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A lemon turnover pastry complete with a sugary drizzle and topped off with a light sprinkle of powered sugar.

Have you ever tried Baileys White Chocolate peppermint bark coffee creamer? Well this is my favorite holiday creamer in my morning coffee. I prefer my coffee to be pretty heavy on the cream and sugar. This is just that. A perfect cup of joe loaded with that wonderful holiday creamer.

LB White chocolate peppermint has proven to be an amazing flavor perfectly balanced between the white chocolate and the peppermint. The mint isn’t over powering and fits just right. I have mixed this recipe with variances anywhere from 3-8 percent. 8 percent left me the perfect taste and really allowed it to stand out in this mix as it is the main note.

FA cappuccino was my coffee of choice because to me it can bend very well with the help of the condensed milk and sweet cream. At 2% the coffee flavor wasn’t too forward but just sat there as a nice accent for the white chocolate peppermint.

The vanilla bean ice cream is there to help blend the ingredients together and of course the Super Sweet is completely optional. I love my sweet coffee.

I have been vaping on this since I have mixed it 7 days ago and it just keeps getting better.

ENJOY!!!!! πŸ’–

I love a nice coffee vape in the mornings. A nice sweet cup of freshly brewed cappuccino complete with frothed milk on the top.

This is my recipe for the holiday season. Ive always loved a nice butter rum/ butterscotch drink. With the holidays creeping up on us i knew exactly what i needed to do. This profile is reminiscent of a holiday, spiked, butter rum eggnog. With wonderful bourbon and butter rum boozy notes mixed wonderfully with the creamy dulce de leche and the sweet decadent spice of a tasty holiday eggnog.

*The original recipe was the same minus the Aged bourbon cream. This ingredient was added for my taste. If this is an ingredient you may not have do not fret because it is wonderful without it 😁

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