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Light, fluffy pancakes with bananas and warm maple syrup. Great SNV even better after a week steep. Can be hard on the wicks though.

A nice piece of store bought key lime pie like you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Tart and lightly sweet. Pucker up buttercup. You are about to take a ride to dimple city.


A blend of fruits to give you that tropical island feel. The pear adds a little juiciness to the mix, and the toasted marshmallow adds a bit of sweetness and mouth feel and lets you keep the sweetener low. Try adding a little of your favorite coconut flavoring to add some more tropical feel to this mix.

Two warm slices of fresh banana nut bread with a thick layer of rich vanilla custard slathered between them. Good as a SNV but the real flavor comes out at 1 - 2 weeks steep It gets even better if steeped longer.

A rich vanilla custard, lightly sweet with some good old Kentucky bourbon. Vape in the evening for a true whiskey lullaby.

This is a bowl of frosted flakes cereal doused in milk. The super sweet bumps the sugary note while the meringue and vienna cream layers and accentuates the milk. It is descent SNV but really pops after 3-5 days steep. After a week it will fully mature.

This is a dead on fruity pebbles that has been sitting in milk for a few min. It is SNV but will get even better as it steeps.

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