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Started with Fuji apple and ended up with this concoction. Actually it did not have the wild melon in it last night. But as I was enjoying vaping it I found that the melon was just not showing up how I wanted it or envisioned it when I put JF honeydew in. Someone I know vapes tried it and said yummy grape! So somehow 2 apples, 1 pear, 2 honeydews, 1 cantaloupe, and 1 blueberry somehow makes grape. NOTES...I put an apple into vg/pg, it was weak & needed more apple...put another apple in and realized apple sucks by itself...put blueberry in and I thought ooo blueberry apples....vaped more decided it needed more background noise and I settled on melons. I was getting closer but for whatever reason I wanted these fruits to taste like they had just been sprayed by those sprinklers in the grocery store and you picked 5 of them up (and somehow blueberry jam was a thing mixed in those fruit) and shoved them in your mouth. I used pear to attain this effect. Just needed balancing from there.


My favorite lemonade has always been lemon twist pink punch lemonade by quite a margin. I started by recreating that in your face lemonhead candy. Took a while but I had a breakthrough when I mixed a lemon meringue pie. FA-Meringue was the last key to the lemonhead puzzle. Unfortunately, this lemonade needs to steep for 3 days as FE-lemon takes some time to really pop. I suggest mixing this without pink barn lemonade while it steeps and then the night before it's ready throw it in and let it sit overnight. This is close to indistinguishable from the lemon twist and I would love to hear your opinions on how I did! Thanks and I hope you enjoy. I left the super sweet at the lowest acceptable amount. I personally like it at .75 on this one, but start low and increase to your liking.

Not finished yet but is amazing as is at least to me

Credit to Cheebasteeba for the the cream/wild melon combo but I left out cantaloupe and added Flv watermelon to make this a heavy melon puree blended into a lemonade. After playing around with the pink lemonade for a while I found 4% for LB and 2 % fe lemon did not overpower the melon flavor that I wanted. I think it is really close to perfect if it already isn't, at least to my pallet. You can add or subtract sweetener to make the lemonade more or less prominent without affecting the melon. Tried at 0.5 % cap SS and the lemonade doesnt work as well much better at 0.8-1% but you could take it all the way up to 2% and if your a candy crack addict!

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Any replacement ideas for Deep froes CandC cus it's off the market?
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Good job man can definately tell a lot of work wont into this. Berries aren't easy to get right. Subbed in bilberry ripe for the jam and rich cinnamon for cinnamon sugar...omitted candy jammy as well. All that and its still great.
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Now would be the time to come back and switch the custard to TFA vanilla custard 2
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