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A pod version of the original which was a Strawberry pina colada gummy candy . this is unapologetically a gummy candy and is sweet like a candy should be . adjust the super sweet to your own taste . thank you folk and Alfred for testing and help with the name .

This is very close to the Arizona Mucho Mago. I tried using z bunch if different mangos and none of them sell that almost kool-aid like mango the way that delish does is it for sure my favorite mango and its possible that it might be my favorite concentrate overall and the combo of this and vape trains pineapple juice an that little bit of inw shisha orange is crazy good and spot on accurate go the Arizona mucho mango.


A surprisingly accurate Swedish fish ...... you’ll forget it’s vapor and not really her.


For ALI :.....Strawberry pina colada gummy candy . this is unapologetically a gummy candy and is sweet like a candy should be . adjust the super sweet to your own taste . thank you folk and Alfred for testing and help with the name . ...
Pod version coming soon .............

From the minute I. Tried the FA Pazzo line Jack was speaking to me because just like me and my friends, things seem great on the outside, however we are so completely and utterly dead on the inside, and I mean fucking dead. Jack has the most perfect candy strawberry shell , like the ones keeping your grandmothers house from smelling like piss and denture paste , but not really anything going on the inside part. Well luckily jack can be fixed and made into a perfectly complete geriatric treat with just a couple additions . its gonna take a a fuck load more than some forrest berries and strawberries to fix our depleted sense of self


So this recipe has been in the works for a while. Emily (mlNikon) and I liked different versions and after letting them steep I have to say she was right and After some minor tweaks we came up with one we agreed on, but staying true to form I just spaced putting it up on here . Lately a lot of people have been talking more and more about FA Corn and with good reason it's one if those flavors that is so accurate to its source you could sometimes forget it's a concentrate. Combined with the rest of the flavors here this for sure is not one To sleep on and as far as corn puddings go it's gonna be pretty hard to beat.


virgin sex on the beach , add super sweet and ws23 to your own taste


Carnage tribute

Me and my girl we got this relationship
I love her so bad but she treats me like shit
On lock down like a penitentiary
She spreads her lovin' all over
And when she gets home there’s none left for me

Oh take this veil from off my eyes
My burning sun will someday rise
So what am I gonna be doin' for a while
Said I'm gonna play with myself
Show them how we come off the shelf
So what?

I've come to tell you that she's evil most definitely
Ornery scandalous and evil most definitely
The tension is getting hotter
I'd like to hold her head underwater

Summertime, the living's easy

So the previous version of this was way way way too long for a lot of you to get a grip on so I took This one and beat it around a little until it was just right , I'm gonna Slip it back into play here and hope that the ones that couldn't Jump on before go ahead this time and take MY LITTLE CACK out for a spin . This is a very sweet berry cactus lemonade that is straight forward and to the point check it out and let me know what you think. Don't worry I'm fine with MY LITTLE CACK so criticism is welcomed !

