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I know, I know... not another floral macaron. I was not sure which profile I would want to use in the end. Needless to say I made several versions of floral macarons thinking that I would settle on just one of them. However, I liked where they were all going, so I have kept working on the other ones as well. It has taken several failed attempts to get the ratios/flavors that I am happy with. I wanted light floral accents, not perfume. This will not be for everyone, but if you are feeling adventurous you should give it a try. You might surprise yourself!

The Violet and the Sugar Orchid accent each other nicely and the Holy Vanilla blended them together seamlessly. I would still like to try another version with FLV-Frosting instead of FLV-Cream. I just received that flavor yesterday so I am not sure yet. If it is even better then I will come back and adjust this. Props to @Shyndo and anyone else who had a hand in coming up with the base macaron flavors/percentages.

Personally I liked this without sweetener but if you like sweeter vapes I suggest using Vanilla Sugar Daddy. I think that it would blend seamlessly with these flavors. If you are a serious floral devotee then you might want to raise the percents a tad on the Sugar Orchid and Violet. The image and idea were found on Pinterest.

Imagine if you mixed Brandy, Triple Sec, Blackcurrant syrup and then threw in a splash of Bourbon for good measure. This is what it would taste like. Take a walk on the darker side of life and give this a try. This gives you a delicious stiff drink without that pesky hangover the next day.

I used the Bergamot and Blood Orange to create a Triple Sec profile. It may not be exact but it was the ratio that I was happy with. If you do not like the taste of orange zest you may want to notch the Bergamot back a bit. The Dulce De Leche adds depth and sweetness to the fruits as well as mouth feel which is also why I added a splash of Sweet Cream. IMO a good hard liquor coats your mouth and lingers on the tongue. I am trying to recreate that texture. The Oak Wood is simply to add that "top shelf" cask aged taste to the Bourbon. If you do not have the Oak Wood you could get by without it but it really does pair well with the other flavors that I have used here.

This does not really need extra sweetener but I did try it with some Sugar Daddy Vanilla at 0.4% and it worked nicely. The photo was found on Google images.

I am not sure who gets credit for the basic macaron recipe as I have seen several mixers using similar ingredients/percentages. However Shyndo's The Pink was the first one that I tried so I suppose I will give him credit lol.

The floral notes are light and blend in smoothly with the Apricot in this macaron. If you are looking for something different give this a try. The Honeysuckle helps blend the Jasmine and the Apricot together and adds a touch more sweetness. It took me several tries to balance the florals and the apricot into something that would not taste like perfume nor overpower the bakery notes. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

This is my take on a cream puff for the Mixin Vixens contest.

The Pastry Shell-The Croissant was used to add flakiness to the pastry shell. The Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread help to add a little bit more density to it.

The Filling-I used a combination of Butter Cream, Cream and the Vanilla Sugar Daddy to add a sweet and creamy filling. If I had more time I may have tried to add some sort of whipped ingredient to lighten it up a bit but it has been a hectic week lol.

I also used the Cinnamon Danish Swirl and Gingerbread to add the layer of cinnamon and spice to it.

This is like plate of homemade French Toast topped with butter and syrup in all of its fried glory.

The base was the RF-French Toast but I felt like it needed something more so I dug into my stash and came up with this recipe. A lot of people are switching to the Real Flavors SC line but the flavors that I used are from the original VG line. I caught them on sale and they tend to need higher percentages so if you try this with the SC line you will need to adjust. The steep time is really needed to pull the ingredients together.

I used the RF-Cinnamon Custard, FLV-Eggnog and CAP-Vanilla Custard to add more spices, egg and mouthfeel to the mix.

The FLV-Maple Bar and FA-Maple Syrup were to bring out the syrup flavor. The FA-Zeppola was used for the fried aspect.

*I made this without any sweetener and although it was good it could use a little bit of sweetener. I prefer Sugar Daddy Vanilla or Cinnamon for this recipe but PUR-Super Sweet would work as well. IMO I don't think CAP-Super Sweet would work well for this recipe. *

Image Credit-Google Search/Alltherecipes

A warm gooey apple and cranberry turnover filled with some of my favorite Fall flavors.

The Crust:
Zeppola & Cinnamon Danish-These work together to make my pastry type crust and bring a little bit of buttery cinnamon to the mix.

The Filling:
I saw apples, pecans and cranberries in the filling, which also happen to be ingredients I like to throw into my oatmeal, so I already knew they went together nicely. Trader Joe used to carry dried orange cranberries that were amazing and I would cook with them every chance that I got. The PUR-Cranberry Orange just kind of warms up the mix and adds a nice depth. I liked the pecan flavor in the PUR-Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream so I used it to add some creaminess to my filling as well as the nuttiness. FLV-Maple just works really well with these flavors as does the FA-Liquid Amber to help round out the recipe. You could sub the CAP-Double Apple for Pur-Country Apple if needed. The Cap-Super Sweet is optional but it does add a nice hint of sweetness to the mix.

I let it settle for a few hours before taste testing it and it has not changed drastically with steeping. I did cut down the original amount of FA-Zeppola because it got a little greasier than I wanted. I may still tweak it a bit when I have time but overall I am happy with how it turned out.

User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
After a little over a week of steeping this turned out really nice and smooth. Upfront it smells like pepper and vanilla but don't let that discourage you. They mellow out and blend together during the steep. It is a little light on the egg flavor but it is SO good!
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
You sir are a magician! This is amazingly delicious. I really expected more of a dense cookie, which I like, so that was fine. This is so incredibly light and delicate that it blew me away. I feel like I am vaping an actual macaroon! Thank you for this gem.
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
The good news is you nailed it. The bad news is that I had to go out and buy a bag of the candies just to be sure... my butt totally needed that lol.
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is a nice fresh peach tasting vape. I let it steep for the recommended 24 hours and it practically drips from your chin while vaping it! The Cactus and Armenia are barely there, they just add that nice juiciness and depth. I am loving this one! Even with irritated lungs from seasonal issues, I had no noticeable harshness bothering my throat or lungs. I love this stuff!
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I made this a while back but I did not have the TPA-Coffee so I had to trade it for .50% of WF-SC Brazilian Coffee and I did not notice a burnt taste to it. I really liked this one. I will probably cut back the sweetener a tad when I make it again or try Tam's suggestion on the Vanilla Sugar Daddy but that is just a matter of preference.
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: 11 days ago
I knew this was going to be good but let me say... DAMN this is good! The steep is crucial but it was well worth the wait. I tasted a drop on my finger the day after I mixed it and thought "man that is a lot of rose" which made me nervous lol. However it has blended in very nicely after steeping. Thank you for creating it.
User: Demented76 Score: 5 Entered: 10 days ago
I was a little nervous about mixing this one when I saw how much coffee flavoring that you used but I read the reviews and thought "What the heck, I will try it." This is SO good! The DFS flavors are too pricey to ever share it with anyone though lol. I will be hoarding it all to myself. Thank you for this gem.
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