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Boys and girls this is something special. Basically, it is the result of my love affair with cheesecakes and is now my all life vape. I tried 11 different variations of toppings from honey to lime and this is the best one by far. As far as subs if you dont have pur NYC use cap NYC...OoO VCC can be replaced with LA CCI...minimum 7 day steep but will be best after 2-3 weeks

A while back someone asked me about my thoughts on cloning this. At the time I had not tried it though. This is two months later and I got my hand on some of it. I tried it and instantly knew that tfa honeydew and tfa watermelon candy were the crux of this one. I couldnt in good conscious not use the better ingredients we have available. So I guess this is technically a remix but either way enjoy. Sweetener is not optional here.

My god this is delicious. I released a recipe on new year's called awesome apple filling that upon reflection had some problems. This recipe started as me trying to fix the problems of the previous while bringing what did work from that recipe (pretty much just the apples lol). Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this more than the last one, I know I am. Bumped up the zeppola a tiny bit.


For anyone out there that loved #32 but hated how sweet it was, this is for you. Been working on this for over a month now and I think I finally got it. Definately was not easy but I will let you all be the judge on how I did. Edit: I am working on a remix of this with a few more modern flavors to see if I can make it better

I am actually quite proud of how this has turned out. After 3 weeks this turns into a thick, rich, mouthcoating strawberry cheesecake. I built the cheesecake base using alfredpuddings trinity as a blueprint. I do believe pur new york cheesecake surpasses cap for its richness alone. This strawberry combo is wonderful and works very well in anything that needs a syrupy sweet cooked strawberry. I have a sweet tooth and I am transitioning from using cap supersweet in everything to trying to bring sweetness from ingredients rather than sweetener (ooo custard cheesecake). The hangsen italian cream helps provide the twang of actual cheesecake but is not necessary if you would like it a little more neutral. Edit #1 jan 31st been playing with strawberry combos and I added 1% jf strawberry sweet and adjusted inw shisha strawberry to 2%...I also tried a version without hangsen Italian cream and it is just as good if not better but if you enjoy hangsen italian cream I like it at .6%

All credit goes to ID-10-T for his simple sugar cookie banger. It was a really tough recipe to balanace #roughlife with my staggering 1 ingredient added. You can do anything with this like you could with daves version. The vanilla buttercream frosting fixes the only problem with cap vcv1 I have, its sweetness. Looking forward to using this in a couple different recipes as a base. Couldnt find a picture of custard and a frosted sugar cookie. Anytime I use cap vcv1 higher than 3% I get weird off notes until after 14 days steep. If you want to vape it with no additional ingredients then do 4% VT Van buttercream frosting.

This is inspired by kindground the master of lemon! I really have wanted a super bright candy lemonade not unlike my lemon twist clone. After a few attempts I didnt come close and gave up for a while. As I have grown in skill as a mixer I started to wonder...can I do it now? The answer is apparently yes because this mix is absolutely heavenly. By the way I know very few people have HC lemon and that sucks. But, kindground told us it was the best lemon of all the lemons and noone bought it. This ingredient deserves better because it is phenomenal and I hope this helps people see that. So no substitutions on this one because it's exactly how it is meant to be. Enjoy folks, this one is as good as I can make it! Sweetener belongs between .25-

There once was a drink/dessert thing I had that had mango coconut and pineapple with some ice cream. This was years and years ago but I set off on a mission to recreate what you see in the picture above. Now I am experimenting with some creams to make it more like the real thing but its already like crack. If you have these things make this, trust me. I generally add one drop super sweet and it just makes everything pop but as always I leave that decision up to you. Enjoy.


Started with Fuji apple and ended up with this concoction. Actually it did not have the wild melon in it last night. But as I was enjoying vaping it I found that the melon was just not showing up how I wanted it or envisioned it when I put JF honeydew in. Someone I know vapes tried it and said yummy grape! So somehow 2 apples, 1 pear, 2 honeydews, 1 cantaloupe, and 1 blueberry somehow makes grape. NOTES...I love VT bilberry ripe and this was what I wanted to build a recipe with that day. I really couldnt come up with a better partner to showcase this flavors than a couple of really nice melons. They work well together and they did me well again here. I also noticed how well melons work as a background flavor. Probably the best mixing tip I have learned thus far is that 97% of flavors out there by itself is not goos. Making a good recipe involves building something from the ground up and complimenting one flavors weaknesses with another's strength. Getting to know your flavors is a huge aspect of becoming a good mixer and you get that by mixing more. Anyways I was getting closer but for whatever reason I wanted these fruits to taste like they had just been sprayed by those sprinklers in the grocery store and you picked 5 of them up (and somehow blueberry jam was a thing mixed in those fruit) and shoved them in your mouth. I used pear to attain this effect. Just needed balancing from there. Sub whatever you have to except FA pear, Flv wild melon, Jf honeydew, and VT bilberry ripe are all integral and the recipe would not convey what I wanted without them. EDIT: This isnmy favorite thing I have come up with in the month that I began mixing and I also made it better, at least I think. I added 1% fw blueberry and it just sets this recipe from really good to banger status. Really would like to hear what you guys think. <3


My favorite lemonade has always been lemon twist pink punch lemonade by quite a margin. I started by recreating that in your face lemonhead candy. Took a while but I had a breakthrough when I mixed a lemon meringue pie. FA-Meringue was the last key to the lemonhead puzzle. Unfortunately, this lemonade needs to steep for 3 days as FE-lemon takes some time to really pop. I suggest mixing this without pink barn lemonade while it steeps and then the night before it's ready throw it in and let it sit overnight. This is close to indistinguishable from the lemon twist and I would love to hear your opinions on how I did! Thanks and I hope you enjoy. I left the super sweet at the lowest acceptable amount. I personally like it at .75 on this one, but start low and increase to your liking. Adjusted the pink lemonade to 5% from 6% based off your feedback (thanks sublime).

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Any replacement ideas for Deep froes CandC cus it's off the market?
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Good job man can definately tell a lot of work wont into this. Berries aren't easy to get right. Subbed in bilberry ripe for the jam and rich cinnamon for cinnamon sugar...omitted candy jammy as well. All that and its still great.
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Now would be the time to come back and switch the custard to TFA vanilla custard 2
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I have over 300$ collection of the best flavors concentrates and somehow you made a recipe with 6 concentrates I dont have. How is PB chocolate milk? Lol gonna only have like 2 people able to mix this how it was intended xp I really like reese's though private message me if ya can
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This is a phenomenal fruit mix...great use of some very complex flavors
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