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I did not like this at all right away and like some others put it down and somewhat forgot about it . I moved recently and found a huge bottle that I had forgotten about and I'm sure that any if you that have mixed this will attest that after a month this is one if the most amazing liquids I have ever experienced . I say experience cuz that is exactly what it is , a true experience ito the mind of our generations greatest artist and again Wayne has made me realize there is things that I love that right now i dont even know I like . Excellent job on this my friend !!! .
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Absolutely amazing take on Cinnamon Toast Crunch with a perfect amount of each one of those components . The cds is used with precision and the use of pie crust may have taught us all something . Rage has done it again . Great job on this one .
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There is no question that if there is a profile he wants to hit and a concentrate that may work for that profile then he is going to try every single one and just might use them all at the same time and somehow like in this one it just works .
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The attevntion to balance in this recipe is more impressive than a fat chick I'ma unicycle crossing a highwire with lopsided tits . Unlike the fat chick who had plenty of practice shyndo could not have because of sweet rice becoming available just shortly before he released this recipe he has such command of the acommpaning flavors that it seems like they were born to lay under the sweet rice and just sit there silently as the rice takes it . By the time he slipped in the mango it was already a felony so why not . Needless to say that got weird. But he recipe did not maybe the best recipe of the year ,I can think of a few that are close and they didn't even have a tight rope walking fatty in their review did they ........
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Luckily for me I have a 55 gallon drum of Wayne's cheesecake layer on hand at all times just waiting for a situation like this . I also have an addiction to lime concentrates and the Fa Florida key lime is no exception . when I saw this recipe I right away knew I was gonna make is as soon as could find the time ,then I saw who created this recipe and I stopped everything and made Time and I'm glad I did . the FA Florida key Lime has never been used better IMO . Excelent excelent job .
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This is without question one of the top five recipes i have had all year , its right up there with @shyndo mango sticky rice , @fear Abuela, @rageisalotof work Sad Lad , and anything AT ALL BY @ID10T, and then Tiger's blood by non other than @Jyroe who's turned out to be a good friend and all around good guy but thats not why i honestly believe this deserve as close of a look as another other recipe this year for the top spot . it is no surprise to me at all that of the big name mixers that i challenged to unseat this tigers blood recipe not one did, thats because it can not be done any better than this one already has .
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This One is just confusing to me because it's just not accurate . I know Mr. Conrad Vaperstein and i know how important it is to him to be accurate . I'm not sure how long he spent with his source sample but knowing him, and I do and listening to the stories that i have I can assume that he spent a long long long long time testing and tasting, tasting and testing his source material and from all of the females I interviewed and let sample this liquid they all said the same thing , " it just not accurate" !!! The only answer I can offer was submitted randomly and semi secretly to by some weirdo who left only a scribbled piece if paper with the name DiyOrSpy and he wanted me to inform Mr. Vaperonstino that what all those grown men were telling the Vapster is that it is in fact not white chocolate that he loved to smear all over his own face before jamming down his gullet , no sir it most definently was not . No need to point out the obvious on what's actually going on here and thank god that it wasn't bacon these grown men were saying was shooting out of their rigid members cuz we all know how hard that would be to resist . So in closing if this was more accurate to the profile I know I for one would be a much happier camper , Right fellas!!!!
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So let me start by saying that once again shyndo has stolen my shine and rode it all the way in . i had this exact mix going , told him about it and went to bed, next day was gonna release it and saw this front page . i will say tho his version is worlds better than mine i will never understand howe he does it he can take and idea from someone else and make it his own unique mix like i will never understand that genius mind and for the life of me i will never forgive myself for not going to 1.1% on the BCJB i stupidly had it at 1% had i been as super aware of things the way shyndo is i would've know that the rest was exactly the same but it was 1.1% the whole time not my idiotic 1%. this is the tenth time shyndo has done this to me , mango sticky rice i had all the same except i had fe sweet rice at 4.9 , shyndo of course comes in at 5%, nailed it ,. he's so perceptive
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absolutely perfect !!!
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Made this thinking that the sweetener would be too much .although it’s sweet it seems to fit . One of the best element remix’s I’ve tried too date . If not into the sweetness I’d dial it back a bit .
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This is the only reason I have FE Mandarin and if I ever can get it I will hot air ballon into mainland China and zipline down to everyone one of the 14 million factory's in that placevtill I find the FE plant and take hostages until they release the mandarin .............that it until god trump negotiated another release , I mean he is on a roll ,right , ....right . This maybe is one of my favorite recipes for anything orange of all time . .....
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I'm pretty sure this is my favorite recipe of all time and I do not say that lightly. It's just about perfect imo .
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I'll give you five stars cuz I agree with Alfred pudding and am not sure why he only gave you four seemed pretty positive to me
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This is hands down the best recipe i have ever had , i do not hesitate in saying that at all . its perfect and i am no fan of chocolate eliquid , or at least i didn't think i was .If i could give this 10 stars i would .....
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RECIPE OF THE YEAR HANDS DOWN no question about it it is everything a recipe of the year needs to be . the only one that comes close in this category is the joker reloaded by nachef
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WOW fresh this is a phenomenal recipe I only wish I would’ve found it sooner I can’t believe I’m gonna miss out on almost a full year I could have been living this .this simple mix is for real no hype one on my favorite recipes of this year great job man , truly the yogurt king .!!!
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