice that's known to have loads of sweetener. I believe I used far less than they prob do but got the same effect by accentuating the Orange with the strawberries and ecto cooler. That said still went 1% here.

In closing I feel I've remixed this quite nicely. I've spent nearly 2 months working on it trying different fruits for accents and different levels of sweetener to get it down as low as possible without losing that sweetness we all associate with commercial juice. I hope you will give it a go and leave any and all feedback.

The texture and taste of a vanilla snack pack. I'm vaping it after a 3 day steep but I'm sure it will get better. My initial test impressed me so much that I had to share. Loads of creamy vanilla and the thickness is there too. Really tasty.


My all day, everyday vape. I've been through several different recipes and revised this one several times but I finally have it where I want it. The blueberry is light. Not overpowering. The cheesecake blends so well with the icecream with only a note of the graham crust and the icecream is delicious with the addition of sweet and bavarian creams. I've made it in the past with tpa sweetener but it doesn't compare to caps super sweet IMO. I love this mix and I hope you will too!

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Nice mix. I made this a few days ago and waited the recommended steep time before trying it. My first impression was that of a straightforward watermelon however, after spending a lil more time with it I noticed the kiwi more an more. Its subtle to be sure as the marshmallow has softened the high citrus notes of the kiwi and the cotton candy is a nice touch that adds to the candy feel of the mix. Overall I enjoyed it. Its a little lighter of a vape than I normally enjoy but the flavor is a nice twist on watermelon without being overly complicated. Simple yet delightful.
User: Div Score: 3 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Good flavor. Apple seems to steal the show here. The honey dew gets pushed to the back but is present enough to add a lil something. The kiwi adds to the bite of the fuji apple nicely and it all comes together to create a light spring time juice. Could maybe benefit from a few drops of super sweet but that's just me. Thanks for the recipe
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